0018010: [Interface - Frontend] Add tooltip hints to icons on subscriber search page (samtuke)
0018503: [plugins] Clearer error message on plugins page when url fopen wrappers are not enabled (duncanc)
0018507: [Theme - Trevelin] nothing loads with "use minified assets" = false (michiel)
0018450: [All Other] Disallow upgrade to 3.3 if minimum PHP version not met (michiel)
0018505: [Interface - Administrator] What happened with spanish? (support)
0018504: [Message Send Process] Links not always converted properly (michiel)
0018449: [Theme - Trevelin] Packaging the theme (michiel)
0018497: [Interface - Administrator] Move theme switcher menu into configuration page (michiel)
0018496: [Interface - Administrator] Store language preference between login sessions (michiel)
0018482: [Interface - Frontend] Text missing from public pages (forward, preferences, ubsubscribe) (michiel)
0018447: [Theme - Trevelin] Theme naming problem (michiel)
0018453: [Interface - Administrator] Tab content titles made lower case on send campaign page due to interfacelib (michiel)
0018441: [All Other] No page content on statistics pages (michiel)
0018444: [All Other] Page doesn't load if database not yet upgraded (michiel)
0018443: [All Other] Link database upgrade notice to CLI upgrade instructions (michiel)
0018419: [Bounce Management] Incorrect reporting when downloading no new bounces (michiel)
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