0019457: [Interface - Administrator] Document system placeholders in the contextual help (e.g. [Subject])
0019513: [Interface - Backend] Check if domain is set for terms of service
0019511: [Interface - Backend] Better warning message for bounce that doesn't longer exist
0018837: [Documentation] Wrong variable in README.bounces
0019454: [Interface - Administrator] Wrong name on hover for the 'View bounces per campaign'
0018626: [Interface - Administrator] Add 'Unique Views' to 'View Opens' page
0019455: [Interface - Administrator] Incorrect link on "Reconcile the subscriber database"
0019524: [General] return error code on FAIL in ajax subscribe
0019484: [Interface - Administrator] Add help information on how category removal works.
0019453: [plugins] Some plugins were disabled after upgrading to release 3.3.5
0019537: [General] Check and don't remove useful anchor links (https://www.exameple.com/#anchor) when converting RSS template from HTML to text
0019539: [General] Add https when checking if the text linked is a repetition of the URL
0019540: [General] Remove non-standard Bounces-To header
0019541: [General] form element ids added for WCAG compliance
0019508: [Documentation] Add link to source code of phpList from the about page
0019404: [Interface - Frontend] Fix "Add a list" button on import pages
0019473: [Interface - Frontend] Add option to show lists organized by categories in the subscribe pages
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