0019257: [Internationalization (l18n)] Contact Administrator not translatable
0018754: [Authentication System] When no username and/or no password are entered to login page, no error message is displayed
0018054: [phpList] Linktracker break long URL
0019007: [Campaign Send Process] Several values are not htmlescaped when composing a campaign
0019308: [Security] Create htmlentities version of s function
0019015: [General] Move "Campaigns", "Bounces", "Subscription" tabs from userhistory page to subscriber profile
0019304: [Theme - Trevelin] Create fallback handling for jQuery UI async tabs
0019283: [Campaign Management] Can't delete e-mail marked as testmail and regulary sent
0019227: [Admin Management] Add link to generic preferences page from public index page
0019246: [Interface - Backend] Database error when you load a default attribute more than once
0019254: [Interface - Frontend] Slashed apostrophe in title
0019122: [plugins] Check for update to plugins
0019241: [Interface - Administrator] No need for update preferences link for blacklisted subsribers
0019276: [Authentication System] Login fails with short usernames giving “Please Enter Credentials” message
0019266: [Interface - Administrator] Improve the order of tabs on 'Add new subscribe page' to put most used tabs first
0019282: [Interface - Backend] Use correct column name of message table on resetMessageStatistics
0019258: [Internationalization (l18n)] strCheckbox text not translatatable
0019269: [Statistics] Campaign click statistics download does not work
0019242: [General] Prevent "Reset to Default" button to change the administrator email.
0019265: [Interface - Frontend] On 'Add new Subcribe page' page do not offer text/html preference by default
0019255: [General] add compatibility to PHP 7.2 and higher
0019113: [General] Subscribe page text attribute value is corrupted due to removeXss()
0019117: [Interface - Administrator] Layout of the times of views on the Open Statistics page
0019212: [Interface - Administrator] Make dates on 'Subscriber details' page human readable
0019240: [Subscriber Import] phplist_user_user table not updated correctly when blacklisted removed subscriber is re-imported
0019243: [Subscriber Export] Remove "Processing export, this may take a while. Please wait" message when export is done
0019231: [Subscriber Import] Add option to select whether imported subscribers are confirmed or unconfirmed
0019245: [General] Remove 'Change admin password' from Checlist page
0019253: [Interface - Backend] "Fatal error: Your version is older than 3.2.0" when upgrading from a dev version
0019211: [Internationalization (l18n)] A couple of alert messages in index.php do not support translation
0019249: [Interface - Administrator] Remove nbsp whitespace from User Details page buttons
0019239: [General] Check and update default attribute 'Countries of the world'
0017824: [General] Subject/title issues since meta title introduction
0019205: [Subscribe Process] Subscription already confirmed page missing subscription list
0019226: [General] Provide default required attribute: subscriber is an adult
0019204: [Admin Management] Add facility for exporting all an individual subscriber's data including history
0019187: [General] Add draft campaign for use with invite plugin available in new installations
0019148: [Interface - Administrator] Add documentation on subscriber data placeholders in contextual help
0018547: [Interface - Administrator] Add 'delete list' button to Edit List page
0019168: [General] Can not update preferences due to "Email address you entered do not match" error
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