0020027: [Bounce Management] When deleting bounces the result message shows 0 bounces deleted
0020047: [Automatic updater] Edit the following error message "Error: The following files are not expected or required"
0020042: [Statistics] Add csv export to mclicks page
0020035: [General] Make the csv data export by WebblerListing class respect the centrally set CSV delimiter
0020041: [Interface - Administrator] Link the unique clicks column on the campaign click stats page to list of individual subscribers
0020037: [Bounce Management] Failing to identify the email address in a bounce
0019627: [Automatic updater] Remove period from log message: 'Updater is loading.'
0019492: [General] Design new readme page for phpList 3 on GitHub
0020039: [Theme - Trevelin] Travelin does not show the following error: "Unable to create campaign, did you forget to update the database"
0020034: [Subscriber Export] Set the delimiter used on the exported files to always use tab in userdataexport.php
0020040: [Theme - Trevelin] Update links for the manual chapters on the Help section of the dashboard
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