0008478: [Message Send Process] processqueue.php creeates bad query if $doneusers large (michiel)
0008628: [Batch Processing] php segmentation fault in Sql_Query on unset($GLOBALS['lastquery']); (michiel)
0008210: [All Other] 2.10.3 Upgrade fails to update tables (user1822)
0008211: [Interface - Backend] Javascript error in import1.php (michiel)
0008212: [Interface - Frontend] theme header references missing images (michiel)
0008228: [Internationalization (l18n)] Hebrew languages for Client part was configured wrong (michiel)
0008239: [Interface - Frontend] Subscribe page submit button not showing custom text (michiel)
0008243: [Interface - Frontend] Typo in admin "List for testing" page (michiel)
0009910: [All Other] Date attribute criteria is displayed as 0 and not saved (user1308)
0008791: [Internationalization (l18n)] Ukrainian Translation of the front end (michiel)
0008245: [Batch Processing] Bounce retrieval port (michiel)
0008667: [Browser Issues] Fix for "powered by" line for Eudora / Mac (michiel)
0008394: [Subscribe Process] "Colon" (:) or "equal" (=) in confirmation preferences change message (michiel)
0008457: [Bounce Management] $bounce_unsubscribe_t[h]reshold problem upgrading from 2.10.2 to 2.10.3 (michiel)
0008437: [Configuration] Deleting attributes dependant form selected language (michiel)
0008165: [Message Send Process] stripHTML adds space or another character to the start of each sentance in the text version (michiel)
0004022: [Statistics] full stop at end of sentence should not be included in the URL for tracking (michiel)
0004628: [Message Send Process] Content of outgoing message can trigger unexpected inclusions (user1308)
0005017: [All Other] Special character "o acute" is displayed as "ó" in text version of a message. (michiel)
0005164: [Installation] Send page leads to redirect loop - mysql 5 database issue (michiel)
0005555: [Interface - Backend] automatically set order when adding multiple control values for attributes of type 'select' and 'checkboxgroup' (user1308)
0005563: [Interface - Backend] order of control values for select attributes not respected in add/edit user form in admin (user1308)
0006063: [Message Send Process] Using multiple Criteria attributes at "ADVANCED CRITERIA MODE" gives false user filtering (michiel)
0006419: [All Other] Short tags are not supported on everywhere (user1822)
0006840: [HTML Email Support] html to text parser breaks on <br attribute"parameter"/> (michiel)
0007060: [Message Send Process] Criteria does not refresh the correct amount (michiel)
0007101: [All Other] Need link back to list from user details (user1308)
0003416: [Bounce Management] Bounce testing not consecutive (michiel)
0010384: [Mac Issues] System messages ugly colour (user1822)
0004492: [All Other] FCK Editor has been updated (michiel)
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