Scheduled For Release 06-07-20
0019598: [Interface - Frontend] 'About' page has overly narrow layout when viewed by non-admins
0019582: [Statistics] Do not abbreviate URLs on 'campaign click statistics' page
0018180: [All Other] Show unsubscribes on the statistics overview page
0017709: [Statistics] Download all campaign clicks as CSV file, including all urls clicked
0018435: [Message Management] Sort order of list campaigns page is unclear
0019461: [Documentation - Configuration] Add 'EMBEDUPLOADIMAGES' to config_extended.php file
0019397: [Template Management] Add 'view templates' button next to list of campaign templates on campaign composer
0019372: [Interface - Administrator] Display click rate as a percentage on Campaign click statistics page
0017859: [Subscribe Process] Subscribed lists missing
0018451: [All Other] Add an "Add list" button on category tab
0018434: [Template Management] Remove "Forward this message" from personalised system messages (e.g. confirmation)
0018479: [Bounce Management] Include campaign name in bounce processing emails
0018121: [All Other] LISTOWNER attribute when listowner is "admin" not filled untill list ownership re-saved
0018029: [Subscriber Import] CSV import for multiple lists simultaneously
0018105: [All Other] statistics overview page missing opens / operners comparison
0018254: [All Other] "We already received your confirmation previously" message on sign up to second list or edit of prefrences
       0018222: [All Other] "We already received your confirmation previously" after click on invite and no lists displayed
0018039: [All Other] Extend domain thottling feature (core) to throttle diffrent ammounts for differnt domains (or groups of domains)
0018433: [Subscribe Process] Interface for disabling "Welcome" and "Goodbye" messages
0018268: [All Other] Export or make list from current search
0018208: [All Other] list members view page to have optional display of attributes should as name or city
0018539: [Interface - Administrator] Add customisable pagination to subscriber lists page
0018021: [All Other] Add option to forward subscriber to a configurable URL after confirmation
0018548: [Interface - Administrator] Provide searching / filtering of lists on the Subscriber Lists page
0018172: [Interface - Administrator] finish tab calculating 'send size'- please allow to turn off
0018480: [Interface - Administrator] Allow increase of records visible per page on Processed Bounces page
0018357: [Subscribe Process] Unable to change text used on public pages
0018421: [Bounce Management] only link to bounce if it still exists in the database.
0018251: [All Other] click for instant removal from a list (just one list, not unsubscribe)
0018331: [Subscriber Export] Add ability to export only subscriber email addresses
0018313: [Message Send Process] error handling of Send Process is flawed
0017757: [All Other] Click stastictsics when unique link is used for each client
0018369: [Interface - Administrator] test messages when a sent campaign is edited may not work correctly
0007683: [Statistics] suggestions for improvements of open tracking
0018043: [Subscribe Process] Delete taged subscribers from any list
0018101: [All Other] add blacklist button to bounce page possible actions
0018044: [All Other] Download subscribers post search
0018112: [User Management] Editing subscription page in subscriber profile
0018096: [Internationalization (l18n)] localise number_format
0017905: [Subscribe Process] limit signups per IP
0017588: [Internationalization (l18n)] Plugin unable to provide translation
0018075: [Message Send Process] Phplist configured for AWS SES, forward to friend message not working
0018069: [All Other] Add bounces to domain stats page
0018018: [All Other] import simple page could give import report on same page and stay on page to speed up multiple adding
0018008: [Interface - Frontend] Interface tweak: move "time to send" into dedicated table column
0018006: [Subscriber Import] Add anti-spam conformance declaration to subscriber upload
0018009: [Interface - Frontend] Add Campaign Bounces page to group bounces by campaign
0018000: [All Other] Sending to "all public lists" works even when there are none.
0017992: [All Other] could we merge create list add subscribers to list stages/pages
0017984: [Repetition] Repetition period Add new repetiotion period in the choose menu
0017975: [Interface - Administrator] display list restrictions for sub-admins
0017959: [Statistics] click and open track stats updates
0017956: [Interface - Administrator] restrict admin logins to one IP
0017811: [Configuration] duplicate a subscribe page
0017623: [Email] Test email from Campaign Template editor fails
0017755: [All Other] Digest of phpList notifications
0017201: [Message Management] Sub account can't see the campaigns
0017808: [All Other] quantify number of messages including a link
0004826: [Authentication System] Admin for list does not get unsubscribe requests even when that is set in the configuration
0016921: [Message Management] It's unclear what does a message's "response time" mean
0016808: [User Management] No bulk Deletion for duplicate users
0017452: [User Management] Only show subscriber page to admins of their lists
0017766: [User Management] export blacklisted subscribers + date when they unsubscribed
0017621: [All Other] page locking on upgrade
0017109: [Other] Non Super Admin Viewing Statistics
0016856: [Other] Double indices
0016878: [Security] remove use of magic_quotes.php
0017451: [phpList] rethink forwarding tracking and process
0017509: [Installation] Remove the index.html file and DirectoryIndex
0017432: [All Other] We need a preview template tab/option in sending process
0017471: [All Other] test import of data resets upload page when you click back
0017634: [Bounce Management] decode base64 bounces and present them to administrator for review
0017010: [Interface - Administrator] Bring back the option to give specific admin permissions
0017486: [Email] language in notification
0017548: [All Other] Consider extending mapping in csv import to inlude other system values such as ID
0017705: [HTML Email Support] apple watch rendering
0019167: [Interface - Administrator] Language is forgotten in different browsers
0017736: [Authentication System] htaccess update for apache 2.4
0018195: [All Other] Adding blacklisted subscribers to new list should be made possible
0017853: [All Other] Make link URL column wider in stats page(s) so more of the URL can be seen
0019392: [Theme - Trevelin] Navbar-form has wrong margin in mobile views
0017893: [Message Send Process] Some issues with filtering subscribers when sending
0018754: [Authentication System] When no username and/or no password are entered to login page, no error message is displayed
0018532: [Interface - Administrator] campaign data does not match width of campaigns 'picture frame'
0018240: [Interface - Administrator] Lists to exclude area not displayed correctly
0017892: [Installation] database conversion does not fix all tables
0018347: [Configuration] Pageroot does not change root in all ways
0018620: [Interface - Backend] Exclude list not showed on lists tab (send page only with Trevelin theme)
0018071: [All Other] Allow specifying of prefrences page with url
0017997: [HTML Email Support] [Feature request] Option to embed images from external domains in HTML emails (patch included)
0016707: [Message Management] Difficult to use admin attributes as placeholders
0018027: [Authentication System] add plugin hook before login page for SSO
0018059: [Bounce Management] increase size for regex entry
0017813: [All Other] clean up temporary files after use
0015494: [Plugin API] processSuccesFailure is not checked ok on sendemaillib when dealing with plugins
0017955: [Message Send Process] add plugin hook at the moment that a campaign has finished
0016888: [Configuration] Aliases (interchangeable) domains for Domain Throttle
0017914: [All Other] send test does not recognise when email is invlaid
0017885: [Template Management] central setting for organisation logo with standard placeholders
0017812: [Configuration] Header info in hosted version
0017837: [Template Management] url check on templates should accept placeholders
0017896: [Message Send Process] Unable get lock for processing
0017513: [Subscribe Process] When [CONFIRMATIONURL] (?p=confirm) is loaded, PHPList should check if user is NOT confirmed **before** sending welcome email ag
0017798: [plugins] Plugin remains enabled after dependency is not met
0017546: [User Management] categorise list page - re-edit option
0017752: [User Management] Cannot merge in Foreign Key infromation when matching by email
0017545: [Message Management] Uncategorised lists, confusing name? Could we have a search?
0017591: [System Admin] Private Subscribe Pages
0017001: [Interface - Backend] Switch the position of the Header and Body field for manual bounce processing
0017354: [Batch Processing] Processing queue with multiple Messages sends messages sequentially.
0017646: [Bounce Management] Advanced Bounce Processing Rules match headers
0016871: [Plugin API] Plugin method processSuccesFailure() doesn't appear to have any effect
0017467: [All Other] categorise lists from lists menu dumps user in settings, should go back to lists
0016938: [Subscriber Import] Email doesn't match Email when importing
0016931: [Internationalization (l18n)] Invalid admin languages trigger a weird default language
0017510: [Interface - Backend] Cannot enable and disable a plugin without reloading
0019405: [User Management] Adding a subscriber to a list via the Lists tab of subscriber profile page fails but reports success
0018068: [All Other] Add date to view bounce per list table and make sortable
0017590: [phpList] Remove Branding in emails for commerical users (Paid upgrade?)
0018540: [Theme - Trevelin] lists tab not working while composing message with bootlist theme
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