Scheduled For Release 14-06-18
0018544: [Message Send Process] Process queue not terminating
0017333: [Interface - Frontend] hover over text for "add a list" and create a list page title are incorrect
0018252: [All Other] separate unsubscribe clicks from other clicks
0016590: [Interface - Administrator] allow delete subset of subscribers
0017999: [User Management] Administrator Login Name with more than 25 characters
0019318: [Bounce Management] Unknown user and campaign on bounces page
0019474: [Interface - Administrator] Add a delete/remove admin button on admin page
0018738: [Interface - Administrator] Add more detailed statistics to 'bounces per list' page
0018078: [All Other] Time of bounce in history of a subscriber profile is misleading
0018580: [Subscriber Export] Allow exporting subscribers by attribute (filter exported subscribers by attributes)
0018076: [All Other] Export list summary data
0018577: [Subscriber Export] Redesign export subscriber page
0016901: [User Management] Listing of valid users
0018053: [All Other] Remove these subscribers from this list
0018056: [User Management] Number of blacklisted+unconfirmed subscribers in notice message
0017377: [Message Send Process] Adding Received: header with HTTP web browser IP address is a privacy issue
0018131: [phpList] Unexpected Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable
0019325: [All Other] [META]: Subscriber's managment
0018045: [All Other] search for only "green" subscribers
0018752: [Interface - Administrator] Add account limit usage graphs to dashboard
0019105: [Interface - Administrator] Feature Proposal: Make it possible to search for a list by name
0018792: [Statistics] Add 'List performance' page with statistical breakdown for each list
0019100: [Sub-admins] Feature Proposal: Make it possible for sub-admins to access the same lists.
0012801: [User Management] Subscriber management and clearout
       0015474: [User Management] delete subscribers by domain
0019215: [System Admin] Check what happens with campaign ownership when there are two super admins
0019182: [User Management] Please allow admins to provide an unsubscription reason without notifying subscribers
0018811: [Statistics] USERTRACK code should be placed at the beginning of mail
0019293: [Statistics] Add 'unsubscribes' to Statistics Overview page and subtract it from click statistics
0019299: [Email] Remove newsletter title capitalisation in confirmation email content
0019429: [Sub-admins] Remove check for privileges when adding sub-account as super-admin
0019295: [Software Releases] Upgrade PHP Mailer to 6.0.5
0019339: [Interface - Administrator] Make bounce total number formatted on bounces per list page
0018026: [Interface - Administrator] Add bounces column to Domain Stats page
0018168: [Interface - Administrator] Create "new campaign" link in main navigation menu
0019337: [Plugin API] review the UX on plugins that stop having the dependencies and are automatically disabled
0018418: [Bounce Management] FEATURE: Add "hard" vs "soft" bounce detection (ship with pre-configured bounce regexs)
0019317: [Interface - Administrator] Add label to 'Category' dropdown on Subscriber Lists page to clarify the button's purpose
0018228: [All Other] capital letters on settings page
0017417: [Subscriber Export] Exporting with "Any date" results in stuck query and timeouts
0018481: [Subscriber Export] Add support for Microsoft Excel CSV files
0019052: [Interface - Administrator] Create an object similar to #globalhelp to use for large amount of texts within different section of pages.
0017465: [All Other] delete category once a list is assigned to it
0019344: [Interface - Frontend] Extend "Reset style to default" functionality to apply changes to /lists page and other public pages
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Scheduled For Release 26-11-18
0019388: [System Admin] Create an automatic updater for phpList to handline upgrading to the latest version
0019597: [Interface - Administrator] Fix image dimensions and powered by link on the about page
0019619: [Interface - Administrator] When editing a subscribe page display the plugin section at the end
0019618: [All Other] Avoid php notice re undefined index
0019615: [All Other] Allow a plugin to have pages that can be accessed using the remote processing secret.
0019617: [All Other] Avoid php notice when converting php memory limit
0019616: [Configuration] Warning about incorrect $pageroot is never displayed
0019555: [Other] URL is truncated when click tracking is enabled
0019542: [Subscriber Import] Allow import of attribute value that includes a field separator
0019268: [All Other] Change "Clicked" on campaigns statistics to show total clicks
10 of 10 issue(s) resolved. Progress (100%). View Issues
Scheduled For Release 08-12-18
0019622: [Interface - Administrator] Add autofocus to the email field of the login page
0 of 1 issue(s) resolved. Progress (0%). View Issues
Scheduled For Release 06-07-19
0017642: [Interface - Administrator] Repeated 'Initialising phpList in your language, please wait'
0018002: [Command Line] Undefined Index when calling via Command-Line
0018420: [Bounce Management] Report all errors when process bounces fails to connect to the mailbox
0018184: [Authentication System] when no admins are found, force adding one and activate require_login
0018309: [System Admin] Remove instances of "Hmmm" from log messages
0017962: [Interface - Administrator] Refresh translations automatically
0018090: [All Other] Add list button not visible for sub-accounts with correct permissions
0018022: [Interface - Administrator] Bounce Rules Regular Expression window
0016958: [Bounce Management] changing a bounced email address for a subscriber re-blocks them
0017861: [Bounce Management] subscriber vs. email distinction when bounce processing
0016932: [User Management] searching subscribers - return details on listing
0017353: [Interface - Backend] Statistics overview encondig problem.
0017640: [Bounce Management] Advanced Bounce Processing System Email
0018566: [Statistics] Link clicks fail when signed with hmac
0017649: [Statistics] Click tracking decoding urlencoded characters
0018742: [Internationalization (l18n)] Process bounces message omits number of bounces
0017860: [Bounce Management] bounce processed multiple times unless deleted
0017596: [Statistics] Links containig a uid are changed to something different
0018134: [Other] Use of misleading http status codes
0018099: [All Other] Editing and saving subscriber email in profile - show clear alert on duplicate
0018115: [Message Send Process] phpMailer uses always SMTPAutoTLS
0018133: [Other] Incorrect parameters to mysqli_connect
0018124: [All Other] Admin attribute placeholder not filling with blank when attribute is not applicatble
0017996: [Interface - Administrator] Unable to delete attribute values
0018040: [Email] php mail() function is used instead of sending through an smtp server
0018072: [Message Send Process] Progress messages not displayed when processing queue in the browser
0018085: [Configuration] Update example of using alternative phpmailer
0018025: [Email] Status email links not working
0018086: [Message Send Process] allow setting smtp_options for phpMailer
0018031: [phpList] Forward Subject Incorrect
0018032: [phpList] index.php function parseCline case typing
0018004: [User Management] deleting an attribute value fails
0018049: [Security] Reset password links are hard coded to HTTP
0017971: [Message Send Process] When parallel processing is used the number of emails sent is incorrect
0017982: [All Other] email@domain.191.IT addresses seen as invalid
0017974: [Security] The test email field is not secure
0017957: [Subscriber Import] Matching by foreign key does not work
0017221: [Interface - Administrator] Admin initialisation page has malformed link to "Close this box"
0017528: [User Management] Multiple unsubscription notifications for the same subscribers
0017935: [Template Management] The LOGO does not get replaced in system messages
0017944: [Message Send Process] line-break added by phplist 3.2.3 make impossible displaying in hotmail
0017942: [All Other] Use of short array syntax with php < 5.4
0017767: [Message Management] update viewed to record view of first view and not last
0017887: [Other] avoid sending unsubscribe message too often
0017900: [All Other] translations are not overwritten
0017901: [Email] Clickable links in status emails
0017883: [Message Management] delete button
0017850: [phpList] Remote Processing of Queue Logs Event Unnecessarily
0017858: [Message Send Process] can't switch back from send a webpage
0017176: [Message Send Process] when 'send a web page' contains spanish language characters, improperly encoded
0017807: [All Other] change name of user clicks
0017455: [All Other] continue with configuration button hidden behind dashboard interface
0017801: [Subscriber Export] Export subscriber with limited rights exports whole subscriber database
0017839: [Message Send Process] Remote queue processing not working
0017633: [Configuration] Notification email address not allowed to be empty
0017832: [Interface - Administrator] language switching doesn't close window when done
0017843: [Message Management] When composing a campaign the server time is not refreshed
0017841: [Other] Keep-alive requests are being sent too often
0017630: [Interface - Administrator] [Enhancement] Select all lists in a category
       0017842: [All Other] Select all tweak: confusing to see select all on selected lists tab
0017840: [Subscriber Import] Adding a list from the import page fails
0017782: [Message Send Process] ensure From field has only one email address
0017040: [User Management] Unable to re-order user attribute list values when there are more than 100
0017760: [Browser Issues] return http error codes on error
0017765: [Message Management] Allow plugins to add to the view message page
0017618: [Installation] "View a campaign" page formats plain text incorrectly
0017742: [Interface - Administrator] Resolution for "Your IP address has changed. For security reasons, please login again" when behind a proxy
0016909: [Bounce Management] does not pick up regular expression
0017647: [Bounce Management] bouncerules missing "with tagged rules" delete/deactivate/save changes
0017566: [Message Management] Message data table contains data unrelated to the message
0017710: [Message Send Process] can't stop a repeating campaign
0017586: [All Other] private lists are printed with [LISTS] (by default or always?)
0017632: [All Other] campaign click statistics link to list of subscibers who clicked
0017288: [User Management] Campaign is sent to subscriber who is shown as blacklisted
0017741: [Security] Hard coded link on page to http:// causes security error in browsers
0017794: [All Other] Load data from predefined defaults (attributes) returns errors
0018295: [Interface - Backend] SQL GROUP BY Errors
0017869: [Installation] Get database error 1170 when installing 3.2.0
0018001: [HTML Email Support] RFC Compliance Issues.
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Scheduled For Release 06-07-20
0019598: [Interface - Frontend] 'About' page has overly narrow layout when viewed by non-admins
0019582: [Statistics] Do not abbreviate URLs on 'campaign click statistics' page
0018180: [All Other] Show unsubscribes on the statistics overview page
0017709: [Statistics] Download all campaign clicks as CSV file, including all urls clicked
0018435: [Message Management] Sort order of list campaigns page is unclear
0019461: [Documentation - Configuration] Add 'EMBEDUPLOADIMAGES' to config_extended.php file
0019397: [Template Management] Add 'view templates' button next to list of campaign templates on campaign composer
0019372: [Interface - Administrator] Display click rate as a percentage on Campaign click statistics page
0017859: [Subscribe Process] Subscribed lists missing
0018451: [All Other] Add an "Add list" button on category tab
0018434: [Template Management] Remove "Forward this message" from personalised system messages (e.g. confirmation)
0018479: [Bounce Management] Include campaign name in bounce processing emails
0018121: [All Other] LISTOWNER attribute when listowner is "admin" not filled untill list ownership re-saved
0018029: [Subscriber Import] CSV import for multiple lists simultaneously
0018105: [All Other] statistics overview page missing opens / operners comparison
0018254: [All Other] "We already received your confirmation previously" message on sign up to second list or edit of prefrences
       0018222: [All Other] "We already received your confirmation previously" after click on invite and no lists displayed
0018039: [All Other] Extend domain thottling feature (core) to throttle diffrent ammounts for differnt domains (or groups of domains)
0018433: [Subscribe Process] Interface for disabling "Welcome" and "Goodbye" messages
0018268: [All Other] Export or make list from current search
0018208: [All Other] list members view page to have optional display of attributes should as name or city
0018539: [Interface - Administrator] Add customisable pagination to subscriber lists page
0018021: [All Other] Add option to forward subscriber to a configurable URL after confirmation
0018548: [Interface - Administrator] Provide searching / filtering of lists on the Subscriber Lists page
0018172: [Interface - Administrator] finish tab calculating 'send size'- please allow to turn off
0018480: [Interface - Administrator] Allow increase of records visible per page on Processed Bounces page
0018357: [Subscribe Process] Unable to change text used on public pages
0018421: [Bounce Management] only link to bounce if it still exists in the database.
0018251: [All Other] click for instant removal from a list (just one list, not unsubscribe)
0018331: [Subscriber Export] Add ability to export only subscriber email addresses
0018313: [Message Send Process] error handling of Send Process is flawed
0017757: [All Other] Click stastictsics when unique link is used for each client
0018369: [Interface - Administrator] test messages when a sent campaign is edited may not work correctly
0007683: [Statistics] suggestions for improvements of open tracking
0018043: [Subscribe Process] Delete taged subscribers from any list
0018101: [All Other] add blacklist button to bounce page possible actions
0018044: [All Other] Download subscribers post search
0018112: [User Management] Editing subscription page in subscriber profile
0018096: [Internationalization (l18n)] localise number_format
0017905: [Subscribe Process] limit signups per IP
0017588: [Internationalization (l18n)] Plugin unable to provide translation
0018075: [Message Send Process] Phplist configured for AWS SES, forward to friend message not working
0018069: [All Other] Add bounces to domain stats page
0018018: [All Other] import simple page could give import report on same page and stay on page to speed up multiple adding
0018008: [Interface - Frontend] Interface tweak: move "time to send" into dedicated table column
0018006: [Subscriber Import] Add anti-spam conformance declaration to subscriber upload
0018009: [Interface - Frontend] Add Campaign Bounces page to group bounces by campaign
0018000: [All Other] Sending to "all public lists" works even when there are none.
0017992: [All Other] could we merge create list add subscribers to list stages/pages
0017984: [Repetition] Repetition period Add new repetiotion period in the choose menu
0017975: [Interface - Administrator] display list restrictions for sub-admins
0017959: [Statistics] click and open track stats updates
0017956: [Interface - Administrator] restrict admin logins to one IP
0017811: [Configuration] duplicate a subscribe page
0017623: [Email] Test email from Campaign Template editor fails
0017755: [All Other] Digest of phpList notifications
0017201: [Message Management] Sub account can't see the campaigns
0017808: [All Other] quantify number of messages including a link
0004826: [Authentication System] Admin for list does not get unsubscribe requests even when that is set in the configuration
0016921: [Message Management] It's unclear what does a message's "response time" mean
0016808: [User Management] No bulk Deletion for duplicate users
0017452: [User Management] Only show subscriber page to admins of their lists
0017766: [User Management] export blacklisted subscribers + date when they unsubscribed
0017621: [All Other] page locking on upgrade
0017109: [Other] Non Super Admin Viewing Statistics
0016856: [Other] Double indices
0016878: [Security] remove use of magic_quotes.php
0017451: [phpList] rethink forwarding tracking and process
0017509: [Installation] Remove the index.html file and DirectoryIndex
0017432: [All Other] We need a preview template tab/option in sending process
0017471: [All Other] test import of data resets upload page when you click back
0017634: [Bounce Management] decode base64 bounces and present them to administrator for review
0017010: [Interface - Administrator] Bring back the option to give specific admin permissions
0017486: [Email] language in notification
0017548: [All Other] Consider extending mapping in csv import to inlude other system values such as ID
0017705: [HTML Email Support] apple watch rendering
0019167: [Interface - Administrator] Language is forgotten in different browsers
0017736: [Authentication System] htaccess update for apache 2.4
0018195: [All Other] Adding blacklisted subscribers to new list should be made possible
0017853: [All Other] Make link URL column wider in stats page(s) so more of the URL can be seen
0019392: [Theme - Trevelin] Navbar-form has wrong margin in mobile views
0017893: [Message Send Process] Some issues with filtering subscribers when sending
0018754: [Authentication System] When no username and/or no password are entered to login page, no error message is displayed
0018532: [Interface - Administrator] campaign data does not match width of campaigns 'picture frame'
0018240: [Interface - Administrator] Lists to exclude area not displayed correctly
0017892: [Installation] database conversion does not fix all tables
0018347: [Configuration] Pageroot does not change root in all ways
0018620: [Interface - Backend] Exclude list not showed on lists tab (send page only with Trevelin theme)
0018071: [All Other] Allow specifying of prefrences page with url
0017997: [HTML Email Support] [Feature request] Option to embed images from external domains in HTML emails (patch included)
0016707: [Message Management] Difficult to use admin attributes as placeholders
0018027: [Authentication System] add plugin hook before login page for SSO
0018059: [Bounce Management] increase size for regex entry
0017813: [All Other] clean up temporary files after use
0015494: [Plugin API] processSuccesFailure is not checked ok on sendemaillib when dealing with plugins
0017955: [Message Send Process] add plugin hook at the moment that a campaign has finished
0016888: [Configuration] Aliases (interchangeable) domains for Domain Throttle
0017914: [All Other] send test does not recognise when email is invlaid
0017885: [Template Management] central setting for organisation logo with standard placeholders
0017812: [Configuration] Header info in hosted version
0017837: [Template Management] url check on templates should accept placeholders
0017896: [Message Send Process] Unable get lock for processing
0017513: [Subscribe Process] When [CONFIRMATIONURL] (?p=confirm) is loaded, PHPList should check if user is NOT confirmed **before** sending welcome email ag
0017798: [plugins] Plugin remains enabled after dependency is not met
0017546: [User Management] categorise list page - re-edit option
0017752: [User Management] Cannot merge in Foreign Key infromation when matching by email
0017545: [Message Management] Uncategorised lists, confusing name? Could we have a search?
0017591: [System Admin] Private Subscribe Pages
0017001: [Interface - Backend] Switch the position of the Header and Body field for manual bounce processing
0017354: [Batch Processing] Processing queue with multiple Messages sends messages sequentially.
0017646: [Bounce Management] Advanced Bounce Processing Rules match headers
0016871: [Plugin API] Plugin method processSuccesFailure() doesn't appear to have any effect
0017467: [All Other] categorise lists from lists menu dumps user in settings, should go back to lists
0016938: [Subscriber Import] Email doesn't match Email when importing
0016931: [Internationalization (l18n)] Invalid admin languages trigger a weird default language
0017510: [Interface - Backend] Cannot enable and disable a plugin without reloading
0019405: [User Management] Adding a subscriber to a list via the Lists tab of subscriber profile page fails but reports success
0018068: [All Other] Add date to view bounce per list table and make sortable
0017590: [phpList] Remove Branding in emails for commerical users (Paid upgrade?)
0018540: [Theme - Trevelin] lists tab not working while composing message with bootlist theme
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Issues with no set due date for future consideration.
0016950: [User Management] A changed blacklisted address isn't re-blacklisted
0016925: [Message Management] Default footer attributes lose their status
0019538: [All Other] Disable X-Mailer Header set by PHP Mailer library
0015277: [Attachments] Some attachments (e.g. PDF) need be inline in dl.php
0017463: [All Other] Add 'use default' button to reset the campaign footer content to the system default via ajax
0015357: [Message Send Process] Develope Swift mailer pluggin that would allow phplist message sending to increase exponentionaly!
0019363: [Statistics] Add statistics explaining the most common reasons for subscribers being blacklisted
0019362: [Statistics] Add aggregated open rate statistics for top subscriber domains
0019359: [Statistics] Provide statistics for signup sources and comparative performance between them
0019358: [Statistics] Allow user-definable 'call to action' or 'conversion' links and goal conversion statistics
0019351: [Interface - Administrator] Different labels used for the same setting: newsletter signup message content
0019350: [Subscriber Import] Allow import of compressed files containing subscriber data
0017369: [Bounce Management] Bounce processing is much slower on 3.x than on 2.x
0018262: [All Other] Bounces by domain table - per campaign
0018148: [System Admin] Separate campaign reply-to addresses for separate subadmins
0018186: [All Other] Remind people how they signed up to your list
0018212: [All Other] Embargo time to send mails to subscriber in correct timezone per each subscriber.
0018193: [All Other] lower consecutive bounce thresholds for new subscribers higher for established subscribers
0018058: [All Other] search subscribes page blacklist math off
0018038: [All Other] Give UI to throttling per domain core
0018063: [Statistics] Add support for HTML <area> click tracking
0018120: [All Other] Alow owner of campaign to be edited (like with lists)
0018070: [All Other] Search bounce messages
0018003: [Bounce Management] Feedback loops
0017882: [Message Send Process] Lists categories tab in "Send Campaign" has different order with categories in "Subscribers List"
0017884: [Command Line] make exec calls in cron more system independent
0017764: [All Other] Edit text of ALL system messages.
0017723: [Interface - Editor] info button on text version tab
0017822: [All Other] Stats for welcome email etc
0017800: [All Other] Add a "send confrimation email" button to some or even all places where you add subscribers
0017787: [Other] Non-Superadmin can not change status confirmed/unconfirmed of subscriber
0016915: [Interface - Administrator] Send a message to an entire category of lists
0017756: [All Other] Sub-categroies, or similar better way to orgnise geography based lists.
0015584: [All Other] Make system notifications optional by type to avoid 'notification flooding'
0016599: [User Management] Allow to upload exact recipient-lists via CSV Import
0017292: [Batch Processing] Admins can't process queus
0017234: [All Other] country list update
0016955: [Internationalization (l18n)] Switch language at install
0017062: [Bounce Management] Memory allocation error on large bounce message
0016877: [Security] increase password security
0017529: [User Management] Don't allow changing preferences without actually changing preferences
0016849: [phpList] Plugin download impossible with open_basedir
0017627: [All Other] inedequate statistics and meta of campaign sent multiple times
0017652: [Bounce Management] Email Mime Decode
0017638: [Statistics] special characters in links converted and breaking links
0017466: [All Other] add multiple lists in one go
0017561: [Message Management] Filter Messages by Category
0017520: [phpList] App for Ipad and Iphone
0017343: [Bounce Management] Subscriber (url:xxx) has consecutive bounces (y) over threshold (y), subscriber marked unconfirmed
0016991: [User Management] ensure uniqueness of uniqid.
0016907: [Subscribe Process] Exporting/importing non UTF-8 CSV files
0016906: [Configuration] Custom default Field Delimiter
0016840: [Interface - Backend] Request username info
0016567: [phpList] Export first and then importing users
0015619: [phpList] building a debian package
0014293: [Message Send Process] Event log/mail in phplist
0016524: [Interface - Administrator] Number of rows listed in results
0015452: [Message Management] patch to significantly speed up admin/?page=messages
0008333: [Bounce Management] View Bounces does not show unprocessed entries
0008166: [Message Send Process] Manual Text Message to processs URL fetching
0015546: [phpList] mass deletes of messages
0008826: [Subscribe Process] Add the possibility to use a CAPTCHA in the suscription form
0008341: [Repetition] Make duplicated messages 'draft' by default
0007903: [Subscribe Process] Solution: new subscriber gets last list email automatically
0016558: [Template Management] mixing upload embedded and template images makes them show up as attachments
0015237: [Subscribe Process] phplist changes subscribe layout for user that subscribes in new list
0006778: [Interface - Frontend] ordering subscribe pages
0008877: [Interface - Frontend] SPAM Bot Protection
0008209: [Message Send Process] new queue processor
0016616: [Bounce Management] Handle BATV bounces
0014108: [Message Management] Store Attachments in Database
0015252: [Statistics] More extensive click tracking
0015560: [phpList] Unique FCK-editor CSS per admin
0015561: [RSS] RSS feed for phplist itself
0008242: [All Other] Method for Selecting Recipients by Zip Code
0006213: [Template Management] Template by Owner
0018017: [plugins] Invite plugin making super low interest list rather than blacklist
0017283: [All Other] AJAX sign up form documentation and implementation
0017826: [All Other] Piwik tracking code system
0016919: [Message Management] Configurable timezone offset
0019389: [Internationalization (l18n)] Language in browser sticking to English
0017952: [Authentication System] pop=Before-SMTP
0016900: [User Management] Please return the "reason" field for for blacklisting users
0018010: [Interface - Frontend] Add tooltip hints to icons on subscriber search page
0015433: [Interface - Backend] Simple configure patch
0017326: [Message Send Process] set default format to text only
0016814: [Interface - Backend] Add some javascript to manage tables width column problems
0012449: [Subscribe Process] Feature request: A way to "invite" people to a list
0015502: [Message Send Process] On a list of 500 users only the first 50 receive messages yet the log suggests complete success
0006620: [Statistics] Javascript links doesn't work
0010937: [Interface - Backend] Change 0/1 values to checkboxes or radio buttons
0015305: [Subscriber Import] unable to select "no value" for default country attribute when importing users
0014002: [HTML Email Support] disallow pasting test emails, particularly when using click tracking
0015554: [phpList] System incompatibility: deprecated PHP functions lead to trouble when running PHP 5.3+
0017553: [Message Send Process] google less secure apps
0015397: [Template Management] using XSLT as template language
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Scheduled For Release 06-07-25
0019596: [Internationalization (l18n)] Remove line break in outdated datbase notice and translations
0019592: [Interface - Frontend] Make it possible for admins to choose between light and dark versions of the powered-by phpList image
0019590: [Interface - Frontend] Replace references to 'your personal location' for subscriber preferences page
0019581: [Statistics] Add spreadsheet download ability to 'campaign click statistics' page
0019499: [Message Management] Allow sending test messages for a campaign that is actively sending
0009816: [Authentication System] LDAP Authentication Patch
0019536: [Interface - Administrator] Add number formatting to Total clicks on URL click statistics page
0019521: [Configuration] Make bounce processing email notifications optional with a config setting
0019497: [Interface - Administrator] Redirect admin to Lists page after editing or adding a list
0019442: [Email] Add "add us to your addressbook" link to defalt campaign
0019439: [Attachments] Integrate LibreOffice for automatic document generation and attachment
0019349: [Interface - Administrator] Subscriber import progress bar counts in different incremental steps for different upload pages
0005521: [Message Send Process] check on "doneusers" needs to use "status" column
0006216: [Subscriber Import] output list of 'new' emails added to database when importing users
0006611: [All Other] Click tracking does not work with image maps
0008121: [All Other] Confusing Text Regarding How "Subscribe", "Unsubscribe" and "Update Preferences" Notices Are Handled
0013672: [Batch Processing] how often to retry sending to an address that fails, and give up
0014509: [Message Management] message table repeatuntil timsetamp set to '0000-00-00 00:00:00' instead of null
0014948: [Subscribe Process] Default date blank for birthday, How to default user attribute of type date to "not set"
0015236: [Subscribe Process] Support for defining a default for "htmlemail"
0015366: [Template Management] Add basic template ownership
0015379: [Security] make phpList work well with Apache mod_security enabled
0016800: [Message Management] Text variant of the message is too narrow
0016801: [Security] implement Content-Security-Policy
0016802: [Other] implement PDO
0016829: [Configuration] Position after saving
0016881: [Message Send Process] Attribute in message sends wrong value if cookie with same name exists
0016948: [Subscriber Import] Import from non-UTF8 charsets?
0017066: [Message Send Process] helo_data sent by phplist using phpmailer causes high spam marks
0017156: [phpList] Add the ability to personalize the List-Unsubscribe header
0017238: [phpList] allow subscribers to express a time and frequency prefrence for reciving their mail.
0018568: [Subscriber Import] Add support for subscriber email address internationalisation (special chars)
0018761: [Interface - Administrator] Add version control / revision rollback to campaign & template content
0005460: [Message Management] PREPARE MESSAGE doesnt save messages
0018791: [Interface - Frontend] Add support for [LOGO] placeholder on public subscribe pages
0003250: [Site wide] Changed output_handler=ob_gzhandler in PHP.INI and now pages wont load complete
0003558: [Subscribe Process] Add date for suspending email
0015516: [General] Table phplist_admin_password_request not created automatically on an upgrade
0009579: [General] missing code
0006131: [Subscriber Import] Import suscriber from csv do not work
0011845: [Subscriber Import] CSV import with Foreign Key causes problems
0014242: [Interface - Backend] <font> tags showed everywhere when developer_email is set
0014253: [Statistics] clicktracking totals: sent msgs is calculated wrong (especially for RSS msgs)
0014296: [Interface - Backend] Small typo
0014793: [phpList] Unable to place twice [UNSUBSCRIBE], [PREFERENCES] and [FORWARD] links in messages
0015231: [Subscriber Import] False warnings during test import with 'import emails with different values for attributes'
0015365: [Documentation - Configuration] Wrong description of MAILQUEUE_BATCH_PERIOD in config file
0015399: [Subscriber Import] include_once statement inside import loop in import1.php
0015446: [All Other] HTML errors in public pages
0015448: [User Management] Navigation error in user list, with subselection 'Show only unconfirmed users' or 'Show only blacklisted users'
0015552: [Batch Processing] mySQL Database link maybe lost if mail->send() takes some time
0015589: [Subscriber Import] Successfully imports addresses it later chokes on
0015603: [Message Send Process] Unwanted carriage returns/line breaks appearing in message body
0016644: [Interface - Backend] Make the attributes page tableless
0016645: [Interface - Backend] Make the users page tableless
0016726: [Bounce Management] Unable to view an 'unidentified bounce'
0016729: [Authentication System] Login page appears everytime when session.autostart = 1
0016746: [Statistics] Is it possible to only let the original link be showing to the receiver
0018576: [Installation] Provide automatic update mechanism for upgrading phpList versions
0015472: [Message Management] Add Duplicate message function
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Issues in order to make phpList run better in languages other than the default english.
0017464: [All Other] Add a list page is titiled "edit a list"
0016944: [phpList] Update translation function needs to handle UTF-8 characters in the translations.xml
0016863: [Internationalization (l18n)] Word not translated in home.php
0016813: [Internationalization (l18n)] Menu items not translated in Dutch.
0016820: [Internationalization (l18n)] Word not translated
0016831: [Internationalization (l18n)] Some words not translated in config.php
0016844: [Internationalization (l18n)] Words in system.php not translated
0016593: [Internationalization (l18n)] default config when installing in a language other than english
0016594: [Internationalization (l18n)] translate messages sent by the system
0016591: [Interface - Administrator] language file used for forwarding
0017789: [Message Management] translations of "Requeue" can be confusing
0017164: [Internationalization (l18n)] Polish translation has been broken by release 3.0.6
0017539: [All Other] use phrase "Subscriber profile" in app
0016652: [Internationalization (l18n)] Expressions which cannot be translated and used in interface
0016562: [Bounce Management] File bounce php
0016549: [Interface - Administrator] Sending message in smtp with phplist
0016585: [Interface - Administrator] Delete will delete user and all listmemberships
0016624: [Interface - Administrator] phplist - view a bounce was giving
0016659: [Interface - Administrator] File eventlog, after having cleared the bounces.
0016618: [Internationalization (l18n)] PHPlist Maillist Processing info
0016661: [Interface - Administrator] Clearer report in listreports,
0016656: [Interface - Administrator] File about.php
0016598: [phpList] Presentation and installation
0016649: [Interface - Administrator] Problem with the term users which is used in different places
0016663: [Interface - Administrator] When login and password are not correct, following message is seen : invalid password.
0016546: [phpList] Characters pasted in FCKeditor come out wrong
0016583: [Message Send Process] Problem with the character : '
0016581: [Internationalization (l18n)] The big bug,
0016606: [Interface - Administrator] Parts which cannot be translated
0016592: [Installation] File : home.php
0016579: [Interface - Administrator] Letters which are too big
0016632: [Installation] valid for all versions 2.10- file
0016664: [Interface - Administrator] File importcsv.php in directory : admin/commonlib/pages
0016610: [Internationalization (l18n)] And previous versions
0016566: [Documentation - Installation] Installation, file
0016605: [Installation] Improvements for installation
0016612: [phpList] Characters coded from 128 to 159 in windows
0016655: [Interface - Administrator] File upgrade.php
0016620: [Interface - Administrator] Message info
0016596: [Interface - Administrator] File : userhistory.php in foreing language
0016635: [Interface - Administrator] file bounce.php whatever be the language used
0016570: [Interface - Administrator] File : index.php
0016636: [Interface - Administrator] file : pagetitles.php in any language
0016563: [Interface - Administrator] Menu in French translation
0016560: [Documentation - Configuration] New version & translation
0016578: [Interface - Administrator] export users
0016677: [Installation] Problem in .htaccess at the root,
0016571: [Subscriber Import] importing users,
0016559: [phpList] Importing and exporting users
0016540: [Interface - Administrator] translation of user profile details in export
0016533: [Attachments] quote and other characters in attachment filenames
0011818: [Internationalization (l18n)]
0016619: [Subscribe Process] Users who unsubscribe..
0016631: [Internationalization (l18n)] new file export.php under admin.
0016527: [Message Send Process] Problem with one character when sending messages.
0016551: [Documentation - Installation] update use of characters for filename of import and export file
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Scheduled For Release 08-12-18
0019629: [General] Center the update '+' icon within its surrounding circle on the main menu
0019628: [General] Link the phpList logo to the phpList admin dashboard
0019627: [General] Remove period from log message: 'Updater is loading.'
0019626: [General] Add margin on bottom of 'Next' button
0019625: [General] Add padding between log lines for readability
0019623: [General] Label the following message as an error: 'No write permission for the following files:'
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Scheduled For Release 06-07-19
0017252: [Internationalization (l18n)] Missing translations for various strings
0016914: add support for RTL languages
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Issues with no set due date for future consideration.
0006461: [Internationalization (l18n)] full multilingual support
0003727: [Internationalization (l18n)] Create a system to download new language packs
0017637: [Internationalization (l18n)] Language in browser sticking to English
1 of 3 issue(s) resolved. Progress (33%). View Issues
Issues in order to make phpList run better in languages other than the default english.
0016826: [Internationalization (l18n)] Word translate problem, missing ad disambiguation
0016827: [Internationalization (l18n)] Missing translation
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