0008980: [Message Send Process] Link Conversion for Click Tracking (user1822)
0004215: [Interface - Frontend] Default values for radio buttons in attributes not honored (user1308)
0008854: [Internationalization (l18n)] Missing spaces in prependmailtext (user1822)
0008870: [User Management] It doesn't show the message of alert in the checkbox fields (user1822)
0008897: [All Other] Incorrrect count in users.php when owner role applied (user1822)
0008898: [RSS] getrss bug for chinese rssitem title in UTF-8 encoding (user1822)
0008960: [User Management] No checking for duplicate admin on create (user1308)
0008989: [All Other] required fields not completly ok with group of checkbox (user1308)
0008998: [Repetition] Unable to find new embargo date too many exclusions? (user1308)
0009687: [Message Send Process] Confusing use of the word "Both", indicating one email with both text and html and not two emails (user1822)
0010084: [Authentication System] no error generated on passwords of 3 or less characters (user1308)
0010381: [Documentation - Installation] INSTALL instructions are outdated (user1822)
0010828: [Template Management] Possible faulty insert; Database error 1062 while doing query Duplicate entry 'Untitled Template' for key 2 (user1822)
0011163: [All Other] SQL error on import: syntax error near 'data' since additional data is used (user1822)
0008839: [Internationalization (l18n)] new danish frontend translation (user1822)
0008720: [Message Send Process] Using -p send from the commandline doesn't seem to work (user1822)
0008549: [Message Send Process] message envelope not passed to php mailer, phpmailer does not set the correct Sender (user1822)
0008494: [Message Management] Once you "exclude" a list you can't "un-exclude" from that message (user1308)
0008447: [Internationalization (l18n)] JAPANESE TRANSLATION FILE (user1822)
0005862: [Internationalization (l18n)] Corrections to german user interface, using proper HTML entities (user1822)
0005786: [All Other] System messages don't parse [DOMAIN] or [WEBSITE] (user1822)
0006638: [Bounce Management] bounce.php (michiel)
0005832: [Internationalization (l18n)] user signup confirm email internationalization (user1822)
0005162: [Batch Processing] PHP (cli) interface ends with output 'Reload required' (user1308)
0006272: [Internationalization (l18n)] $strYouAreBlacklisted string in language files is not used fo output (user1822)
0009001: [All Other] "Database error 1054" when viewing list members (michiel)
0006622: [Internationalization (l18n)] Date attribute in spanish (user1822)
0008106: [Subscriber Import] import 'foreignkey' fails; bad SQL (user1822)
0008919: [RSS] $ symbols within feeds are interpreted as variables at send time (user1822)
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