0019858: [Theme - Trevelin] Research: Make navigation sub-menus expand on hover for desktop users only
0019998: [Campaign Management] Undefined property "'match' when select a list to send campaign
0019895: [Internationalization (l18n)] The update translations page now fails when checking for new translations
0019897: [Theme - Trevelin] Update screenshots in Trevelin GitHub repo
0019994: [Campaign Send Process] 'Select All' checkmark not working when selecting lists for send
0020004: [General] php 7.3 PCRE change
0019105: [Interface - Administrator] Feature Proposal: Make it possible to search for a list by name
0019973: [Interface - Administrator] Reload page with JS on an "Access denied" error
0019972: [Automatic updater] Stuck in maintenance mode
0019995: [Theme - Trevelin] Prototype of the navigation menu/sub-menus on Travelin theme
0019685: [Interface - Administrator] Change "--- Filter ---" to an HTML5 search placeholder on the campaigns page
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