phpList version 2.10.11

released Apr 9th 2010
0015323: [Interface - Frontend] The campaigns' Subject field uses "//value=" instead of "value="
0015331: [Internationalization (l18n)] Belgian Dutch Translation
0015299: [Campaign Send Process] 'Short' php tag in fckphplist.php causes FCKEditor not to load
0015308: [Campaign Send Process] Embedding images in CONTENT section not working
0006682: [Installation] PHP Short Tags
0015347: [Internationalization (l18n)] Hungarian front end
0015411: [HTML Email Support] When uploading images to templates using spaces on the name it does not embedded correctly
0015288: [Command Line] v2.10.10: Commandline cron not working
0015284: [Admin Management] v2.10.10: Delete attribute and Merge attribute feature does not seem to be working
0015283: [Campaign Send Process] v2.10.10: Date criteria does not work
0015426: [RSS] viewrss pagination broken
0015369: [Software Releases] 2.10.10 initial patches
       0015289: [Subscribe Process] v2.10.10: UNSUBSCRIBE_JUMPOFF doesn't seem to work for personalized unsubscribe link
       0015287: [Campaign Management] v2.10.10: FCKeditor doesn't load when opening the 'send a message' page.
       0015307: [General] Forward feature incompatible with < PHP 5.1.0 because of "htmlspecialchars_decode" function
       0015302: [HTML Email Support] "Send this user HTML emails" set to 0 when user is added through "list membership"
       0015303: [Campaign Send Process] Signatures added twice, and in invalid ways
       0015290: [Subscribe Process] v2.10.10 - Second subscribe window appearing when re-subscribing a previously unsubscribed user
       0015292: [Template Management] View templates generates a blank page
       0015286: [Bounce Management] delete bounce operation doesn't work from 'view a bounce' page
       0015285: [Subscribe Process] v2.10.10: Attributes' order of listing on subscribe page cannot be saved
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