version 2.10.12 released Apr 23, 2010
0015358: [Subscriber Import] Import does not strip doublequote text delimiters when using 'import emails with the same values for attributes' (michiel)
0015301: [Message Send Process] function UserAttributeValue will end up with no value in $val_ids[0] causing sql command to fail (michiel)
0015390: [Internationalization (l18n)] Spanish language file (frontend) - update for v2.10.10 (michiel)
0015412: [All Other] messages.php displays incorrect total of sent messages (michiel)
0015421: [Subscriber Import] Importing CSV with multiple values for Checkboxgroup crashes with SQL Error (michiel)
0015300: [Subscribe Process] Resubscribing previous user (i.e. blacklisted) (user4540)
0015227: [All Other] Actually 2.10.9 - Marking Most Users Invalid !! (user1822)
0015450: [Subscriber Import] 'import emails with different values for attributes' does not import test output (michiel)
0015419: [Message Send Process] Allow MAILQUEUE_THROTTLE to be a decimal value (michiel)
0015420: [HTML Email Support] phplist_message message field should be (at least) mediumtext (michiel)
0015408: [Interface - Backend] A patch unicode support for database connection (michiel)
0015294: [User Management] ADMIN function- will only list 1st 50 users, and SEARCH function will not respond (michiel)
0015325: [Message Send Process] SMTP code is partially broken (revisited) (michiel)
0015438: [Internationalization (l18n)] ‾ characters in portuguese domainstats page. (michiel)
0015445: [User Management] Imported blank checkbox attributes are displayed as "checked" on a user's preferences page (michiel)
0015378: [Interface - Backend] editlist: Admin can create more lists than maximum list per admin (michiel)
0015321: [Message Management] Linebreaks in text link replacements of attachments (michiel)
0015318: [Bounce Management] Index needed on phplist_user_message_bounce table (michiel)
0015417: [Bounce Management] speed up bounce management by optimizing mysql tables and queries to use indices (michiel)
0015295: [HTML Email Support] typo in admin/message.php:58 (michiel)
0015442: [All Other] incorrect http 404 header in connect.php (michiel)
0015352: [User Management] Sort by 'entered' and 'modified' not working on page 'users' (michiel)
0015391: [Interface - Backend] Reconcile users > delete tagged do not work (michiel)
0015372: [Authentication System] An admin can delete other admins lists without being the owner (michiel)
0013508: [Internationalization (l18n)] Arabic translation (michiel)
0015395: [Message Send Process] [BLACKLIST] doesn't produce link in message footer (michiel)
0015361: [Subscribe Process] Attribut value is not saved (michiel)
0015341: [Interface - Frontend] security - forgotpassword value not checked/eval'd (user4540)
0015415: [Bounce Management] "delete unidentified > 2 months" does not work. Delete query is incorrect (michiel)
0015257: [Plugin API] Incorrect link text used in sidebar menu (michiel)
0015363: [HTML Email Support] addAbsoluteResources does not / or fails in matching schema (michiel)
0015409: [Interface - Frontend] two lines falsly moved in phplist.css (michiel)
0011143: [Internationalization (l18n)] Translation for Indonesian (ID) language (michiel)
0015398: [Internationalization (l18n)] Update Bulgarian language file (frontend) for v2.10.10 (michiel)
0015392: [Internationalization (l18n)] Corrupted spanish language admin help file: lists/admin/help/es/attachments.php (michiel)
0015388: [Internationalization (l18n)] Turkish language file - Updated and revised frontend translation of (michiel)
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