December, 2008

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Welcome to this second issue of my monthly newsletter, Effective Websites. This issue contains articles about search engine optimization (placing well in search engine results) and ways you can save money by updating your own website.

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Choosing Keywords for Search Engine Optimization

Ranking highly in search engine results can make the difference between a trickle of business to your website and a torrent. To have your site show up prominently in Google and other search engines it's important to choose and use in your copy the keywords that your website visitors will use when searching for your products and services. Your choice of keywords is critical in determining where your site will show up in search results. There are two rules you must follow:

  1. You need to choose keywords that people are actively searching for.
  2. You must choose keywords at an appropriate level of competition for your website & business.

The first requirement is a question of discovering what words your customers are likely to be using when searching for your products/services. These terms are often different than the words you, as a professional in your business, would use. People who are not familiar with your field may not know the jargon of your industry and they sometimes search for words that are surprising to those in the business. So, in addition to the terms that immediately leap to mind, you also need to research the words that your prospects will actually be using.

You also want to give some consideration to the volume of searches for each of your potential keywords & phrases. In general, you want to target keywords that are being searched for the most often in order to get the most traffic to your site. However, this is where the second rule comes into play. The competition for popular keywords is intense. If your website is not already well established, it can be difficult to displace the sites that are.

So, rather than targeting the most popular terms it can make sense for small and medium size businesses to go after a niche where the competition is not as fierce. This can work particularly well if your business already occupies a particular niche in your field. By initially going after narrowly targeted keywords you can place more highly in search results and generate more traffic than if you chose more popular words but ended up buried on page 20 of the search results. And by using the techniques discussed here and in future newsletters, over time, you can gradually build your rankings for the more popular keywords.

Use Google's AdWords to Discover Good Search Words

Google's free AdWords tool is a great way to discover search words.. .

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Save Money by Updating Your Own Website

Various solutions exist for businesses that want to edit the information on their websites without relying on a professional web designer/webmaster. Adobe offers a service called InContext Editing that allows the average businesssperson to edit their site from any web browser. For those who prefer not to pay a monthly fee, Adobe also offers Contribute which does the same thing through a software product you can purchase.

For businesses which require more flexibility in self-editing and publishing a comprehensive content management system such as Joomla can be the answer.

Solutions like the three mentioned above allow businesses to not only save money by updating their own sites but also to respond more quickly to changing conditions by making updates at a moment's notice.

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