0019831: [Security] Upgrade jQuery UI 1.8.1 to latest
0019823: [Documentation] Add and update documentation on different placeholders
0019866: [Interface - Backend] System template should be checked "system" by default when loaded
0019848: [Automatic updater] Review how the automatic updater manages plugins
0019804: [General] Placeholders for installation organisation name not recognised
0019844: [Documentation] Update the Readme file on phpList3 repo to state other repos needed
0019780: [Automatic updater] Update "maintenance mode" queries to use $table_prefix
0019847: [phpList 4 Related] Create shorter api call url (remove base/public/)
0019867: [Interface - Frontend] Blank page on public pages
0019843: [Software Releases] Update build script to remove the default theme
0019868: [General] Use the correct variable for the custom forward footer when forwarding
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