0018854: [Message Send Process] Link click stores urls with trailing space (michiel)
0018806: [Theme - Trevelin] Main menu doesn't load when using $require_login = 0; (michiel)
0018839: [plugins] Menu items for new plugin are added when plugin is not yet enabled (michiel)
0018847: [User Management] Deleting a user does not delete records from all related tables (michiel)
0018543: [Interface - Administrator] The selected theme's directory instead of its name is displayed (support)
0018829: [Other] Lists tab shows extra lists as checked, php 7.1 incompatibility (michiel)
0018760: [Theme - Trevelin] Send a campaign page has large whitespace between fields (redundant .clearfix divs) (mariez)
0018766: [Theme - Trevelin] Reduce whitespace at the end of the campaign composer page (mariez)
0018784: [Theme - Trevelin] Reduce unnecessary whitespace in page headings (mariez)
0018764: [Theme - Trevelin] Fields on campaign composer are wider than the content container on small screens (mariez)
0018765: [Theme - Trevelin] Help modal popup contains phpList loading icon which is vertically misaligned (mariez)
0018786: [Authentication System] ENCRYPT_ADMIN_PASSWORDS is still used (michiel)
0018783: [Interface - Administrator] The selected theme's directory instead of its name is displayed (samtuke)
0018575: [Theme - Trevelin] Login page rendering on Safari for Mac (mariez)
0018574: [Interface - Administrator] Selected theme is forgotten when using different web browsers (michiel)
0018390: [Theme - Trevelin] Make all tabs on 'Send a campaign' page visible on wider screens (mariez)
0018536: [Interface - Administrator] Add number formatting to individual campaign statistics page (samtuke)
0018534: [Interface - Administrator] Add link to campaign statistics on sent campaign page (samtuke)
0018500: [Theme - Trevelin] Progress bar remains visible after processing the message queue has finished (mariez)
0018535: [Interface - Administrator] Add campaign alias on sent campaign page (samtuke)
0018781: [Interface - Administrator] Add link from list name to 'View list' page (samtuke)
0018596: [Interface - Administrator] Add number formatting to statistics overview page (samtuke)
0018747: [Internationalization (l18n)] Two language_info files fail parsing (michiel)
0017939: [Interface - Administrator] dashboard -> Sorry this page was not found in the plugin (michiel)
0018718: [System Admin] commandline tools to clean up the lists a little (michiel)
0018347: [Configuration] Pageroot does not change root in all ways (michiel)
0018620: [Interface - Backend] Exclude list not showed on lists tab (send page only with Trevelin theme) (support)
0018553: [Message Send Process] Embedding external images does not work when run from command line (support)
0018551: [Message Send Process] Adding absolute resources (support)
0018591: [Message Management] Need to quote user attribute name when used as a placeholder (support)
0018123: [All Other] document define(EMBEDEXTERNALIMAGES, 1); in config extended (support)
0018569: [All Other] No theme selected when parse_ini_file has been disabled (support)
0018545: [Other] Fatal errors on php version are issued too late (michiel)
0018595: [Subscriber Import] Users attributes wasn't updated when importing CSV (mariez)
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