0016858: [General] php notice about an undefined variable
0016867: [General] option to use SSL for Mysql connection
0016876: [General] php notice about an undefined variable
0016880: [General] Javascript error on processqueue page
0016884: [General] php notice about no buffer to flush
0017020: [Interface - Administrator] text in menu is converted to all-lower-case which is an error in quite a few languages other than english
0016882: [Command Line] cli break
0016870: [Campaign Send Process] Empty method called
0016869: [Campaign Send Process] Multiple records written to the event log
0012449: [Subscribe Process] Feature request: A way to "invite" people to a list
0016852: [Configuration] Width setting (FCKeditor) missing in config.php
0016848: [Configuration] Inconsistency in values for boolean configuration settings
0016862: [Subscribe Process] Date user attribute stored incorrectly
0016842: [phpList] Warning open_basedir restriction in effect
0016834: [Subscribe Process] Problem with choosing list and subscription form
0016846: [Interface - Administrator] Function fatal_error() used before it is defined
0016847: [plugins] Plugin update failed due to caching
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