Scheduled For Release 06-07-25
0019596: [Internationalization (l18n)] Remove line break in outdated datbase notice and translations
0019592: [Interface - Frontend] Make it possible for admins to choose between light and dark versions of the powered-by phpList image
0019590: [Interface - Frontend] Replace references to 'your personal location' for subscriber preferences page
0019581: [Statistics] Add spreadsheet download ability to 'campaign click statistics' page
0019499: [Message Management] Allow sending test messages for a campaign that is actively sending
0009816: [Authentication System] LDAP Authentication Patch
0019536: [Interface - Administrator] Add number formatting to Total clicks on URL click statistics page
0019521: [Configuration] Make bounce processing email notifications optional with a config setting
0019497: [Interface - Administrator] Redirect admin to Lists page after editing or adding a list
0019442: [Email] Add "add us to your addressbook" link to defalt campaign
0019439: [Attachments] Integrate LibreOffice for automatic document generation and attachment
0019349: [Interface - Administrator] Subscriber import progress bar counts in different incremental steps for different upload pages
0005521: [Message Send Process] check on "doneusers" needs to use "status" column
0006216: [Subscriber Import] output list of 'new' emails added to database when importing users
0006611: [All Other] Click tracking does not work with image maps
0008121: [All Other] Confusing Text Regarding How "Subscribe", "Unsubscribe" and "Update Preferences" Notices Are Handled
0013672: [Batch Processing] how often to retry sending to an address that fails, and give up
0014509: [Message Management] message table repeatuntil timsetamp set to '0000-00-00 00:00:00' instead of null
0014948: [Subscribe Process] Default date blank for birthday, How to default user attribute of type date to "not set"
0015236: [Subscribe Process] Support for defining a default for "htmlemail"
0015366: [Template Management] Add basic template ownership
0015379: [Security] make phpList work well with Apache mod_security enabled
0016800: [Message Management] Text variant of the message is too narrow
0016801: [Security] implement Content-Security-Policy
0016802: [Other] implement PDO
0016829: [Configuration] Position after saving
0016881: [Message Send Process] Attribute in message sends wrong value if cookie with same name exists
0016948: [Subscriber Import] Import from non-UTF8 charsets?
0017066: [Message Send Process] helo_data sent by phplist using phpmailer causes high spam marks
0017156: [phpList] Add the ability to personalize the List-Unsubscribe header
0017238: [phpList] allow subscribers to express a time and frequency prefrence for reciving their mail.
0018568: [Subscriber Import] Add support for subscriber email address internationalisation (special chars)
0018761: [Interface - Administrator] Add version control / revision rollback to campaign & template content
0005460: [Message Management] PREPARE MESSAGE doesnt save messages
0018791: [Interface - Frontend] Add support for [LOGO] placeholder on public subscribe pages
0003250: [Site wide] Changed output_handler=ob_gzhandler in PHP.INI and now pages wont load complete
0003558: [Subscribe Process] Add date for suspending email
0015516: [General] Table phplist_admin_password_request not created automatically on an upgrade
0009579: [General] missing code
0006131: [Subscriber Import] Import suscriber from csv do not work
0011845: [Subscriber Import] CSV import with Foreign Key causes problems
0014242: [Interface - Backend] <font> tags showed everywhere when developer_email is set
0014253: [Statistics] clicktracking totals: sent msgs is calculated wrong (especially for RSS msgs)
0014296: [Interface - Backend] Small typo
0014793: [phpList] Unable to place twice [UNSUBSCRIBE], [PREFERENCES] and [FORWARD] links in messages
0015231: [Subscriber Import] False warnings during test import with 'import emails with different values for attributes'
0015365: [Documentation - Configuration] Wrong description of MAILQUEUE_BATCH_PERIOD in config file
0015399: [Subscriber Import] include_once statement inside import loop in import1.php
0015446: [All Other] HTML errors in public pages
0015448: [User Management] Navigation error in user list, with subselection 'Show only unconfirmed users' or 'Show only blacklisted users'
0015552: [Batch Processing] mySQL Database link maybe lost if mail->send() takes some time
0015589: [Subscriber Import] Successfully imports addresses it later chokes on
0015603: [Message Send Process] Unwanted carriage returns/line breaks appearing in message body
0016644: [Interface - Backend] Make the attributes page tableless
0016645: [Interface - Backend] Make the users page tableless
0016726: [Bounce Management] Unable to view an 'unidentified bounce'
0016729: [Authentication System] Login page appears everytime when session.autostart = 1
0016746: [Statistics] Is it possible to only let the original link be showing to the receiver
0018576: [Installation] Provide automatic update mechanism for upgrading phpList versions
0015472: [Message Management] Add Duplicate message function
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