0019623: [Automatic updater] Label the following message as an error: 'No write permission for the following files:'
0019754: [Automatic updater] Default repository name is not recognised by phpList due to capitalisation
0019794: [Campaign Send Process] Remove extraneous space from CONTACT placeholder links
0019760: [Automatic updater] Remove "try automatic updater beta" notification and replace it with another notification when there is an update
0019779: [Installation] Incorrect file permission for the admin/plugins directory
0019828: [General] [META] Ship phpList4 with phpList3
       0019830: [General] Save secret value in db required by phpList4
       0019829: [General] Added app.php entry point in .htaccess
0019790: [Template Management] Add new stock responsive HTML campaign template
0019820: [Documentation] Add license and attribution for new responsive template
0019755: [General] Update jQuery in phpList 3 core from 1.12.1 to 3.3.1
0019808: [Interface - Frontend] Fix typo in transactional email: preferences link
0019796: [Bounce Management] Show bounces to transactional messages on the profile of a subscriber
0019795: [Campaign Send Process] Make use of CONTACT placeholder case-insensitive
0019792: [Interface - Frontend] Adhere to admin-defined list order on subscribe pages when public categories are used
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