development version 2.11.7
0015179: [General] PHP Short Tags
0014599: [General] Give more info when spam is blocked
0011845: [Subscriber Import] CSV import with Foreign Key causes problems
0016644: [Interface - Backend] Make the attributes page tableless
0016645: [Interface - Backend] Make the users page tableless
0016589: [Interface - Administrator] and 2.10.18 - question at a farthing !
0006331: [Campaign Send Process] Mailer Error: Could not instantiate mail function
0016733: [Campaign Send Process] SMTP port can not be changed
0006594: [Campaign Send Process] Add Fallback Feature [FirstName,Fallback=Awesome Dude]
0014991: [Campaign Send Process] Value of user account "Disabled" field not respected by send process.
0015230: [Configuration] Default settings override config file in /lists/index.php
0003981: [Template Management] text after </html> increases SPAM score
0015432: [Interface - Backend] Upload images or any other file
0015581: [Internationalization (l18n)] Apostrophe in translation breaks variable, makes un-blacklisting from admin impossible
0015578: [Internationalization (l18n)] Slovenian lng pack
0015554: [phpList] System incompatibility: deprecated PHP functions lead to trouble when running PHP 5.3+
0016671: [Campaign Send Process] Square brackets get removed in code - conditional comments are broken.
0015509: [Plugin API] Plugin: Monitor progress during sending of messages
0015458: [Plugin API] Extend i18n functionality for plugins
0015654: [Internationalization (l18n)] Unnecessary multiple including of language files
0015364: [Statistics] minor issue with click tracking and anti-phishing software
0007684: [HTML Email Support] cache problems with included web page in message
0014970: [Campaign Send Process] "Duplicate" emails selected but not counted in total sent. Message remains "inprocess".
0015545: [Interface - Backend] Call to iconv() doesn't fail gracefully
0011585: [Campaign Management] Custom Placeholders / Attributes with special characters in HTML-area
0015298: [Campaign Send Process] userdata substitution in URL not working for UTF databases
0006240: [Campaign Management] Click Track cannot handle large urls
0005869: [Campaign Send Process] The status data of a sent email does not appear correct
0007554: [Admin Management] System for comparing suppression files
0015193: [General] Portions of Content are Omitted in Plain Text from Plain Text Messages with <a> Tag
0015517: [Campaign Management] Cannot see or edit message body for a new message
0015675: [Interface - Administrator] When installing data base for the first time
0015425: [General] Active lists not displayed on preferences page
0015574: [Installation] JS Validation requres 9 Cahracters where Description says 8
0015602: [HTML Email Support] Domain name is not added in 'src' attribute in 'img' tags
0015455: [Interface - Backend] Sidebar.php is not read
0010082: [Internationalization (l18n)] Update the translation (zh-tw) to 2.11.3
0015371: [Interface - Backend] editlist.php should read accessval values from editlist not from list.
0015629: [Interface - Administrator] About page does not show plugin details correctly
0015669: [Interface - Administrator] allow change of "admin" for login
0015639: [Internationalization (l18n)] Too many array-items for languages
0015518: [Campaign Management] "requeue" action is displayed in the status column
0008244: [Admin Management] disabled field seems to serve no purpose
0013662: [HTML Email Support] Provide option to edit textmessage after automatic generation from html
0005528: [Internationalization (l18n)] Overwriten config value
0016569: [Interface - Administrator] Exporting users
0016577: [Interface - Administrator] "Next" link is not a button on new campaign composition pages
0016603: [Email] Truncated subjects with UTF8 - Phpmailer too old
0010609: [Installation] error on creating database
0006782: [Subscriber Import] Importing Invalid E-mails
0015632: [Email] TLDs missing from is_email() validation
0015503: [HTML Email Support] HTML emails not supported in email subscription signup process
0016523: [Configuration] Blacklist
0015671: [Admin Management] Function parseDate() does not allow valid dates
0016611: [Statistics] Click Tracking changed URL Protocol HTTPS
0016615: [Campaign Send Process] add a warning when trying to send a campaign with a "send until" in the past
0015402: [Campaign Send Process] Process Message Send Hangs In Broswer
0015534: [Campaign Send Process] Newlines in footer converted to "rn" in text input box when saving a new message
0015522: [Campaign Send Process] Cannot select a destination list
0011336: [Campaign Send Process] Division by zero error in processqueue.php
0015583: [Subscriber Export] Export is limited by dates
0015532: [Subscribe Process] Subscribe process fails due to output() statements in class.phplistmailer.php
0015563: [Bounce Management] Unable to establish POP3 connection
0016576: [Interface - Administrator] Admin interface less / un usuable in dev version
0015480: [Plugin API] Plugins cannot add their own tabs to Send page fix
0015633: [Campaign Send Process] PHPList sends Fetched URL even if it can't fetch the content.
0010086: [Campaign Send Process] defaults defaults defaults
0012158: [Admin Management] Changes to ./admin/commonlib/pages/users.php
0016554: [Email] Error sending mails using smtp auth
0013291: [HTML Email Support] HTML Email Support and character entity encoding
0015615: [Campaign Send Process] click tracking breaks links with param=0
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