0019615: [General] Allow a plugin to have pages that can be accessed using the remote processing secret.
0019618: [General] Avoid php notice re undefined index
0019617: [General] Avoid php notice when converting php memory limit
0019619: [Interface - Administrator] When editing a subscribe page display the plugin section at the end
0019339: [Interface - Administrator] Make bounce total number formatted on bounces per list page
0019616: [Configuration] Warning about incorrect $pageroot is never displayed
0019555: [General] URL is truncated when click tracking is enabled
0019388: [System Admin] Create an automatic updater for phpList to handline upgrading to the latest version
0019542: [Subscriber Import] Allow import of attribute value that includes a field separator
0019268: [General] Change "Clicked" on campaigns statistics to show total clicks
0019597: [Interface - Administrator] Fix image dimensions and powered by link on the about page
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