0019702: [Statistics] Relabel the 'clicks' column to 'total clicks' the Campaign click statistics page
0019701: [Statistics] Add total clicks and unique click stats to the Campaign click statistics page
0019710: [Template Management] Can't save template with the same name after edit
0019705: [Statistics] Use separate table columns for 'Clicks' and 'View Subscriber button' on the Subscribers who clicked a campaign page
0019704: [Statistics] Replace 'fwds' with 'Total clicks' on Statistics overview page
0019442: [Email] Add "add us to your addressbook" link to defalt campaign
0019730: [Interface - Administrator] DASHBOARD slow (10 seconds load) after 3.3.8 upgrade
0019746: [Interface - Administrator] Correct the values for the updatepassword radio buttons.
0018941: [Bounce Management] Problems with the consecutive bounce processing
0018435: [Campaign Management] Sort order of list campaigns page is unclear
0019751: [General] vcard placeholder is not replaced in a text-format message
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