0018170: [General] replace 'entered' date on active tab of campaign composer with 'started sending' date
0019808: [Interface - Frontend] Fix typo in transactional email: preferences link
0019796: [Bounce Management] Show bounces to transactional messages on the profile of a subscriber
0019795: [Campaign Send Process] Make use of CONTACT placeholder case-insensitive
0019792: [Interface - Frontend] Adhere to admin-defined list order on subscribe pages when public categories are used
0019340: [Interface - Administrator] Change 'download emails' to 'download addresses' on list bounces page
0019303: [Security] escape text message content and attachment fields using htmlentities on message page
0018023: [General] "bounces per list" file download lacks a file extension
0019320: [Interface - Frontend] Improve the appearance of user check page
0019371: [Interface - Frontend] Formatted numbers on view opens page
0019329: [General] Replace 'powered by' buttons with new hi-res images from Ura
0019403: [Subscriber Import] Use of mysql "replace into"
0019260: [Bounce Management] Feature Proposal: Make it possible to display bounces by campaign
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