0018341: [General] MySQL 5.7 changes the default sql mode
0018133: [General] Incorrect parameters to mysqli_connect
0018115: [Campaign Send Process] phpMailer uses always SMTPAutoTLS
0018124: [General] Admin attribute placeholder not filling with blank when attribute is not applicatble
0018345: [Statistics] Link clicking in test messges is restricted to admins
0018259: [Interface - Backend] links in yellow info boxes
0018200: [plugins] Provide link to plugin's settings
0018209: [General] traffic light numbers wrongly categorise subscriber as unconfirmed when they are blacklisted
0018198: [Campaign Send Process] Trying to copy a message for repeat processing fails when STRICT_TRANS_TABLES is enabled
0017753: [General] Subscriber profile does not record list membership so after unsubscription there is no record
0018342: [Interface - Frontend] SEC: obfuscate email addresses when editing preferences
0018132: [Bounce Management] System message urls not converted to links correctly
0018122: [General] Make email on long unsubscribe form uneditable
0017754: [General] subscriber list information should be maintained when they unsubscribe
0018238: [Interface - Frontend] Public page css refers to non-existant image files
0018066: [plugins] Not able to install an earlier release of a plugin
0018128: [Interface - Administrator] Community news sidebar causes delay on loading every page
0018276: [Campaign Send Process] Improve send rate when using AMAZON SES
0018253: [Interface - Administrator] Bounce processing info typo: "The in () is the number"
0018235: [Internationalization (l18n)] Improve performance of I18n: improve caching
0018206: [General] Subscribe page mandatory field should be marked with an * as well as by red color
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