0017153: [General] CSS is different when minified
0016883: [General] Invalid HTML generated by processqueue page
0017186: [General] PHP notice about undefined index
0017187: [General] SQL is not displayed when an error occurs
0017112: [Admin Management] Problems deleting subscribers for an ordinary admin
0016916: [Campaign Management] Edit sent messages
0016941: [Subscriber Import] Import of fewer than 5 subscribers does not show the results
0017262: [Plugin API] Allow plugin to have public pages
0016926: [Campaign Management] Default form texts don't disappear onclick
0017276: [Campaign Send Process] Campaign incorrectly marked as sent
0017273: [phpList] forward to freind page looks a little scrambled
0016873: [Batch Processing] Batch processing forced when processing queue using browser
0017065: [Configuration] Custom 404
0016908: [Interface - Frontend] Weird position of labels for radio buttons in Subscribe page
0016940: [Campaign Management] Row added to listmessage for list 0 when composing a message
0016894: [Statistics] Google analytics query string added incorrectly
0016895: [Interface - Administrator] List names ($row['name']) have not been stripped of slashes
0016946: [Internationalization (l18n)] german.inc typo
0016913: [Attachments] Deleting attachments only deletes their listing
0016993: [Command Line] Commandline send does not work
0017105: [Internationalization (l18n)] Missing variable in latinamerican.inc
0016943: [Campaign Management] Need to be able to edit and delete campaigns
0017202: [Interface - Frontend] Attribute change notifications not sent and not logged
0017240: [Admin Management] Misleading fields on userhistory records
0017261: [Subscribe Process] Unnecessary event log record on subscription
0017270: [General] Default phplist installation fails to set a default directory for plugins and says it's not writable
0017171: [Interface - Administrator] Sent Campaigns view broken (not displaying list or elements)
0017233: [Campaign Send Process] Footer is added twice when used as a placeholder
0017218: [Admin Management] Discrepancy in total number of subscribers
0017086: [Email] Avoid sending as a webpage and using a template at the same time
0017214: [Plugin API] Plugin cannot add to message status field
0017213: [Interface - Frontend] Typo in English unsubscribe confirmation text
0017193: [Batch Processing] Sending Domain Batch Size + 1 emails
0017185: [Admin Management] htmlemail or "Send this user HTML emails" not updating
0017155: [Interface - Administrator] Recently Visited area does not show plugin pages correctly
0017172: [General] update mysql.inc to mysqli.inc
0017249: [Campaign Send Process] Footer not added when </body> tag is not lower-case
0017239: [Admin Management] User History records not always displayed in order
0017198: [Admin Management] Textarea user attribute saves only the first line
0017228: [Campaign Send Process] Incorrect parameters passed to addUserHistory
0017210: [Interface - Administrator] There is question marks instead of polish/hungarian special chars
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