0015626: [Batch Processing] Autothrottle not delaying for the correct period (michiel)
0015591: [Interface - Administrator] Normal admin can not list messages (michiel)
0015499: [All Other] No warning when trunking emails in the DB (michiel)
0008583: [All Other] Unable to install with UTF-8 database using MySql 4.1 (michiel)
0015614: [Configuration] Configuring Attributes does not save order, default, and, required (michiel)
0015627: [Message Send Process] Sending using SMTP always uses authentication (michiel)
0015621: [Other] New use of php short tags in release 2.10.14 (michiel)
0015616: [User Management] Deleting users from the 'List all users' page doesn't work (michiel)
0015525: [Bounce Management] Wrong link in advanced bounce report mail (michiel)
0015439: [Message Send Process] Safe mode check in class.phpmailer.php may affect return-path header line (michiel)
0015611: [Internationalization (l18n)] Translation error in Italian backend (michiel)
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