0019179: [plugins] Images folder needed to avoid error from CKEditor
0018545: [General] Fatal errors on php version are issued too late
0018829: [General] Lists tab shows extra lists as checked, php 7.1 incompatibility
0018907: [Documentation] Add contextual help information for 'Load data from predefined defaults' on Configure Attributes page
0018347: [Configuration] Pageroot does not change root in all ways
0018620: [Interface - Backend] Exclude list not showed on lists tab (send page only with Trevelin theme)
0019201: [Interface - Administrator] Admin header should link to main page of admin interface
0019124: [Admin Management] Change default confirmation email text to include how data will be used
0019210: [Interface - Administrator] Make dates on 'View opens' page human readable
0019188: [Interface - Administrator] Change default option on "export" page to "Any date (Export all subscribers) "
0018859: [Theme - Trevelin] Campaign click statistics page incorrect column number
0018806: [Theme - Trevelin] Main menu doesn't load when using $require_login = 0;
0019116: [Campaign Management] Deleting a message does not remove rows from related tables
0019156: [Interface - Frontend] Click event doesn't work on dynamically generated elements
0019178: [General] In php 7.2 the each() function is deprecated
0019131: [Statistics] resetMessageStatistics() should remove rows from user_message_view
0019066: [Interface - Frontend] Add contextual help explaining the meaning of "System" templates
0019197: [Interface - Administrator] Campaign title is displayed as campaign subject when clicking "view" campaign
0019198: [General] Chrome tests failing on travis
0019145: [General] Add advisory text for editing confirmation email content regarding data protection
0018790: [Documentation] Add help text to clarify where an uploaded company logo is used and its format
0019189: [Interface - Frontend] remove the "phpList Help: $topic" heading from the help-text files
0018839: [plugins] Menu items for new plugin are added when plugin is not yet enabled
0018847: [Admin Management] Deleting a user does not delete records from all related tables
0018854: [Campaign Send Process] Link click stores urls with trailing space
0018551: [Campaign Send Process] Adding absolute resources
0018543: [Interface - Administrator] The selected theme's directory instead of its name is displayed
0018591: [Campaign Management] Need to quote user attribute name when used as a placeholder
0018569: [General] No theme selected when parse_ini_file has been disabled
0018553: [Campaign Send Process] Embedding external images does not work when run from command line
0018747: [Internationalization (l18n)] Two language_info files fail parsing
0019139: [Interface - Administrator] Categorize lists messes up the page buttons
0019191: [Interface - Administrator] The number of lists is not placed correctly
0018725: [Interface - Administrator] Add info buttons (contextual help) to headings on stats overview page
0019017: [General] Move "Subscriber is blacklisted ..." text on subscriber profile page, from the bottom to the top of the page
0019020: [General] Make response time on "Subscribers History" human readable
0019065: [Interface - Frontend] Add help option to explain what does it mean to add a list as "public"
0019045: [Interface - Administrator] Fix miscalculation of percentages on Campaign statistics page
0018860: [Interface - Administrator] Change table name on Campaign click statistics page
0019085: [Interface - Administrator] Replace seconds with formatted date on Subscriber History page
0018537: [Interface - Administrator] Print full sender address on campaign page including email address
0018275: [Interface - Administrator] Add number formatting to bounced stats on listbounces page
0018627: [Interface - Administrator] Add button link to campagn 'Statistics overview' page on 'View Opens' page
0018308: [Interface - Administrator] Add table headings to "Setup" page
0019044: [Interface - Administrator] Replace 'Go there' links with linked page titles on 'Config'/'Checklist' page
0018596: [Interface - Administrator] Add number formatting to statistics overview page
0018629: [Interface - Administrator] Relable 'Views' to 'Unique Views' on statistics overview page
0018973: [Theme - Trevelin] There is a wrong left space in /lists/admin/?page=import2
0019042: [Interface - Administrator] Add page title to 'dialogue only' links, using alreay available name
0018997: [Theme - Trevelin] Move 'Send test' button to the side of the test email address field on Send Campaign pages
0018011: [Interface - Frontend] Change "Messages" to "Message" in user history table
0018538: [Interface - Administrator] Add campaign open vs campaign click ration to statistics page
0019035: [Interface - Administrator] User history page date and text formatting improvements
0017751: [Interface - Administrator] Use of descendant selector on Compose tab
0018718: [System Admin] commandline tools to clean up the lists a little
0017930: [General] No subject in view a campaign
0018706: [Campaign Management] Repeat message processing tries to copy an index
0017939: [Interface - Administrator] dashboard -> Sorry this page was not found in the plugin
0018719: [Interface - Backend] not all tabs are showing, even if there is enough space in the page
0018774: [Theme - Trevelin] Reduce unnecessary whitespace above 'Logout' button
0018775: [Interface - Frontend] Public subscribe page layout improvements
0018772: [General] Remove top border from the first row of tables
0018999: [Interface - Administrator] Make 'view' subscribe page button open in new tab
0018760: [Theme - Trevelin] Send a campaign page has large whitespace between fields (redundant .clearfix divs)
0018766: [Theme - Trevelin] Reduce whitespace at the end of the campaign composer page
0018784: [Theme - Trevelin] Reduce unnecessary whitespace in page headings
0018764: [Theme - Trevelin] Fields on campaign composer are wider than the content container on small screens
0018765: [Theme - Trevelin] Help modal popup contains phpList loading icon which is vertically misaligned
0018786: [Authentication System] ENCRYPT_ADMIN_PASSWORDS is still used
0018783: [Interface - Administrator] The selected theme's directory instead of its name is displayed
0018575: [Theme - Trevelin] Login page rendering on Safari for Mac
0018390: [Theme - Trevelin] Make all tabs on 'Send a campaign' page visible on wider screens
0018536: [Interface - Administrator] Add number formatting to individual campaign statistics page
0018534: [Interface - Administrator] Add link to campaign statistics on sent campaign page
0018500: [Theme - Trevelin] Progress bar remains visible after processing the message queue has finished
0018535: [Interface - Administrator] Add campaign alias on sent campaign page
0018781: [Interface - Administrator] Add link from list name to 'View list' page
0018123: [General] document define(EMBEDEXTERNALIMAGES, 1); in config extended
0018976: [Interface - Administrator] Campaign click statistics page shows negative percentages for clicks
0018595: [Subscriber Import] Users attributes wasn't updated when importing CSV
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