0003712: [User Management] DB error when trying to view Blacklisted users + user 1-50 dont show in 2.9.5 (michiel)
0003730: [Message Send Process] using extremely complex criteria hangs database (michiel)
0003740: [Subscribe Process] updating rss frequency is not saved (michiel)
0003757: [All Other] click tracking replaces replaced urls (michiel)
0001258: [Subscriber Export] Admins can export all users, not just their own (michiel)
0003788: [All Other] Confirmation email includes lists that are not active (michiel)
0003817: [Internationalization (l18n)] If translation does not exist, no popup warning message appears (michiel)
0003910: [User Management] assign all users who are not on a list to a list update entered value (michiel)
0003911: [Message Send Process] suspended messages are resent at next queue run (michiel)
0003923: [All Other] removed criteria are not updated for message (michiel)
0003967: [All Other] Message Viewed statistics wrong for messages not being tracked (michiel)
0003989: [User Management] Add user not working from admin section (michiel)
0003689: [Template Management] "full url check" should not check mailto urls (michiel)
0003662: [Message Send Process] missing information when you forward messages (michiel)
0003268: [Message Management] Update FCKeditor to version 2.0 (michiel)
0003638: [Message Send Process] ensure view tracking is not duplicated (michiel)
0003645: [Configuration] when website and domain are the same config values should have domain instead of website (michiel)
0003647: [Message Send Process] rescheduled messages have wrong timing (michiel)
0003652: [HTML Email Support] text to html, first paragraph (michiel)
0003659: [Message Send Process] popup message when you change tabs before saving changes is confusing (michiel)
0003804: [Message Management] Only have the page loads (michiel)
0003637: [Internationalization (l18n)] with require_login off, language switch doesn't work (michiel)
0004627: [Interface - Frontend] Date display in history giving wrong date (michiel)
0003197: [Message Management] "$" misinterpreted as php variable in the text. (michiel)
0003613: [Message Send Process] sending message to lists which are 'not active' (michiel)
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