0019931: [Subscribe Process] When validating a subscription display all field errors
0019930: [Automatic updater] Improve updater notification logic, Return false if a production version is not found
0019929: [Automatic updater] Don't use constant expressions (to support old PHP versions)
0019869: [Automatic updater] Changes to be made in the automatic updater based on the design
0015277: [Attachments] Some attachments (e.g. PDF) need be inline in dl.php
0019924: [Automatic updater] Add Updater to travis
0019882: [General] add support for [CONTACTURL] apart of [CONTACT]
0019836: [General] Add compatibility check for PHP 7.3 on Travis
0019761: [Interface - Administrator] Add 'edit' icon for each template on Templates page
0019909: [General] Upgrade remaining jquery files to the latest version
0019896: [Interface - Administrator] Make About page link in footer open in same tab, not use target="blank"
0019877: [General] Re-add JS script type attribute to updated references to jQuery scripts
0019861: [Subscriber Import] Add email validation on import via txt
0019862: [Subscriber Import] Make "Omit Invalid" option checked by default
0019883: [General] Add http on [CONTACT] information links
0019913: [Interface - Administrator] Layout improvements to the 'View Templates' page: single-row view, remove ID column, change table and column title
0019886: [Interface - Administrator] Add missing spaces between stats totals and percentages on 'Campaign Statistics' page
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