Issues to do with non-ascii character handling, both in the pages and the emails.
0016957: [Email] UTF-8 subject encoding breaks SMTP (support)
1 of 1 issue(s) resolved. Progress (100%). View Issues
Things to develop using plugins instead of core phpList
0017979: [plugins] PhpBB script to import and cleanup
0018034: [Statistics] I would like to tag automatically subscribers who clicked on a specific link. Is it possible?
0018016: [All Other] Click for instant list membership
0018037: [All Other] Add UI for Domain Thottle Map feature
0017976: [Statistics] ensure uniqid is present for all subscribers
0017970: [Template Management] Add custom placeholder in template for things such as twitter feed
0017972: [plugins] geo map of activity/subscribers
0017820: [Message Management] Adding additional content fields to be used in templates.
0017821: [All Other] Breakdown of stats per resend of single campaign (michiel)
0017495: [Subscribe Process] add some option to resend a request for confirmation after sent and not confirmed.
0017744: [HTML Email Support] Google Schema dev
0017380: [Message Management] a/b test option
0017714: [Interface - Backend] Feature Request: Placeholders for Message ID, Subject Line and UrlEncoded Subject Line
0017554: [plugins] Embed Social share and like buttons
0017416: [Other] Multicriteria research and record results in lists
0016855: [plugins] Unchecked check box used by plugin not handled correctly
0016905: [plugins] Custom global placeholders
0016587: [Message Send Process] Requeue doesn't send msg to new users
0013966: [User Management] "Fix emails for users who have an invalid email" (reconcile users) does not seem to work with special characters
0008219: [Subscribe Process] spam prevention, by using a traplist
0016627: [Message Send Process] phplist_message.userselection too short
0015460: [Plugin API] Wizard plugin - Spanish i18n
0015511: [Plugin API] Plugin: display statistics of message opens and bounces per message
0018017: [plugins] Invite plugin making super low interest list rather than blacklist (samtuke)
0018294: [plugins] Move Amazon SES processing to a plugin (samtuke)
0017485: [Interface - Administrator] additional slashes on the subscribe page data (michiel)
0015553: [Message Management] Generate a link to view an online version of a message (michiel)
0015628: [Message Send Process] Criteria feature does not seem to be working in version 2.11.5 and 2.11.6 (michiel)
0017568: [phpList] Campaign email - system does not add additional text after the [content] placeholder from the template (michiel)
5 of 29 issue(s) resolved. Progress (17%). View Issues
Scheduled For Release 10-05-15

Issues that should be dealt with by improving or writing the documentation.
0018087: [Documentation - Installation] Document DMARC exception
0018051: [Subscribe Process] Clarify wording of unsubscription notification emails
0016798: [Subscriber Import] Extend the "invalid" check not only for empty, but for invalid emails
0017613: [All Other] subscriber update prefrences page - discussion
0017602: [All Other] Subscribe page set up confusion - check box for lists or not
0017468: [Configuration] config.php and config_extended.php
0016918: [User Management] Tracking is used for test messages in draft messages
0017235: [Email] Error Sending Email : Called Mail() without being connected
0017197: [Other] Only the first URL placeholder in a message is replaced
0017188: [Other] URL placeholders in Template not working
0015688: [All Other] Create message life cycle
0016898: [Subscriber Import] There's no "confirm immediately" option
0016843: [Command Line] Cron command now needs -c parameter
0011044: [All Other] Web crawlers hit "unsubscribe" link & blacklist subscribers
0016714: [Internationalization (l18n)] don't use entities inside *.po (french)
0013391: [Bounce Management] MySQL error 1153 -- 'max_allowed_packet' exceeded when processing bounces with large attachments
0009488: [All Other] linktracking explained
0015336: [Attachments] when processing queues PHPlist does not attach the file uploaded, it attaches the file only in test messages
0015181: [Documentation - Development] ER diagram for database tables used by phplist
0015555: [Documentation - Installation] System requirements documentation should mention current system incompatibilities
0016860: [Email] Emails sent to my gmail account are listed as suspicious
0008786: [Statistics] view message tracking is not accurate
0017360: [Subscriber Import] csv import LOOKS like it skipping the customer id column (gingerling)
0017206: [Installation] Make clear the "/lists" directory should not be / nor have a different name (gingerling)
0017453: [Installation] A list of questions for your hosting provider (duncanc)
0016859: [Batch Processing] Batch Processing with Cron Job now requires browser window open (gingerling)
0016930: [phpList] phpList's official site menu directs to the old docs (gingerling)
0017660: [All Other] long named attributes do not work as placeholders (michiel)
0017560: [Installation] Is mb_string required to run phplist?
0017208: [Installation] Give an example for (at least) debian based distros ? (gingerling)
0017207: [Installation] Installation doesn't say to have a "DirectoryIndex index.php index.html" (gingerling)
0017266: [Email] Avoid sending as a webpage and using a template at the same time (gingerling)
0017271: [Message Management] campaign life cycle (gingerling)
0017112: [User Management] Problems deleting subscribers for an ordinary admin (michiel)
0015464: [Configuration] Include new configuration options and update explanatory text in config.php (michiel)
       0015204: [All Other] Php List's config.php file categories (michiel)
0009937: [Configuration] Internal Server Error (.htaccess file problems with Apache configurations) (michiel)
0015613: [Interface - Administrator] CSS should not touch capitalisation of words (michiel)
0015527: [Configuration] Upgrading database from 2.11.5 to 2.11.5 (michiel)
0016695: [Documentation - Configuration] SSL/TLS (michiel)
0016589: [Interface - Administrator] and 2.10.18 - question at a farthing ! (michiel)
17 of 41 issue(s) resolved. Progress (41%). View Issues
Scheduled For Release 20-06-17
0018170: [All Other] replace entered date on active tab with started sending date (samtuke)
0017824: [All Other] Subject/title issues since meta title introduction
0019032: [Other] [META] Changes required for GDPR compliance (samtuke)
0018792: [Statistics] Add 'List performance' page with statistical breakdown for each list
0018579: [plugins] Print the version number of the currently installed plugin on Manage Plugins page
0018598: [Interface - Administrator] Add link to 'Active' tab of 'View Campaigns' page from 'Process queue' page
0018293: [Message Send Process] Process queue shutdown handler exits
0018626: [Interface - Administrator] Add 'Unique Views' to 'View Opens' page
0018705: [Interface - Administrator] Add explanatory text and contextual help to the list categorisation page
0018007: [Interface - Frontend] Make date formatting consistent on campaign overview page
0018738: [Interface - Administrator] Add more detailed statistics to 'bounces per list' page
0018752: [Interface - Administrator] Add account limit usage graphs to dashboard
0018513: [phpList] Don't count test message opens as campaign views (michiel)
0018725: [Interface - Administrator] Add info buttons (contextual help) to headings on stats overview page (xheni)
0018790: [Documentation - Configuration] Add help text to clarify where an uploaded company logo is used and its format (xheni)
0018880: [Email] Include a space after URL placeholders to avoid invalid user id / malformed URLs (michiel)
0018789: [Documentation - Configuration] Allow help links from individual settings on Settings page (michiel)
0018767: [Interface - Frontend] Clarify preferences page fields: Do not require replacement of obfuscated email address (michiel)
0018758: [Configuration] Settings page shows incorrect subscribe/unsubscribe URLs (michiel)
0018328: [Interface - Administrator] Make formatting of campaign dates consistent on Campaigns page (xheni)
1 of 20 issue(s) resolved. Progress (5%). View Issues
Scheduled For Release 07-08-17
0019066: [Interface - Frontend] Add explenation on "System" (suela)
0019065: [Interface - Frontend] Add help option to explain what does it mean to add a list as public. (suela)
0019052: [Interface - Administrator] Create an object similar to #globalhelp to use for large amount of texts within different section of pages. (mariez)
0019051: [Interface - Administrator] Add help options on Import by CSV page. (suela)
0018971: [Theme - Trevelin] Change Add New Attribute form in the Configure Attributes page (mariez)
0019061: [User Management] When adding a subadmin there is no option to add password on the interface (suela)
0018974: [Theme - Trevelin] reset import session button style (mariez)
0019050: [Interface - Frontend] Set a "Please enter your credentials" message on login page (xheni)
0018547: [Interface - Administrator] Add 'delete list' button to Edit List page (xheni)
0018054: [phpList] Linktracker break long URL (michiel)
0018907: [Documentation - Editor Usage] Add contextual help information for 'Load data from predefined defaults' on Configure Attributes page (xheni)
0018780: [Interface - Administrator] Trevelin theme not applied on first log in on a new browser (michiel)
0019098: [Other] Port user acceptance tests to Behat 3 and Selenium 2 with execution on Chrome (samtuke)
0019097: [Interface - Administrator] Format date on Bounces page (samtuke)
0019096: [Interface - Administrator] On Bounces and Bounces per list page link subscriber address to subscriber history page (samtuke)
0018860: [Interface - Administrator] Change table name on Campaign click statistics page (xheni)
0019085: [Interface - Administrator] Replace seconds with formatted date on Subscriber History page (xheni)
0018537: [Interface - Administrator] Print full sender address on campaign page including email address (xheni)
0018628: [Interface - Administrator] Add button link to 'View Opens' page on the campagn 'Statistics overview' page (xheni)
0018275: [Interface - Administrator] Add number formatting to bounced stats on listbounces page (xheni)
0018627: [Interface - Administrator] Add button link to campagn 'Statistics overview' page on 'View Opens' page (xheni)
0019045: [Interface - Administrator] Fix miscalculation of percentages on Campaign statistics page (xheni)
0018308: [Interface - Administrator] Add table headings to "Setup" page (xheni)
0019044: [Interface - Administrator] Replace 'Go there' links with linked page titles on 'Config'/'Checklist' page (xheni)
0018438: [Interface - Administrator] Add number formatting to Sent as HTML on Statistics overview page (xheni)
0019034: [Statistics] Add suport for tracking all views of a campaign by each subscriber (michiel)
0018378: [Interface - Administrator] Link to campaign page from campaign statistics page
0018436: [Interface - Administrator] Add number formatting to subscriber count on 'Reconcile subscribers' page (xheni)
0018596: [Interface - Administrator] Add number formatting to statistics overview page (samtuke)
0018629: [Interface - Administrator] Relable 'Views' to 'Unique Views' on statistics overview page (samtuke)
0018730: [All Other] Remove redundant whitespace from default join/leave message content
0018973: [Theme - Trevelin] There is a wrong left space in /lists/admin/?page=import2 (mariez)
0019042: [Interface - Administrator] Add page title to 'dialogue only' links, using alreay available name (samtuke)
0018997: [Theme - Trevelin] Move 'Send test' button to the side of the test email address field on Send Campaign pages (mariez)
0018011: [Interface - Frontend] Change "Messages" to "Message" in user history table (xheni)
0018538: [Interface - Administrator] Add campaign open vs campaign click ration to statistics page (xheni)
0019035: [Interface - Administrator] User history page date and text formatting improvements (samtuke)
0019036: [Interface - Administrator] Migrate to s( ) translate the strings on the attributes page. (xheni)
0018113: [phpList] Subscriber page nr in database changes after sending message (duncanc)
0017751: [Interface - Administrator] Use of descendant selector on Compose tab (mariez)
0018718: [System Admin] commandline tools to clean up the lists a little (michiel)
0017930: [All Other] No subject in view a campaign (samtuke)
0018706: [Message Management] Repeat message processing tries to copy an index (samtuke)
0017939: [Interface - Administrator] dashboard -> Sorry this page was not found in the plugin (michiel)
0018719: [Interface - Backend] not all tabs are showing, even if there is enough space in the page (mariez)
0018774: [Theme - Trevelin] Reduce unnecessary whitespace above 'Logout' button (mariez)
0018775: [Interface - Frontend] Public subscribe page layout improvements (mariez)
0018772: [All Other] Remove top border from the first row of tables (mariez)
0019004: [Interface - Administrator] Fix minor typos on import from text file page (samtuke)
0018999: [Interface - Administrator] Make 'view' subscribe page button open in new tab (xheni)
0018979: [Message Send Process] Add support for 'POP before SMTP connection' (samtuke)
0018895: [Interface - Frontend] Favicon is pixellated (mariez)
0018784: [Theme - Trevelin] Reduce unnecessary whitespace in page headings (mariez)
0018764: [Theme - Trevelin] Fields on campaign composer are wider than the content container on small screens (mariez)
0018786: [Authentication System] ENCRYPT_ADMIN_PASSWORDS is still used (michiel)
0018731: [Theme - Trevelin] Radio buttons and checkboxes are not centered in tables (mariez)
0018783: [Interface - Administrator] The selected theme's directory instead of its name is displayed (samtuke)
0018501: [Theme - Trevelin] 'Send a campaign' page does not show lists by default in mobile view (mariez)
0018603: [Theme - Trevelin] Multi-action button menu positioned off-screen on 'View Bounces' page (mariez)
0018578: [Interface - Administrator] Replace list categorisation comma separated list with another input element (mariez)
0018597: [Theme - Trevelin] Improve alignment of buttons on Manage Plugins page (mariez)
0018407: [Interface - Administrator] Add popup message "are you sure you want to leave this page?" before closing page with unsaved changes (mariez)
0018575: [Theme - Trevelin] Login page rendering on Safari for Mac (mariez)
0018574: [Interface - Administrator] Selected theme is forgotten when using different web browsers (michiel)
0018390: [Theme - Trevelin] Make all tabs on 'Send a campaign' page visible on wider screens (mariez)
0018536: [Interface - Administrator] Add number formatting to individual campaign statistics page (samtuke)
0018534: [Interface - Administrator] Add link to campaign statistics on sent campaign page (samtuke)
0018500: [Theme - Trevelin] Progress bar remains visible after processing the message queue has finished (mariez)
0018535: [Interface - Administrator] Add campaign alias on sent campaign page (samtuke)
0018782: [Interface - Administrator] Change page title to use campaign title (not subject) (samtuke)
0018781: [Interface - Administrator] Add link from list name to 'View list' page (samtuke)
0018564: [Theme - Trevelin] Layout problem with the Import pages (mariez)
0018707: [All Other] The confirmation URL to a new subscriber sent when signing up via the Ajax link only has the placeholder in text. (michiel)
0018695: [Theme - Trevelin] exclude lists no longer working (mariez)
0018279: [Interface - Administrator] Format campaign response time on user history page
63 of 75 issue(s) resolved. Progress (84%). View Issues
Scheduled For Release 06-07-19
0018478: [Bounce Management] Unable to delete unidentified bounces > 2 months old
0018420: [Bounce Management] Report all errors when process bounces fails to connect to the mailbox
0018184: [Authentication System] when no admins are found, force adding one and activate require_login
0018309: [System Admin] Remove instances of "Hmmm" from log messages
0017962: [Interface - Administrator] Refresh translations automatically
0018131: [phpList] Unexpected Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable
0018099: [All Other] Editing and saving subscriber email in profile - show clear alert on duplicate
0018090: [All Other] Add list button not visible for sub-accounts with correct permissions
0018022: [Interface - Administrator] Bounce Rules Regular Expression window
0016958: [Bounce Management] changing a bounced email address for a subscriber re-blocks them
0017861: [Bounce Management] subscriber vs. email distinction when bounce processing
0017794: [All Other] Load data from predefined defaults (attributes) returns errors
0016932: [User Management] searching subscribers - return details on listing
0017353: [Interface - Backend] Statistics overview encondig problem.
0017640: [Bounce Management] Advanced Bounce Processing System Email
0017642: [Interface - Administrator] Repeated 'Initialising phpList in your language, please wait'
0017649: [Statistics] Click tracking decoding urlencoded characters (michiel)
0018742: [Internationalization (l18n)] Process bounces message omits number of bounces (michiel)
0017860: [Bounce Management] bounce processed multiple times unless deleted (michiel)
0018566: [Statistics] Link clicks fail when signed with hmac (michiel)
0017596: [Statistics] Links containig a uid are changed to something different (michiel)
0018134: [Other] Use of misleading http status codes (michiel)
0018115: [Message Send Process] phpMailer uses always SMTPAutoTLS (michiel)
0018133: [Other] Incorrect parameters to mysqli_connect (michiel)
0018124: [All Other] Admin attribute placeholder not filling with blank when attribute is not applicatble (michiel)
0017996: [Interface - Administrator] Unable to delete attribute values (duncanc)
0018040: [Email] php mail() function is used instead of sending through an smtp server (michiel)
0018072: [Message Send Process] Progress messages not displayed when processing queue in the browser (michiel)
0018085: [Configuration] Update example of using alternative phpmailer (michiel)
0018025: [Email] Status email links not working (michiel)
0018086: [Message Send Process] allow setting smtp_options for phpMailer (michiel)
0018031: [phpList] Forward Subject Incorrect (michiel)
0018032: [phpList] index.php function parseCline case typing (michiel)
0018004: [User Management] deleting an attribute value fails (michiel)
0018049: [Security] Reset password links are hard coded to HTTP (michiel)
0017971: [Message Send Process] When parallel processing is used the number of emails sent is incorrect (michiel)
0017982: [All Other] email@domain.191.IT addresses seen as invalid (michiel)
0017974: [Security] The test email field is not secure (michiel)
0017957: [Subscriber Import] Matching by foreign key does not work (michiel)
0017221: [Interface - Administrator] Admin initialisation page has malformed link to "Close this box" (michiel)
0017528: [User Management] Multiple unsubscription notifications for the same subscribers (michiel)
0017935: [Template Management] The LOGO does not get replaced in system messages (michiel)
0017944: [Message Send Process] line-break added by phplist 3.2.3 make impossible displaying in hotmail (michiel)
0017942: [All Other] Use of short array syntax with php < 5.4 (michiel)
0017767: [Message Management] update viewed to record view of first view and not last (michiel)
0017887: [Other] avoid sending unsubscribe message too often (michiel)
0017900: [All Other] translations are not overwritten (michiel)
0017901: [Email] Clickable links in status emails (michiel)
0017883: [Message Management] delete button (michiel)
0017850: [phpList] Remote Processing of Queue Logs Event Unnecessarily (michiel)
0017858: [Message Send Process] can't switch back from send a webpage (michiel)
0017176: [Message Send Process] when 'send a web page' contains spanish language characters, improperly encoded (michiel)
0017807: [All Other] change name of user clicks (michiel)
0017455: [All Other] continue with configuration button hidden behind dashboard interface (michiel)
0017801: [Subscriber Export] Export subscriber with limited rights exports whole subscriber database (michiel)
0017839: [Message Send Process] Remote queue processing not working (michiel)
0017633: [Configuration] Notification email address not allowed to be empty (michiel)
0017832: [Interface - Administrator] language switching doesn't close window when done (michiel)
0017843: [Message Management] When composing a campaign the server time is not refreshed (michiel)
0017841: [Other] Keep-alive requests are being sent too often (michiel)
0017630: [Interface - Administrator] [Enhancement] Select all lists in a category (michiel)
       0017842: [All Other] Select all tweak: confusing to see select all on selected lists tab
0017840: [Subscriber Import] Adding a list from the import page fails (michiel)
0017782: [Message Send Process] ensure From field has only one email address (michiel)
0017040: [User Management] Unable to re-order user attribute list values when there are more than 100 (michiel)
0017760: [Browser Issues] return http error codes on error (michiel)
0017765: [Message Management] Allow plugins to add to the view message page (michiel)
0017618: [Installation] "View a campaign" page formats plain text incorrectly (samtuke)
0017742: [Interface - Administrator] Resolution for "Your IP address has changed. For security reasons, please login again" when behind a proxy (michiel)
0016909: [Bounce Management] does not pick up regular expression (michiel)
0017647: [Bounce Management] bouncerules missing "with tagged rules" delete/deactivate/save changes (michiel)
0017566: [Message Management] Message data table contains data unrelated to the message (michiel)
0017710: [Message Send Process] can't stop a repeating campaign (michiel)
0017586: [All Other] private lists are printed with [LISTS] (by default or always?) (michiel)
0017632: [All Other] campaign click statistics link to list of subscibers who clicked (michiel)
0017288: [User Management] Campaign is sent to subscriber who is shown as blacklisted (michiel)
0017741: [Security] Hard coded link on page to http:// causes security error in browsers (michiel)
0018295: [Interface - Backend] SQL GROUP BY Errors (samtuke)
0017869: [Installation] Get database error 1170 when installing 3.2.0 (michiel)
0018001: [HTML Email Support] RFC Compliance Issues. (michiel)
57 of 80 issue(s) resolved. Progress (71%). View Issues
Issues that can be considered once there's nothing else to do. Basically "ideas for the future".
0017369: [Bounce Management] Bounce processing is much slower on 3.x than on 2.x
0018262: [All Other] Bounces by domain table - per campaign (samtuke)
0018148: [System Admin] Separate campaign reply-to addresses for separate subadmins (michiel)
0018186: [All Other] Remind people how they signed up to your list (samtuke)
0018252: [All Other] separate unsubscribe clicks from other clicks
0018212: [All Other] Embargo time to send mails to subscriber in correct timezone per each subscriber.
0018193: [All Other] lower consecutive bounce thresholds for new subscribers higher for established subscribers
0018023: [All Other] "bounces per list" file download lacks a file extension
0018058: [All Other] search subscribes page blacklist math off
0018038: [All Other] Give UI to throttling per domain core
0018063: [Statistics] Add support for HTML <area> click tracking
0018120: [All Other] Alow owner of campaign to be edited (like with lists)
0018076: [All Other] Export list summary data
0018070: [All Other] Search bounce messages
0018053: [All Other] Remove these subscribers from this list
0018003: [Bounce Management] Feedback loops
0017882: [Message Send Process] Lists categories tab in "Send Campaign" has different order with categories in "Subscribers List"
0017952: [Authentication System] pop=Before-SMTP
0016900: [User Management] Please return the "reason" field for for blacklisting users
0017377: [Message Send Process] Adding Received: header with HTTP web browser IP address is a privacy issue
0017884: [Command Line] make exec calls in cron more system independent
0017764: [All Other] Edit text of ALL system messages.
0017723: [Interface - Editor] info button on text version tab
0017822: [All Other] Stats for welcome email etc
0017800: [All Other] Add a "send confrimation email" button to some or even all places where you add subscribers
0017787: [Other] Non-Superadmin can not change status confirmed/unconfirmed of subscriber
0016915: [Interface - Administrator] Send a message to an entire category of lists
0016950: [User Management] A changed blacklisted addres isn't re-blacklisted
0017756: [All Other] Sub-categroies, or similar better way to orgnise geography based lists. (developer)
0017463: [All Other] change of default footer is not retrospective for draft campaigns (NYChris)
0015584: [All Other] Make system notifications optional by type to avoid 'notification flooding' (NYChris)
0016599: [User Management] Allow to upload exact recipient-lists via CSV Import
0017292: [Batch Processing] Admins can't process queus
0017234: [All Other] country list update
0016955: [Internationalization (l18n)] Switch language at install
0017062: [Bounce Management] Memory allocation error on large bounce message
0016877: [Security] increase password security
0017529: [User Management] Don't allow changing preferences without actually changing preferences
0016849: [phpList] Plugin download impossible with open_basedir
0017627: [All Other] inedequate statistics and meta of campaign sent multiple times
0017652: [Bounce Management] Email Mime Decode
0017638: [Statistics] special characters in links converted and breaking links
0017466: [All Other] add multiple lists in one go
0017561: [Message Management] Filter Messages by Category
0017553: [Message Send Process] google less secure apps
0017531: [All Other] make a one click upgrade system, like wordpress has
0017520: [phpList] App for Ipad and Iphone
0017343: [Bounce Management] Subscriber (url:xxx) has consecutive bounces (y) over threshold (y), subscriber marked unconfirmed
0016991: [User Management] ensure uniqueness of uniqid.
0016907: [Subscribe Process] Exporting/importing non UTF-8 CSV files
0016925: [Message Management] Default footer attributes lose their attribute staus
0015277: [Attachments] Some attachments (e.g. PDF) need be inline in dl.php
0016901: [User Management] Listing of valid users
0016906: [Configuration] Custom default Field Delimiter
0016840: [Interface - Backend] Request username info
0016567: [phpList] Export first and then importing users
0015619: [phpList] building a debian package
0014293: [Message Send Process] Event log/mail in phplist
0016524: [Interface - Administrator] Number of rows listed in results
0015452: [Message Management] patch to significantly speed up admin/?page=messages
0008333: [Bounce Management] View Bounces does not show unprocessed entries
0012801: [User Management] Subscriber management and clearout
0008166: [Message Send Process] Manual Text Message to processs URL fetching
0015474: [User Management] delete subscribers by domain
0015546: [phpList] mass deletes of messages
0008826: [Subscribe Process] Add the possibility to use a CAPTCHA in the suscription form
0008341: [Repetition] Make duplicated messages 'draft' by default
0007903: [Subscribe Process] Solution: new subscriber gets last list email automatically
0016558: [Template Management] mixing upload embedded and template images makes them show up as attachments
0015237: [Subscribe Process] phplist changes subscribe layout for user that subscribes in new list
0006778: [Interface - Frontend] ordering subscribe pages
0008877: [Interface - Frontend] SPAM Bot Protection
0008209: [Message Send Process] new queue processor
0016616: [Bounce Management] Handle BATV bounces
0014108: [Message Management] Store Attachments in Database
0015252: [Statistics] More extensive click tracking
0015560: [phpList] Unique FCK-editor CSS per admin
0015561: [RSS] RSS feed for phplist itself
0008242: [All Other] Method for Selecting Recipients by Zip Code
0006213: [Template Management] Template by Owner
0017283: [All Other] AJAX sign up form documentation and implementation (gingerling)
0017826: [All Other] Piwik tracking code system (michiel)
0018010: [Interface - Frontend] Add tooltip hints to icons on subscriber search page (samtuke)
0015433: [Interface - Backend] Simple configure patch (support)
0017326: [Message Send Process] set default format to text only (michiel)
0016919: [Message Management] Configurable timezone offset (michiel)
0016814: [Interface - Backend] Add some javascript to manage tables width column problems (mariez)
0012449: [Subscribe Process] Feature request: A way to "invite" people to a list (michiel)
0015502: [Message Send Process] On a list of 500 users only the first 50 receive messages yet the log suggests complete success (michiel)
0006620: [Statistics] Javascript links doesn't work (michiel)
0010937: [Interface - Backend] Change 0/1 values to checkboxes or radio buttons (michiel)
0015305: [Subscriber Import] unable to select "no value" for default country attribute when importing users (michiel)
0014002: [HTML Email Support] disallow pasting test emails, particularly when using click tracking (michiel)
0015554: [phpList] System incompatibility: deprecated PHP functions lead to trouble when running PHP 5.3+ (michiel)
0015397: [Template Management] using XSLT as template language
13 of 95 issue(s) resolved. Progress (13%). View Issues
Scheduled For Release 06-07-20
0018068: [All Other] Add date to view bounce per list table and make sortable (samtuke)
0018754: [Authentication System] When no username and/or no password are entered to login page, no error message is displayed (michiel)
0018435: [Message Management] Sort order of list campaigns page is unclear
0018451: [All Other] Add an "Add list" button on category tab
0018434: [Template Management] Remove "Forward this message" from personalised system messages (e.g. confirmation)
0018479: [Bounce Management] Include campaign name in bounce processing emails
0018180: [All Other] Show unsubscribes on the statistics overview page (samtuke)
0017995: [All Other] Send time includes embargo, perhaps it should not? (samtuke)
0018121: [All Other] LISTOWNER attribute when listowner is "admin" not filled untill list ownership re-saved
0018045: [All Other] search for only "green" subscribers
0018029: [Subscriber Import] CSV import for multiple lists simultaneously
0018105: [All Other] statistics overview page missing opens / operners comparison
0018254: [All Other] "We already received your confirmation previously" message on sign up to second list or edit of prefrences
       0018222: [All Other] "We already received your confirmation previously" after click on invite and no lists displayed (gingerling)
0018039: [All Other] Extend domain thottling feature (core) to throttle diffrent ammounts for differnt domains (or groups of domains)
0018433: [Subscribe Process] Interface for disabling "Welcome" and "Goodbye" messages
0018268: [All Other] Export or make list from current search
0018208: [All Other] list members view page to have optional display of attributes should as name or city
0018539: [Interface - Administrator] Add customisable pagination to subscriber lists page
0018021: [All Other] Add option to forward subscriber to a configurable URL after confirmation
0018548: [Interface - Administrator] Provide searching / filtering of lists on the Subscriber Lists page
0018172: [Interface - Administrator] finish tab calculating 'send size'- please allow to turn off
0018480: [Interface - Administrator] Allow increase of records visible per page on Processed Bounces page
0018357: [Subscribe Process] Unable to change text used on public pages
0018421: [Bounce Management] only link to bounce if it still exists in the database.
0018251: [All Other] click for instant removal from a list (just one list, not unsubscribe)
0018544: [Message Send Process] Process queue not terminating
0018331: [Subscriber Export] Add ability to export only subscriber email addresses
0018313: [Message Send Process] error handling of Send Process is flawed
0017757: [All Other] Click stastictsics when unique link is used for each client
0018369: [Interface - Administrator] test messages when a sent campaign is edited may not work correctly
0007683: [Statistics] suggestions for improvements of open tracking
0018043: [Subscribe Process] Delete taged subscribers from any list
0018101: [All Other] add blacklist button to bounce page possible actions
0018044: [All Other] Download subscribers post search
0018112: [User Management] Editing subscription page in subscriber profile
0018096: [Internationalization (l18n)] localise number_format
0018067: [All Other] Bounces per campaign list, with export (samtuke)
0017905: [Subscribe Process] limit signups per IP
0017588: [Internationalization (l18n)] Plugin unable to provide translation
0018075: [Message Send Process] Phplist configured for AWS SES, forward to friend message not working
0018078: [All Other] Time of bounce in history of a subscriber profile is misleading (michiel)
0018069: [All Other] Add bounces to domain stats page
0018056: [User Management] Number of blacklisted+unconfirmed subscribers in notice message
0017893: [Message Send Process] Some issues with filtering subscribers when sending
0018026: [Interface - Administrator] Add bounces column to Domain Stats page
0018018: [All Other] import simple page could give import report on same page and stay on page to speed up multiple adding
0018008: [Interface - Frontend] Interface tweak: move "time to send" into dedicated table column
0018006: [Subscriber Import] Add anti-spam conformance declaration to subscriber upload
0018009: [Interface - Frontend] Add Campaign Bounces page to group bounces by campaign
0018000: [All Other] Sending to "all public lists" works even when there are none.
0017992: [All Other] could we merge create list add subscribers to list stages/pages
0017984: [Repetition] Repetition period Add new repetiotion period in the choose menu
0017975: [Interface - Administrator] display list restrictions for sub-admins
0017959: [Statistics] click and open track stats updates
0017956: [Interface - Administrator] restrict admin logins to one IP
0017811: [Configuration] duplicate a subscribe page
0017623: [Email] Test email from Campaign Template editor fails
0017859: [Subscribe Process] Subscribed lists missing
0017755: [All Other] Digest of phpList notifications
0017201: [Message Management] Sub account can't see the campaigns
0017808: [All Other] quantify number of messages including a link
0004826: [Authentication System] Admin for list does not get unsubscribe requests even when that is set in the configuration (michiel)
0016921: [Message Management] It's unclear what does a message's "response time" mean
0016808: [User Management] No bulk Deletion for duplicate users (gingerling)
0017452: [User Management] Only show subscriber page to admins of their lists
0017766: [User Management] export blacklisted subscribers + date when they unsubscribed
0017621: [All Other] page locking on upgrade
0017109: [Other] Non Super Admin Viewing Statistics
0017709: [Statistics] Download all campaign clicks as CSV file, including all urls clicked
0016856: [Other] Double indices
0016878: [Security] remove use of magic_quotes.php
0017451: [phpList] rethink forwarding tracking and process
0017509: [Installation] Remove the index.html file and DirectoryIndex
0017432: [All Other] We need a preview template tab/option in sending process
0017634: [Bounce Management] decode base64 bounces and present them to administrator for review
0017471: [All Other] test import of data resets upload page when you click back
0017010: [Interface - Administrator] Bring back the option to give specific admin permissions
0017486: [Email] language in notification
0017705: [HTML Email Support] apple watch rendering
0017548: [All Other] Consider extending mapping in csv import to inlude other system values such as ID
0018437: [Interface - Administrator] The domain stats page is still confusing (samtuke)
0017736: [Authentication System] htaccess update for apache 2.4 (michiel)
0018195: [All Other] Adding blacklisted subscribers to new list should be made possible (michiel)
0017853: [All Other] Make link URL column wider in stats page(s) so more of the URL can be seen (michiel)
0017315: [User Management] make it harder to add a subscriber without them going onto at least one list, or create an "all subscribers" list (michiel)
0017417: [Subscriber Export] Exporting with "Any date" results in stuck query and timeouts (michiel)
0018532: [Interface - Administrator] campaign data does not match width of campaigns 'picture frame' (mariez)
0018240: [Interface - Administrator] Lists to exclude area not displayed correctly (duncanc)
0017892: [Installation] database conversion does not fix all tables (michiel)
0018347: [Configuration] Pageroot does not change root in all ways (michiel)
0018620: [Interface - Backend] Exclude list not showed on lists tab (send page only with Trevelin theme) (support)
0018071: [All Other] Allow specifying of prefrences page with url (gingerling)
0017997: [HTML Email Support] [Feature request] Option to embed images from external domains in HTML emails (patch included) (michiel)
0016707: [Message Management] Difficult to use admin attributes as placeholders (michiel)
0018027: [Authentication System] add plugin hook before login page for SSO (michiel)
0018059: [Bounce Management] increase size for regex entry (michiel)
0017813: [All Other] clean up temporary files after use (michiel)
0015494: [Plugin API] processSuccesFailure is not checked ok on sendemaillib when dealing with plugins (michiel)
0017955: [Message Send Process] add plugin hook at the moment that a campaign has finished (michiel)
0016888: [Configuration] Aliases (interchangeable) domains for Domain Throttle (michiel)
0017914: [All Other] send test does not recognise when email is invlaid (michiel)
0017885: [Template Management] central setting for organisation logo with standard placeholders (michiel)
0017812: [Configuration] Header info in hosted version (michiel)
0017837: [Template Management] url check on templates should accept placeholders (michiel)
0017896: [Message Send Process] Unable get lock for processing (michiel)
0017513: [Subscribe Process] When [CONFIRMATIONURL] (?p=confirm) is loaded, PHPList should check if user is NOT confirmed **before** sending welcome email ag (michiel)
0017798: [plugins] Plugin remains enabled after dependency is not met (michiel)
0017546: [User Management] categorise list page - re-edit option (michiel)
0017752: [User Management] Cannot merge in Foreign Key infromation when matching by email (michiel)
0017545: [Message Management] Uncategorised lists, confusing name? Could we have a search? (michiel)
0017591: [System Admin] Private Subscribe Pages (michiel)
0017001: [Interface - Backend] Switch the position of the Header and Body field for manual bounce processing (michiel)
0017354: [Batch Processing] Processing queue with multiple Messages sends messages sequentially. (michiel)
0017646: [Bounce Management] Advanced Bounce Processing Rules match headers
0016871: [Plugin API] Plugin method processSuccesFailure() doesn't appear to have any effect (michiel)
0017467: [All Other] categorise lists from lists menu dumps user in settings, should go back to lists (michiel)
0016938: [Subscriber Import] Email doesn't match Email when importing (michiel)
0016931: [Internationalization (l18n)] Invalid admin languages trigger a weird default language (michiel)
0017510: [Interface - Backend] Cannot enable and disable a plugin without reloading (michiel)
0017590: [phpList] Remove Branding in emails for commerical users (Paid upgrade?) (samtuke)
0018540: [Theme - Trevelin] lists tab not working while composing message with bootlist theme (support)
35 of 122 issue(s) resolved. Progress (28%). View Issues
things where the UI of the application could do with some tweaks
0018228: [All Other] capital letters on settings page (gingerling)
0018584: [Interface - Administrator] Place 'Add list' button consistently in 'send campaign to another list' section of 'view campaign' page
0018415: [Interface - Administrator] Move "All subscribers" into a separate panel on Subscriber lists page
0017913: [All Other] hitting enter on compose pages clicks save as draft
0017456: [All Other] wording of Person in charge of this system (one email address)
0017465: [All Other] delete category once a list is assigned to it (michiel)
0017725: [All Other] Change text of use template dropdown (michiel)
0017435: [Interface - Administrator] Forward-and-back buttons wrong way round (visually)? (tarekdj)
0017357: [Interface - Backend] Add a list button in import subscribers could be better placed
0017307: [All Other] Waiting for x time before reloading
0017594: [Message Send Process] Change <title> tag to alert when sending has stalled
0017391: [Interface - Editor] Format tab updates
0017470: [All Other] confusing item on email upload page
0017527: [Message Send Process] Allow forwarding of test messages
0017593: [Message Management] Save and Continue Does Not Provide Notification to verify saving
0016886: userhistory.php, tab subscription: table out of border
0016875: [plugins] Plugin enable/disable icon not active
0017346: [Batch Processing] "Campaign started" email sent on restart. (michiel)
0017334: [Interface - Administrator] compact dbcheck page (michiel)
0016953: [Interface - Administrator] Want basic nav on right like in 2.x (michiel)
0016713: [Interface - Frontend] screen width is stuck to 710px (michiel)
2 of 21 issue(s) resolved. Progress (9%). View Issues
Scheduled For Release 31-10-22
Issues that require more information to be able to work on and resolve. If you have contributions to these issues that help replicate the problem and give more hints on how to fix them, please do so.
0017737: [Interface - Administrator] Campaign tabs not working with PHPList behind reverse proxy
0018284: [All Other] allow campaign to stay in sent if you edit it or clone it
0017148: [Installation] Database error 1366 - STRICT_TRANS_TABLES
0017600: [Message Send Process] Error: Process Killed by other process
0017645: [Bounce Management] Bounce Page bounce.php
0017404: [HTML Email Support] spaces in text
0016683: [Mac Issues] forward function on Mac/Safari
0015247: [Message Send Process] Same message sent multiple times to same users
0017919: [phpList] random spaces added to content of campaigns
0017933: [Email] Incorrect Hostname Provided to SMTP Server (michiel)
0017786: [Authentication System] Reset password for non superadmin admin without permission “change settings” (michiel)
0016734: [All Other] Missing HTTP:// (michiel)
0004894: [All Other] request for Confirmation e-mail bounces or marked spam (michiel)
4 of 13 issue(s) resolved. Progress (30%). View Issues
Scheduled For Release 01-04-24
issues for future development
0015236: [Subscribe Process] Support for defining a default for "htmlemail"
0018761: [Interface - Administrator] Add version control / revision rollback to campaign & template content
0009816: [Authentication System] LDAP Authentication Patch
0018580: [Subscriber Export] Allow exporting subscribers by attribute (filter exported subscribers by attributes)
0018577: [Subscriber Export] Redesign export subscriber page
0018576: [Installation] Provide automatic update mechanism for upgrading phpList versions
0018568: [Subscriber Import] Add support for subscriber email address internationalisation (special chars)
0017238: [phpList] allow subscribers to express a time and frequency prefrence for reciving their mail.
0016881: [Message Send Process] Attribute in message sends wrong value if cookie with same name exists
0016948: [Subscriber Import] Import from non-UTF8 charsets?
0015366: [Template Management] Add basic template ownership
0017156: [phpList] Add the ability to personalize the List-Unsubscribe header
0017066: [Message Send Process] helo_data sent by phplist using phpmailer causes high spam marks
0015379: [Security] make phpList work well with Apache mod_security enabled
0015472: [Message Management] Add Duplicate message function
0016829: [Configuration] Position after saving
0008121: [All Other] Confusing Text Regarding How "Subscribe", "Unsubscribe" and "Update Preferences" Notices Are Handled
0013672: [Batch Processing] how often to retry sending to an address that fails, and give up
0014948: [Subscribe Process] Default date blank for birthday, How to default user attribute of type date to "not set"
0005521: [Message Send Process] check on "doneusers" needs to use "status" column
0016802: [Other] implement PDO
0014509: [Message Management] message table repeatuntil timsetamp set to '0000-00-00 00:00:00' instead of null
0016801: [Security] implement Content-Security-Policy
0006611: [All Other] Click tracking does not work with image maps
0006216: [Subscriber Import] output list of 'new' emails added to database when importing users
0016800: [Message Management] Text variant of the message is too narrow
0016614: [Other] converting some characters from Word to text format fails
0016633: [Subscriber Export] update usability of the export page
0016651: [Interface - Administrator] navigation from subscriber to members of a list
0016582: [Subscriber Import] accept international characters in import file
0016717: [phpList] add validation of multi-byte domain names
0015590: [Security] Password Upgrade
0016700: [HTML Email Support] blank messages on hotmail
0016742: [Batch Processing] DOMAIN THROTTLE doesn't work properly
0015209: [User Management] only superadmin can mark users as confirmed
0016537: [Subscriber Import] Import not coping with "text \r\n text" ?
0011936: [Message Send Process] use campaign system to send re-request for confirmation
0016715: [Statistics] with clicktracking enabled, stop use of other tracking services
0016716: [Statistics] track clicks with JS code, instead of encoded links
0012806: [User Management] Display Email Confirmation is selected on a subscribe page, it will also show up on the users Preferences page
0015180: [Subscriber Import] Import from CSV to system attributes
0016646: [Message Send Process] MAX_SENDPROCESS in 2.11.6 is broken
0000565: [Subscriber Export] Allow configurable export file names (michiel)
0000107: [Subscribe Process] validation of attributes (michiel)
0003472: [phpList] Customer holiday from php list e-mails (michiel)
0016669: [Configuration] add reset to default option in config
0015270: [All Other] [feature-request] List-Unsubscribe mailto: header as opposed to http://
0007410: [Message Send Process] Sending local URL by cron fails
0015264: [Bounce Management] The phplist_bounce address shouldn't accept attachments
0015256: [Plugin API] Plugin links on 'main' page are broken
0005157: [Subscriber Import] sql import does not work ( import4.php )
0008343: [User Management] When importing users, default settings for import should be saved.
0016555: [Template Management] Uploading Html Newsletter templates with images as zip and unzipping automatically in backend
0016542: [Interface - Administrator] split export into smaller files
0016535: [User Management] resend to subscribers who didn't open an email
0016534: [Message Management] digest function
0015651: [Bounce Management] Interface misleading--confusion between active and candidate
0014717: [Subscribe Process] Add Bad Behaviour Spam Block Prevention script
0015259: [Statistics] Patch to customise usertrack image.
0015326: [Interface - Frontend] "X bounces" in the "View Bounces" page should renamed to "X unidentified bounces"
0015457: [Plugin API] Display Header function added to plugins functionality
0015467: [Authentication System] Add OpenID for user login when password is set to required
0015459: [Plugin API] Wizard plugin
0015488: [Bounce Management] Ability to search for bounces based on text within the body of the bounce
0014606: [User Management] User managment "Witch page was used to subscribe"
0012802: [All Other] Feature request - Option to remove the Reason (Tell Us Why) from Unsubscribe page
0011011: [Subscribe Process] Preselection of one, all or some lists per subscribe-page url
0015538: [Message Send Process] Include load balancing feature to send emails through multiple servers
0015543: [RSS] Over-ride system needed for RSS frequency / re-use during system test & develop
0014239: [Interface - Backend] users page should allow to display the list of all users
0015576: [Message Send Process] Amazon SES Sending Volume
0015575: [Message Send Process] Amazon SES hardcoded URL
0015586: [Interface - Editor] For HTML messages creation/edit, use the same procedure of templates
0015595: [phpList] global setting - do not reprocess queue
0008666: [Plugin API] Archive messages
0013117: [Subscriber Import] Importing users leaves RSS frequency empty
0003292: [Plugin API] plugin API functionality
       0015513: [User Management] Export bounce statistics options
       0015507: [User Management] Add more export options
       0015508: [Plugin API] Plugin: display custom user attributes on user listing
       0011151: [Plugin API] Auto response plugin
       0000740: [HTML Email Support] PHPList Archive
       0015509: [Plugin API] Plugin: Monitor progress during sending of messages (michiel)
       0015585: [Plugin API] Plugin: user history report
0010998: [Installation] Enhance security
       0011841: [Authentication System] Use of MD5 (user1822)
       0012822: [Configuration] Database stores passwords in plain text (user4377)
       0015547: [Security] Setting secure cookies to true with phpList in subdomain causes session problem. (michiel)
       0015029: [Authentication System] Identical Cookies allow login to multiple installations (michiel)
       0001821: [Installation] If you change the admin directory, pages stop working (michiel)
       0015342: [Interface - Frontend] Password field does not have autocomplete explicitly set
       0000103: [Authentication System] non-superuser admins view all events (michiel)
       0015405: [Security] Security issue with Version Number and Possible Probe
0008499: [Bounce Management] additional bounce rule -- resendanddeletebounce
0015504: [Message Management] Dynamic fields in Messag Subject
0008436: [Bounce Management] VERP processing in processbounces.php
0015444: [Plugin API] Wizard plugin (draft)
0008105: [User Management] Subscribe all users to list X
0015356: [All Other] Is there a way to export admins?
0014994: [Message Management] Add ability to copy an existing message
0006409: [Interface - Frontend] Would be nice to be able to add a comment to [FORWARD] feature
0014003: [RSS] RSS sorting by date added may confuse readers
0011420: [Documentation - Development] Contribution - columns for checkboxes
0015431: [Interface - Frontend] Simple menu patch
0015219: [Message Send Process] When selecting a list, member count is not shown
0015314: [User Management] Multiple Owners Per List
0015317: [Configuration] $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] could be moved into configuration file
0015436: [Interface - Frontend] Add separate CSS class for form submit field
0015435: [Internationalization (l18n)] No default language for admin interface
0002743: [Template Management] Template Ownership
0015327: [Bounce Management] Reading unidentified bounces
0015339: [User Management] Please add a "reason" field for unconfirmed users and not just for blacklisted ones
0005184: [All Other] manual blacklisting
0004041: [Subscribe Process] add disallowing of signing up with certain domains
0015176: [User Management] Feature request - Administrator to be able to approve new subscribers
0015235: [Subscribe Process] Accept more $_GET parameters in subscribelib2.php
0006099: [All Other] forwarding phplist messages and getting blacklisted
0014971: [Message Management] Add Message ID to the messages pages.
0014618: [User Management] delete users that have never opened a message
0014252: [Authentication System] Login with password in cookie fails
0014240: [Interface - Backend] bug when updating list info
0005033: [Bounce Management] add option to use Pear module instead of php_imap for bounce retrieval
0013518: [Message Management] Sequential auto-responder mod
0003290: [Subscribe Process] order of attributes in preferences emails
0003598: [Subscriber Import] Import without file uploading for the topic 'import emails with different values for attributes'
0004462: [Message Send Process] Show more clearly the difference between lists and lists *to exclude* when sending a message
0003980: [Subscriber Import] Subscriber page id when importing multiple users
0005768: [User Management] Selection of invalid users
0006051: [Message Management] Insert CUSTOM ATTIBUTES from drop-down menu when composing message
0005163: [Configuration] Using [FORWARD] Link 2nd Time Fails
0005963: [Statistics] Improve Statistics - export clicked user or subscribe to other list
0006236: [Message Management] Upload Function in Send Message
0006217: [Subscriber Import] option to UNsubscribe users from a list when importing users
0006380: [All Other] Backup and Restore database through the Admin interface
0006418: [Message Send Process] Stats for Campaign
0006423: [All Other] Add ability to have request read receipt
0006414: [Message Management] Would be great to have these kinds of stats
0006450: [All Other] Tag for direct link to subscripion page for Forward
0007187: [Message Send Process] Autoresponder Sequence
0006928: [Message Send Process] More than one connection to send email
0008273: [Subscriber Import] Display email addresses with invalid characters in subscriber import
0008344: [Subscriber Import] Add ability to schedule user imports for each list
0007514: [Subscribe Process] Easier customising (un)subscribe-pages
0005410: [Statistics] Delete old linktrack / clicktrack records
0005160: [User Management] Allow Users to See Attributes but not Alter
0003237: [Subscribe Process] Avoid duplication of "Welcome to our Mailinglist" emails...
0005460: [Message Management] PREPARE MESSAGE doesnt save messages
0005360: [User Management] alllow subscription management page to encompass multiple subscribe pages
0004644: [Message Send Process] Use 'system-based' criteria to send a message
0005261: [All Other] Make configurable: confirmation of subscription to second list.
0005433: [Message Send Process] Send message to individua & msg format over-ride
0005057: [Interface - Backend] add option for admin to choose editor
0005575: [Message Management] Default message format featured to be configurable from 'configure' page or from config.php file
0005242: [All Other] Group attributes to put them inside <fieldset> tags with a <legend> title for each fieldset
0005493: [Bounce Management] Resending bounces
0005428: [All Other] Improve Statistics
0004742: [Message Management] Admins cannot edit each others messages, even when the radio buttons say "All"
0003250: [Site wide] Changed output_handler=ob_gzhandler in PHP.INI and now pages wont load complete
0003558: [Subscribe Process] Add date for suspending email (michiel)
0001537: [Subscribe Process] Redirecton of thankyoupage (michiel)
0000303: [All Other] Dynamic headers and footers in subscribe pages. (michiel)
0015603: [Message Send Process] Unwanted carriage returns/line breaks appearing in message body (michiel)
0016726: [Bounce Management] Unable to view an 'unidentified bounce' (duncanc)
0011845: [Subscriber Import] CSV import with Foreign Key causes problems (michiel)
0016645: [Interface - Backend] Make the users page tableless (michiel)
0016644: [Interface - Backend] Make the attributes page tableless (michiel)
0015365: [Documentation - Configuration] Wrong description of MAILQUEUE_BATCH_PERIOD in config file (michiel)
0015589: [Subscriber Import] Successfully imports addresses it later chokes on (michiel)
0006131: [Subscriber Import] Import suscriber from csv do not work (michiel)
0015552: [Batch Processing] mySQL Database link maybe lost if mail->send() takes some time (michiel)
0015448: [User Management] Navigation error in user list, with subselection 'Show only unconfirmed users' or 'Show only blacklisted users' (michiel)
0016729: [Authentication System] Login page appears everytime when session.autostart = 1 (michiel)
0015231: [Subscriber Import] False warnings during test import with 'import emails with different values for attributes' (michiel)
0015446: [All Other] HTML errors in public pages (michiel)
0014793: [phpList] Unable to place twice [UNSUBSCRIBE], [PREFERENCES] and [FORWARD] links in messages (michiel)
0015399: [Subscriber Import] include_once statement inside import loop in import1.php (michiel)
0014242: [Interface - Backend] <font> tags showed everywhere when developer_email is set (michiel)
0014296: [Interface - Backend] Small typo (michiel)
0016746: [Statistics] Is it possible to only let the original link be showing to the receiver (michiel)
0014253: [Statistics] clicktracking totals: sent msgs is calculated wrong (especially for RSS msgs) (michiel)
0016547: [phpList] Exporting and importing lists (michiel)
0016711: [Installation] don't "disabled" submit button (michiel)
0016730: [Subscribe Process] Email send to existing subscribers (michiel)
0015512: [Statistics] Converting statistical responsetime from seconds to h:m:s (michiel)
0015416: [Bounce Management] "bounce count" on view bounces page does not fully correlate with listed bounces (michiel)
0014170: [Bounce Management] consecutive bounces are not counted in presence of multiple RSS msgs with different interval (michiel)
0015253: [User Management] Sub-Admins able to edit values for checkboxgroup, select and radio attributes even if 'editattributes' is set to 'none' (michiel)
0015544: [Interface - Administrator] Some admin pages are not displayed (michiel)
0015322: [Interface - Frontend] $strPreferHTMLEmail doesn't announce no HTML=no attachments (michiel)
0015172: [phpList] Empty fields when editing admin's atributtes (michiel)
0014241: [Batch Processing] Bogus negative last batch size if zero batch period while nonzero batch size (michiel)
0015246: [Interface - Backend] Listbounces should report what's doing (michiel)
0015263: [Interface - Backend] Interface issues when admin access to import pages is restricted (michiel)
0014943: [phpList] [How to] Admins process only their own lists. (michiel)
0015674: [Interface - Editor] pasting content in the editor breaks links (michiel)
0016574: [Message Send Process] requeuing a message that is being repeated may cause many duplicates (michiel)
0011267: [Statistics] CLicktrack totals are incorrect (michiel)
0004158: [Interface - Frontend] Improving Frontend interfaces with semantically correct and valid XHTML, accessibility, german translation (michiel)
0015625: [HTML Email Support] extraneous paragraph tag (michiel)
0016688: [Email] gmail wants the precedence header
0011733: [Message Send Process] Conditional includes & placeholders, easy hack (michiel)
0006594: [Message Send Process] Add Fallback Feature [FirstName,Fallback=Awesome Dude] (michiel)
0010085: [Message Send Process] improved interface for message sending (michiel)
0008824: [Batch Processing] old newsletter sending on suscription (michiel)
0015650: [Subscribe Process] Some Unsubscribe emails have empty 'To:' field, as logged in eventlog. (michiel)
0015631: [All Other] increase size of column for content in the message table (michiel)
0014991: [Message Send Process] Value of user account "Disabled" field not respected by send process. (michiel)
0008631: [Installation] SQL Tables creating invalid indexes (michiel)
0007100: [User Management] Textarea has fixed size limit in Add User form (michiel)
0015230: [Configuration] Default settings override config file in /lists/index.php (michiel)
0015223: [Message Send Process] "Processed N out of M users" counts are incorrect. (michiel)
0015274: [Subscribe Process] Unsubscribe from inactive/private lists (michiel)
0015533: [Message Management] Wrong processing time reported after processing requeued message (michiel)
0012866: [Subscriber Import] Strict format checking of email and other fields prevents numerous imports, possible for mysql injection attacks (michiel)
0015377: [Interface - Backend] Editlist: Admin can edit other admins' lists and stole them (michiel)
0006506: [Authentication System] Problem with admin login when using multiple PHPlist installations (michiel)
0015487: [User Management] Adding user with admin/?page=user does not check if the user is already in the database and then replace the old values (michiel)
0015337: [Subscribe Process] The subscribe page lets anyone change anyone's details by "re-subscribing" (michiel)
0015557: [Subscribe Process] When subscribing phpList doesn't check if user already exists and overwrites existing user data (michiel)
0015600: [HTML Email Support] Backslashes are stripped from HTML messages (michiel)
0013880: [All Other] Messages filling error_log (michiel)
0003981: [Template Management] text after </html> increases SPAM score (michiel)
0011866: [All Other] Translation (michiel)
0015447: [Configuration] config adminpages (michiel)
0015434: [User Management] Normal admin cannot confirm a user (michiel)
0014373: [Message Send Process] Concern that all Messages on list not being sent (michiel)
0005522: [Message Send Process] done users may become too large to fit in memory (michiel)
0011755: [Interface - Backend] FCKeditor does not appear in the message or template editor windows (michiel)
0015432: [Interface - Backend] Upload images or any other file (michiel)
0015581: [Internationalization (l18n)] Apostrophe in translation breaks variable, makes un-blacklisting from admin impossible (michiel)
0011277: [Internationalization (l18n)] French translation /Traduction Française (michiel)
0015520: [Message Management] Sent messages statistics should not include test messages (michiel)
0015673: [phpList] translate system messages (michiel)
0000550: [All Other] Clean Message Lists (michiel)
0015458: [Plugin API] Extend i18n functionality for plugins (michiel)
0006473: [Statistics] clicktracking causes excessive database load (michiel)
0005146: [Subscriber Export] exporting users exports multiple entries for each user (michiel)
0015185: [Attachments] download page can't display Attachments (michiel)
0008721: [Attachments] MS Internet Explorer does not work with dl.php to download from text mail links. (michiel)
0008876: [Subscriber Import] admin/?page=import2 does not complete. (michiel)
0015654: [Internationalization (l18n)] Unnecessary multiple including of language files (michiel)
0015364: [Statistics] minor issue with click tracking and anti-phishing software (michiel)
0007684: [HTML Email Support] cache problems with included web page in message (michiel)
0014970: [Message Send Process] "Duplicate" emails selected but not counted in total sent. Message remains "inprocess". (michiel)
0015545: [Interface - Backend] Call to iconv() doesn't fail gracefully (michiel)
0015601: [HTML Email Support] Phplist doesn't attach some images (michiel)
0016601: [Interface - Frontend] Small view improvment, (michiel)
0011585: [Message Management] Custom Placeholders / Attributes with special characters in HTML-area (michiel)
0015298: [Message Send Process] userdata substitution in URL not working for UTF databases (michiel)
0015370: [Repetition] svn revision 1703 inspired from 2.10.10 initial patches (michiel)
0006240: [Message Management] Click Track cannot handle large urls (michiel)
0005869: [Message Send Process] The status data of a sent email does not appear correct (michiel)
0006516: [User Management] Domain Stats module does not support owner role (michiel)
0012103: [Subscriber Import] "Fatal Error: Cannot read file. It is not readable !" during simple import (michiel)
0007554: [User Management] System for comparing suppression files (michiel)
0015193: [All Other] Portions of Content are Omitted in Plain Text from Plain Text Messages with <a> Tag (michiel)
0012899: [Message Send Process] Unsubscribe link is empty/not displayed at the bottom (michiel)
0015517: [Message Management] Cannot see or edit message body for a new message (michiel)
0015675: [Interface - Administrator] When installing data base for the first time (michiel)
0011976: [Message Send Process] detect process queue looping and cut if off (michiel)
0010174: [Batch Processing] Processqueue gets stuck in infinite loop with concatenated email addresses (michiel)
0015170: [phpList] Upgrading PhpMailer Class (michiel)
0015161: [Statistics] Long URL's with special character will be damaged (michiel)
0015425: [All Other] Active lists not displayed on preferences page (michiel)
0015453: [Subscribe Process] User cannot choose which lists to subscribe to (michiel)
0015574: [Installation] JS Validation requres 9 Cahracters where Description says 8 (michiel)
0015602: [HTML Email Support] Domain name is not added in 'src' attribute in 'img' tags (michiel)
0015455: [Interface - Backend] Sidebar.php is not read (michiel)
0010082: [Internationalization (l18n)] Update the translation (zh-tw) to 2.11.3 (michiel)
0015371: [Interface - Backend] editlist.php should read accessval values from editlist not from list. (michiel)
0015629: [Interface - Administrator] About page does not show plugin details correctly (michiel)
0015669: [Interface - Administrator] allow change of "admin" for login (michiel)
0015639: [Internationalization (l18n)] Too many array-items for languages (michiel)
0015518: [Message Management] "requeue" action is displayed in the status column (michiel)
0008244: [User Management] disabled field seems to serve no purpose (michiel)
0014599: [All Other] Give more info when spam is blocked (michiel)
0013662: [HTML Email Support] Provide option to edit textmessage after automatic generation from html (michiel)
0005476: [All Other] USE_MANUAL_TEXT_PART and content from [URL:<url>] (michiel)
0005528: [Internationalization (l18n)] Overwriten config value (michiel)
0016569: [Interface - Administrator] Exporting users (michiel)
0016577: [Interface - Administrator] "Next" link is not a button on new campaign composition pages (michiel)
0016603: [Email] Truncated subjects with UTF8 - Phpmailer too old (michiel)
0010609: [Installation] error on creating database (michiel)
0006782: [Subscriber Import] Importing Invalid E-mails (michiel)
0015632: [Email] TLDs missing from is_email() validation (michiel)
0015503: [HTML Email Support] HTML emails not supported in email subscription signup process (michiel)
0016523: [Configuration] Blacklist (michiel)
0015671: [User Management] Function parseDate() does not allow valid dates (michiel)
0016611: [Statistics] Click Tracking changed URL Protocol HTTPS (michiel)
0016615: [Message Send Process] add a warning when trying to send a campaign with a "send until" in the past (michiel)
0010058: [Batch Processing] Many users not receiving email because of too-large SQL query in processqueue.php (with solution) (michiel)
0015402: [Message Send Process] Process Message Send Hangs In Broswer (michiel)
0015360: [Statistics] Click Tracking is not working for links in the body of the message, only for those in the footer. (michiel)
0011959: [User Management] Missing TLD for .travel domains (michiel)
0015534: [Message Send Process] Newlines in footer converted to "rn" in text input box when saving a new message (michiel)
0015522: [Message Send Process] Cannot select a destination list (michiel)
0011336: [Message Send Process] Division by zero error in processqueue.php (michiel)
0015583: [Subscriber Export] Export is limited by dates (michiel)
0015532: [Subscribe Process] Subscribe process fails due to output() statements in class.phplistmailer.php (michiel)
0015563: [Bounce Management] Unable to establish POP3 connection (michiel)
0016576: [Interface - Administrator] Admin interface less / un usuable in dev version (michiel)
0015480: [Plugin API] Plugins cannot add their own tabs to Send page fix (michiel)
0016575: [Subscriber Import] Error: Running DEV version, but developer_email not set (michiel)
0015633: [Message Send Process] PHPList sends Fetched URL even if it can't fetch the content. (michiel)
0006762: [Configuration] Configuration Variables not setting correctly (michiel)
0010086: [Message Send Process] defaults defaults defaults (michiel)
0012158: [User Management] Changes to ./admin/commonlib/pages/users.php (michiel)
0016613: [Other] ALWAYS_ADD_USERTRACK turns off USERTRACK (michiel)
0016539: [HTML Email Support] Phplist trim some space characters in "alt" field of image (HTML email) (michiel)
0015615: [Message Send Process] click tracking breaks links with param=0 (michiel)
0009721: [Message Management] add a "mark as sent" option (michiel)
0011562: [Internationalization (l18n)] Random Character Encoding Bug in SHIFT-JIS Japanese emails body & Subject (michiel)
0015407: [Interface - Frontend] pagetop seems not to be included (michiel)
0015362: [Internationalization (l18n)] overall handling of charsets (michiel)
0001644: [HTML Email Support] Subject error with UTF-8 encode in Traditional Chinese (michiel)
       0013291: [HTML Email Support] HTML Email Support and character entity encoding (support)
       0013382: [All Other] Encoding problems (michiel)
0005697: [Installation] allow fckeditor to upload images per virtual host (michiel)
0004675: [Message Send Process] can't send message to list which is 'not active' (michiel)
0011524: [Software Releases] a new version, links need to change (michiel)
0015430: [Interface - Frontend] Login message not relative to phplist installation
0014130: [Internationalization (l18n)] Updated language file (frontend) (michiel)
0009309: [Internationalization (l18n)] Special characters (ä, ö, é, ç, ã etc.) do not display correctly with UTF-8 charset selected (user4402)
0014238: [Internationalization (l18n)] Wrong encoding of pages (user4402)
0015278: [HTML Email Support] Embed images in html email fails if images were putted into subfoder
0015178: [HTML Email Support] Phplist adds html and head tags even when they are there (sending url) (user4391)
0015152: [phpList] Unsubscribing from just one newsletter (michiel)
0014406: [Message Management] [MESSAGEID] Placeholder (user1308)
0014374: [Command Line] files without full tag <?php (michiel)
0005331: [Message Send Process] server time - embargo time - not picking up actual server (user1177)
0007595: [All Other] Link Click Tracking (michiel)
0007744: [All Other] Importing attribute with empty data doesn't clear existing data. (michiel)
0008857: [HTML Email Support] Conversion from HTML to plain text (with special characters) incomplete (user1822)
0003698: [Batch Processing] counters in process message need updating (michiel)
0010817: [Batch Processing] Throttle notification sending when importing users? (user1308)
0008919: [RSS] $ symbols within feeds are interpreted as variables at send time (user1822)
0003739: [RSS] same RSS feed cannot be used for two lists (user1308)
0005513: [Message Management] X-lines in message headers seem to raise spam rate significantly (user1822)
0008863: [HTML Email Support] New email header ordering breaks HTML rendering in most email clients (michiel)
0000706: [Message Send Process] placeholders sometimes replace wrong values (michiel)
0000104: [Configuration] top-level configurations belong @ list level (michiel)
0009982: [All Other] Attributes don't exist for many users, messing up criteria selection
0016694: [Security] Security not applied to subscribers
0008970: [Template Management] multiple contents placeholder for template and my solution
0016745: [Message Management] Messages are getting line breaks on iPhone
0016775: [Interface - Administrator] listings should said "1 to 50, 51 to 100, 101 to 150, etc", but they said "1 to 50, 50 to 100, 100 to 150" (michiel)
0016545: [Interface - Administrator] Importing data from an other data base (michiel)
0016541: [Interface - Administrator] translation of attachment tab (michiel)
0012877: [HTML Email Support] HTML code gets cut off at column 1024 on some POP3 servers (michiel)
0015658: [Interface - Administrator] reconcile Link delete is not returning to current option but required to choose again the option (michiel)
0015437: [Attachments] content-type 'multipart/related' may result in problems with attachements (michiel)
0012740: [All Other] Debugging and error reporting system (michiel)
       0015451: [All Other] error handling in processqueue.php
       0015166: [Template Management] $_FILES error level doesn't seem to be checked when uploading files
       0015449: [All Other] Better error reporting in phpmailer (michiel)
       0015225: [Bounce Management] Error when processing bounces
0015376: [Interface - Frontend] List page: Edit column is not there (michiel)
0005243: [Interface - Frontend] Unclean and unvalidated form code, bad use of css classes and html tags, div, span, font etc. (michiel)
0013804: [Message Management] Keeping criterias during message edits (revisited)
0015171: [phpList] Prevent Admins from deleting user records (michiel)
0015668: [Interface - Administrator] in fact version 2.10.17 - problem in menu translation when want to delete a user or a subscriber
0015672: [Interface - Administrator] make open/close translateable.
0012655: [All Other] Feature request - view clicks by user
0010723: [Message Send Process] Server was update to MySQL 5, updated to 2.10.4, Database error 1054 problems (michiel)
0009532: [Statistics] mclicks SQL (michiel)
0015549: [Authentication System] Create initial account Password is plain text (michiel)
0015587: [HTML Email Support] Phplist doesn't attach some images (michiel)
0014283: [Bounce Management] 'Process Bounces' produces 2 errors (michiel)
0005999: [Subscriber Import] forum contribution (michiel)
0003357: [Message Send Process] blacklisted users block sending (michiel)
0008332: [phpList] Add a default subject line (michiel)
0013034: [Interface - Backend] Changing the authoratitive list for an attribute results in a new (duplicate) attribute
0011873: [User Management] Adding/changing attribute with authoritative list gives db error (michiel)
0011732: [Batch Processing] Processqueue malfunctions in certain situations, with easy fix (michiel)
0015476: [Message Send Process] Add a 'List-Unsubscribe' line to the email header to comply with RFC 2369
0012450: [All Other] Feature request: A "subject prefix" for each list
0010083: [Documentation - Configuration] changing TEST from 1->0 not referenced
0011159: [All Other] Setup page should show as long as setup is not finished
0011811: [All Other] click tracking ssl https versus http
0011713: [All Other] Change Import Result email - add List name into it
0001618: [Configuration] Uses classes for items and make the code (X)HTML valid
0003291: [Configuration] drop down for charsets
225 of 382 issue(s) resolved. Progress (58%). View Issues
Scheduled For Release 06-07-25
0018481: [Subscriber Export] Add support for Microsoft Excel CSV files
0 of 1 issue(s) resolved. Progress (0%). View Issues
Issues in order to make phpList run better in languages other than the default english.
0016590: [Interface - Administrator] allow delete subset of subscribers
0017464: [All Other] Add a list page is titiled "edit a list"
0017333: [Interface - Frontend] hover over text for "add a list" and create a list page title are incorrect
0016944: [phpList] Update translation function needs to handle UTF-8 characters in the translations.xml
0016863: [Internationalization (l18n)] Word not translated in home.php
0016813: [Internationalization (l18n)] Menu items not translated in Dutch.
0016831: [Internationalization (l18n)] Some words not translated in config.php
0016820: [Internationalization (l18n)] Word not translated
0016844: [Internationalization (l18n)] Words in system.php not translated
0016593: [Internationalization (l18n)] default config when installing in a language other than english
0016594: [Internationalization (l18n)] translate messages sent by the system
0016591: [Interface - Administrator] language file used for forwarding
0017789: [Message Management] translations of "Requeue" can be confusing
0017164: [Internationalization (l18n)] Polish translation has been broken by release 3.0.6 (michiel)
0017539: [All Other] use phrase "Subscriber profile" in app (gingerling)
0016652: [Internationalization (l18n)] Expressions which cannot be translated and used in interface (michiel)
0016562: [Bounce Management] File bounce php (michiel)
0016549: [Interface - Administrator] Sending message in smtp with phplist (michiel)
0016585: [Interface - Administrator] Delete will delete user and all listmemberships (michiel)
0016624: [Interface - Administrator] phplist - view a bounce was giving (michiel)
0016659: [Interface - Administrator] File eventlog, after having cleared the bounces. (michiel)
0016618: [Internationalization (l18n)] PHPlist Maillist Processing info (michiel)
0016661: [Interface - Administrator] Clearer report in listreports, (michiel)
0016656: [Interface - Administrator] File about.php (michiel)
0016598: [phpList] Presentation and installation (michiel)
0016649: [Interface - Administrator] Problem with the term users which is used in different places (michiel)
0016663: [Interface - Administrator] When login and password are not correct, following message is seen : invalid password. (michiel)
0016546: [phpList] Characters pasted in FCKeditor come out wrong (michiel)
0016583: [Message Send Process] Problem with the character : ' (michiel)
0016581: [Internationalization (l18n)] The big bug, (michiel)
0016606: [Interface - Administrator] Parts which cannot be translated (michiel)
0016592: [Installation] File : home.php (michiel)
0016579: [Interface - Administrator] Letters which are too big (michiel)
0016632: [Installation] valid for all versions 2.10- file (michiel)
0016664: [Interface - Administrator] File importcsv.php in directory : admin/commonlib/pages (michiel)
0016610: [Internationalization (l18n)] And previous versions (michiel)
0016566: [Documentation - Installation] Installation, file (michiel)
0016605: [Installation] Improvements for installation (michiel)
0016612: [phpList] Characters coded from 128 to 159 in windows (michiel)
0016655: [Interface - Administrator] File upgrade.php (michiel)
0016620: [Interface - Administrator] Message info (michiel)
0016596: [Interface - Administrator] File : userhistory.php in foreing language (michiel)
0016635: [Interface - Administrator] file bounce.php whatever be the language used (michiel)
0016570: [Interface - Administrator] File : index.php (michiel)
0016636: [Interface - Administrator] file : pagetitles.php in any language (michiel)
0016563: [Interface - Administrator] Menu in French translation (michiel)
0016560: [Documentation - Configuration] New version & translation (michiel)
0016578: [Interface - Administrator] export users (michiel)
0016677: [Installation] Problem in .htaccess at the root, (michiel)
0016571: [Subscriber Import] importing users, (michiel)
0016559: [phpList] Importing and exporting users (michiel)
0016540: [Interface - Administrator] translation of user profile details in export (michiel)
0016533: [Attachments] quote and other characters in attachment filenames (michiel)
0011818: [Internationalization (l18n)] (michiel)
0016619: [Subscribe Process] Users who unsubscribe.. (michiel)
0016631: [Internationalization (l18n)] new file export.php under admin. (michiel)
0016527: [Message Send Process] Problem with one character when sending messages. (michiel)
0016551: [Documentation - Installation] update use of characters for filename of import and export file (michiel)
44 of 58 issue(s) resolved. Progress (75%). View Issues
Scheduled For Release 10-05-15

Issues that should be dealt with by improving or writing the documentation.
0016887: [Internationalization (l18n)] String "PAGETITLE" appears if using Italian or French localization
0 of 1 issue(s) resolved. Progress (0%). View Issues
Scheduled For Release 06-07-19
0017252: [Internationalization (l18n)] Missing translations for various strings
0017117: [Internationalization (l18n)] spageedit - Dropdown of frontend languages to list the language in the language
0016914: add support for RTL languages
0017783: [Internationalization (l18n)] Can't find a translation (michiel)
0017535: [Internationalization (l18n)] Corupted file with czech texts (michiel)
2 of 5 issue(s) resolved. Progress (40%). View Issues
Issues that can be considered once there's nothing else to do. Basically "ideas for the future".
0017637: [Internationalization (l18n)] Language in browser sticking to English
0006461: [Internationalization (l18n)] full multilingual support
0003727: [Internationalization (l18n)] Create a system to download new language packs
0 of 3 issue(s) resolved. Progress (0%). View Issues
Scheduled For Release 06-07-20
0017836: [All Other] Hyperlink "changelog" not correct (michiel)
1 of 1 issue(s) resolved. Progress (100%). View Issues
Scheduled For Release 01-04-24
issues for future development
0006407: [Internationalization (l18n)] Change of List-Membership details is not translateable
0012214: [Internationalization (l18n)] Always English messages on Confirmation page
0003296: [Internationalization (l18n)] Choose default system language when you install phplist
0 of 3 issue(s) resolved. Progress (0%). View Issues
Issues in order to make phpList run better in languages other than the default english.
0016826: [Internationalization (l18n)] Word translate problem, missing ad disambiguation
0016827: [Internationalization (l18n)] Missing translation
0 of 2 issue(s) resolved. Progress (0%). View Issues
Scheduled For Release 10-05-15

Issues that should be dealt with by improving or writing the documentation.
0015599: [General] Database update from 2.10.13 fails
0 of 1 issue(s) resolved. Progress (0%). View Issues
Scheduled For Release 06-07-19
0018002: [Command Line] Undefined Index when calling via Command-Line
0017999: [User Management] Administrator Login Name with more than 25 characters
0017339: [Interface - Administrator] Interface not updated when pressed "add to blacklist" button (michiel)
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things where the UI of the application could do with some tweaks
0017619: [Installation] Group writeable files and directories
1 of 1 issue(s) resolved. Progress (100%). View Issues
Scheduled For Release 01-04-24
issues for future development
0015516: [General] Table phplist_admin_password_request not created automatically on an upgrade (michiel)
0015588: [General] Send process requires change to test mode then back to send (michiel)
0015179: [General] PHP Short Tags (michiel)
3 of 3 issue(s) resolved. Progress (100%). View Issues
Issues that can be considered once there's nothing else to do. Basically "ideas for the future".
0015357: [Message Send Process] Develope Swift mailer pluggin that would allow phplist message sending to increase exponentionaly!
0 of 1 issue(s) resolved. Progress (0%). View Issues
Scheduled For Release 01-04-24
issues for future development
0009579: [General] missing code (michiel)
1 of 1 issue(s) resolved. Progress (100%). View Issues
Scheduled For Release 17-06-14
0017227: [API code documentation] Document the process of getting PHPUnit to execute the tests in a readme
0 of 1 issue(s) resolved. Progress (0%). View Issues