0015471: [Interface - Frontend] phplist version is not shown in the footer on public pages
0015528: [Campaign Send Process] Unwanted carriage returns/line breaks appearing in message body
0015505: [Configuration] RFF: Disable "PhPList Maillist Processing info" in config
0009983: [Campaign Management] parentheses missing in sql statements in stacked criteria code, send_core.php
0015454: [General] database error 1064 when stacking attributes in 2.10.12
0015562: [Campaign Send Process] Precedence header is non-standard, may cause issues with delivery
0012626: [Configuration] Slashes not stripped from custom subscribe message
0015461: [General] Can't access my subscriber email address database
0015346: [Internationalization (l18n)] Italian backend translation
0015593: [phpList] Database Error #1146
0011818: [Internationalization (l18n)] dutch.inc
0015206: [Internationalization (l18n)] Update Dutch language + phpmailer class
0015359: [Authentication System] User Specific Authentication Pages Loose Formatting
0015466: [Internationalization (l18n)] Two missing variables in latinamerican.inc
0015519: [Internationalization (l18n)] Fixed string in translation text which should come from database
0015526: [Subscriber Export] SYLK file not valid...
0015537: [HTML Email Support] Domain name is not added in 'src' attribute in 'img' tags
0015536: [Email] Wrong encoding for text version through PhpMailer
0015468: [HTML Email Support] mailto links in html editor don't work
0015492: [Plugin API] Rssmanager Rssthreshold greater than fix
0015273: [Installation] Check for safe_mode wrong
0015592: [Browser Issues] There is a unnecessary blank space
0015501: [Statistics] Click rate of message click statistics always displays 0.00%
0015521: [Interface - Administrator] https breaks when trying to send a message
0010051: [Batch Processing] rss threshold comparison should be >=, not >
0015462: [Documentation] wrong description for the MAILQUEUE_THROTTLE value
0008872: [Interface - Backend] Title texts in configure page are only one language.
0012206: [Subscriber Import] incorrect import of checkboxgroup attributes
0015456: [Interface - Backend] 'header.inc' and 'footer.inc' are pulled from different place
0013746: [Configuration] Configuring a 'website' value not in a root folder hides other config settings
0013522: [HTML Email Support] "powered by phplist" line in emails causes CSS style dump in Eudora for Mac
0015540: [Subscriber Import] User history record has unnecessary quotes
0015463: [Interface - Backend] Call to iconv() doesn't fail gracefully and prevents FCKeditor from loading
0015564: [Internationalization (l18n)] Missing string in danish.inc
0015489: [Internationalization (l18n)] Can't remove a user from blacklist when working with Italian localization
0015551: [HTML Email Support] Backslashes are stripped from HTML messages
0015478: [Internationalization (l18n)] Spanish translation - patron renamed to plantilla
0015550: [Subscriber Import] Single quotes in emails are converted to html entities when importing
0015183: [Internationalization (l18n)] Update of the French translation
0015598: [Internationalization (l18n)] Catalan translation frontend language file
0015594: [Internationalization (l18n)] Translation error in German localization file: amin/lan/de/spage.php
0015541: [Email] Typo in mail header, line is empty
0015482: [Configuration] [FCKeditor] SendError() is not defined in config.php
0015481: [Configuration] [FCKeditor] wrong path to phplist's config.php
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