0016566: [Documentation] Installation, file defaultconfig.inc
0015516: [General] Table phplist_admin_password_request not created automatically on an upgrade
0014793: [phpList] Unable to place twice [UNSUBSCRIBE], [PREFERENCES] and [FORWARD] links in messages
0016713: [Interface - Frontend] screen width is stuck to 710px
0015613: [Interface - Administrator] CSS should not touch capitalisation of words
0016670: [Command Line] command line won't run as the unregister gloabls clear all command line parameters
0016640: [Campaign Send Process] USE_LIST_EXCLUDE not working
0015163: [HTML Email Support] Link URLs replaced with javascript:void statement when using FCKeditor in Firefox 3
0009105: [Campaign Management] Anchors in HTML get converted to links in text mails
0016661: [Interface - Administrator] Clearer report in listreports,
0015524: [Interface - Administrator] Stats link disappears from menu when disabling CLICKTRACK
0010937: [Interface - Backend] Change 0/1 values to checkboxes or radio buttons
0016649: [Interface - Administrator] Problem with the term users which is used in different places
0016655: [Interface - Administrator] File upgrade.php
0016596: [Interface - Administrator] File : userhistory.php in foreing language
0016636: [Interface - Administrator] file : pagetitles.php in any language
0016563: [Interface - Administrator] Menu in French translation
0016560: [Documentation] New version & translation
0016578: [Interface - Administrator] export users
0016677: [Installation] Problem in .htaccess at the root,
0016571: [Subscriber Import] importing users,
0016559: [phpList] Importing and exporting users
0014002: [HTML Email Support] disallow pasting test emails, particularly when using click tracking
0016540: [Interface - Administrator] translation of user profile details in export
0016795: [Campaign Management] utf-8 issues in text generation
0016794: [Authentication System] Cannot login after password update
0016793: [Campaign Management] save as draft should put the campaign back in list of draft
0016792: [Interface - Administrator] in expired session, Ajax calls silently fail
0016787: [Admin Management] Wrong encryption algorithm when upgrading from 2.10.19
0016786: [System Admin] Changing the lists to which a subscriber belongs does not set the 'entered' datetime on listuser table
0016782: [plugins] Update plugin does not overwrite directory
0016785: [plugins] Improve the presentation of the list of plugins
0016784: [General] sendAdminCopy() function tries to send to an empty email address
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