0015649: [General] Remote SMTP Rotation
0016681: [General] static method call on instance method
0016722: [General] SQL error when admin with owner access deletes a list
0015029: [Authentication System] Identical Cookies allow login to multiple installations
0016703: [Interface - Frontend] unsubscribe/manage preference has wrong logo
0015603: [Campaign Send Process] Unwanted carriage returns/line breaks appearing in message body
0016695: [Documentation] SSL/TLS
0016774: [phpList] JS confirmation is always accepted
0016769: [Configuration] Incorrect advice in config.php for using SSL/TLS
0016770: [Template Management] HTML for the template page uses the same id for two different elements
0016759: [Email] The [FROMEMAIL] placeholder in the message footer is not replaced
0016762: [plugins] Use the plugin's $pageTitles for the page title
0016765: [Campaign Send Process] process queue has incorrect units for sleeping
0016764: [Interface - Administrator] HTML generted for navigation area by the WebblerListing class
0016761: [Plugin API] Remove use of eval()
0016763: [plugins] Function logEvent() used before it is defined
0015512: [Statistics] Converting statistical responsetime from seconds to h:m:s
0011841: [Authentication System] Use of MD5
0007797: [Statistics] <area links do not work with CLICKTRACK.
0016653: [Bounce Management] Orphan record in bounceregex_bounce table
0016654: [Bounce Management] Deleting bounce does not remove row from bounceregex_bounce or user_message_bounce tables
0016757: [Statistics] Click tracking conversion created incorrect totals on linktrack_uml_click
0016657: [Campaign Send Process] Enabling Plugins causes messages to fail to send
0016724: [Interface - Administrator] List names ($row[$id] have not been stripped of slashes
0016753: [Interface - Administrator] Page displayed after logging-out
0016725: [Subscriber Import] At the end of user import into a list, all lists are showing, not only those owned by admin
0016754: [Installation] Populating the new link tracking tables after a database upgrade
0016756: [Installation] Password invalid after clean install
0016755: [Interface - Administrator] Misleading message regarding HTTP/Request on upgrade
0016750: [Plugin API] Caption used when adding a plugin link to top-level menu
0016748: [Plugin API] Home page plugins list does not include all plugins
0016752: [Internationalization (l18n)] Use vsprintf instead of eval
0016751: [Statistics] Clicking link in email does not redirect
0016747: [Plugin API] Plugin directory PLUGIN_ROOTDIR not recognised
0016712: [Interface - Frontend] several CSS issues with phplist.css
0016706: [Attachments] EMBEDUPLOADIMAGES functionality
0016682: [Bounce Management] Format of event log message when user is unconfirmed due to bounces
0015165: [Attachments] update phpMailer to 5.2.1
0015416: [Bounce Management] "bounce count" on view bounces page does not fully correlate with listed bounces
0014170: [Bounce Management] consecutive bounces are not counted in presence of multiple RSS msgs with different interval
0015544: [Interface - Administrator] Some admin pages are not displayed
0014241: [Batch Processing] Bogus negative last batch size if zero batch period while nonzero batch size
0016574: [Campaign Send Process] requeuing a message that is being repeated may cause many duplicates
0015625: [HTML Email Support] extraneous paragraph tag
0016688: [Email] gmail wants the precedence header
0015631: [General] increase size of column for content in the message table
0007100: [Admin Management] Textarea has fixed size limit in Add User form
0015617: [HTML Email Support] Fix from 15528 makes bigger problems.
0015223: [Campaign Send Process] "Processed N out of M users" counts are incorrect.
0015274: [Subscribe Process] Unsubscribe from inactive/private lists
0015533: [Campaign Management] Wrong processing time reported after processing requeued message
0015377: [Interface - Backend] Editlist: Admin can edit other admins' lists and stole them
0015547: [Security] Setting secure cookies to true with phpList in subdomain causes session problem.
0006506: [Authentication System] Problem with admin login when using multiple PHPlist installations
0015487: [Admin Management] Adding user with admin/?page=user does not check if the user is already in the database and then replace the old values
0015557: [Subscribe Process] When subscribing phpList doesn't check if user already exists and overwrites existing user data
0015320: [Subscribe Process] Unsubscription should only be possible by a subscriber himself and not by a third person
0015600: [HTML Email Support] Backslashes are stripped from HTML messages
0001821: [Installation] If you change the admin directory, pages stop working
0016702: [Attachments] Embedded image in content not working
0015520: [Campaign Management] Sent messages statistics should not include test messages
0016686: [Bounce Management] Content of user history message when user is unconfirmed due to consecutive bounces
0016680: [Email] List-Unsubscribe header has escaped &
0016692: [Interface - Administrator] Administrator permissions not correctly applied at first access
0016693: [Interface - Administrator] Configure Phplist settings not updated in real time
0016679: [Email] New install of 2.11.7 cannot send mail
0016697: [Interface - Administrator] Typo: Extra semicolon
0016775: [Interface - Administrator] listings should said "1 to 50, 51 to 100, 101 to 150, etc", but they said "1 to 50, 50 to 100, 100 to 150"
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