0016934: [General] On some sites the page header is pushed-up
0016912: [Attachments] Uploading attachments work, but displays a warning
0016865: [plugins] plugin installation across partitions fails
0016850: [Campaign Send Process] Query updating msg/hr in messagedata will fail on geman locale
0017134: [Interface - Administrator] broken HTML in the list descriptions breaks the spageedit page
0017088: [Internationalization (l18n)] Italian translations update HELP and INFO pages
0016959: [Attachments] missing attachment should block sending, instead of sending an alert
0017057: [Statistics] Campaign click statistics are a bit confusing
0017056: [Statistics] Clicks column on user history is always 0
0017027: [Security] Creating new Admin, leaves admin without password
0017043: [Interface - Frontend] Fix little derp in checkboxgroup
0016945: [Internationalization (l18n)] german.inc search & replace errors
0017035: [Bounce Management] Bounce processing not identifying message id
0017031: [Statistics] Reset click statistics deletes links used by other messages
0016989: [Interface - Backend] Some confusion with added slashes in message_data table
0016995: [Bounce Management] Advanced bounce event log shows user id when user has been deleted
0016937: [Admin Management] Mass remove reports email address not found
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