0002456: [Software Releases] PHPList v2.9.4 release
       0002618: [General] System messages are ignoring the encoding type settings
       0002136: [Subscribe Process] User cannot unsubscribe
       0002077: [Batch Processing] Outbound Emails are tarpitted due to multiple sessions
       0002593: [Repetition] duplicate emails in import emails
       0000527: [General] internationalisation
       0000617: [HTML Email Support] send a page
       0002114: [Campaign Send Process] From: @oxnet.org
       0002305: [HTML Email Support] basckslashes in unsubscribe mail
       0002181: [General] List ownership
       0002620: [Authentication System] spageedit - owner of page not remembered
       0002472: [Admin Management] Adminstrator adding user from spage, would send out incorrect UniqueID.
       0002508: [General] Unable to Add User to list which is already on another list.
       0002591: [General] Remove HTML comments from index.php
       0002548: [Configuration] Error email missing hostname.
       0002471: [Admin Management] 'Owner' is not being assigned when creating new message
       0002569: [Configuration] Change all email routines to use configured encoding type
       0002188: [Batch Processing] Batch processing seems to go out much too slowly..
       0002227: [Subscriber Import] Test import
       0002180: [General] Add, edit and remove Administrators
       0002102: [Campaign Send Process] ver 2.9.3 - Missing "Send Test Message" option
       0002170: [Installation] Faluire to try and intialise database, with clean install
0002599: [Campaign Management] Loss Of Send Test Message
0002353: [Admin Management] Huge Bugs in User Tracking...
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