0015640: [Interface - Backend] Hide password value in admin page
0016601: [Interface - Frontend] Small view improvment,
0016580: [Internationalization (l18n)] File language_info
0016530: [Interface - Administrator] UTF-8 AND ISO
0015542: [Statistics] When Click Tracking enabled, [UNSUBSCRIBE] doesn't work anymore
0015523: [Statistics] Click tracking & [USERTRACK] Not Functioning
0015670: [Subscriber Import] Database error 1064 when selecting "Import of address data with differring and individual attributes"
0015641: [Statistics] phplist_clicktrack table taking up a large volume of space
0009721: [Campaign Management] add a "mark as sent" option
0011562: [Internationalization (l18n)] Random Character Encoding Bug in SHIFT-JIS Japanese emails body & Subject
0015362: [Internationalization (l18n)] overall handling of charsets
0001644: [HTML Email Support] Subject error with UTF-8 encode in Traditional Chinese
0015374: [Interface - Frontend] List page: Delete option removed
0015530: [Campaign Send Process] Not single or not spool
0015569: [Email] From header encoding corrupt
0015559: [phpList] Database error 1062 while doing query Duplicate entry
0015579: [Statistics] mclicks.php always shows "no active campaigns", Caused by error in SQL
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