0018102: [General] A problem with the minified css file
0016707: [Campaign Management] Difficult to use admin attributes as placeholders
0017997: [HTML Email Support] [Feature request] Option to embed images from external domains in HTML emails (patch included)
0018027: [Authentication System] add plugin hook before login page for SSO
0018059: [Bounce Management] increase size for regex entry
0017971: [Campaign Send Process] When parallel processing is used the number of emails sent is incorrect
0017974: [Security] The test email field is not secure
0017982: [General] email@domain.191.IT addresses seen as invalid
0018004: [Admin Management] deleting an attribute value fails
0018025: [Email] Status email links not working
0018031: [phpList] Forward Subject Incorrect
0018032: [phpList] index.php function parseCline case typing
0018040: [Email] php mail() function is used instead of sending through an smtp server
0018049: [Security] Reset password links are hard coded to HTTP
0018072: [Campaign Send Process] Progress messages not displayed when processing queue in the browser
0018085: [Configuration] Update example of using alternative phpmailer
0018086: [Campaign Send Process] allow setting smtp_options for phpMailer
0018108: [Interface - Administrator] on 3.2.5RC1, css not working
0017990: [General] Newsfeed on all pages
0018118: [Security] xsrf and xss issue on send a campaign
0017978: [Software Releases] Unnecessary copy of the CKEditor plugin in the phplist distribution
0017918: [Authentication System] allow plugins to control authentication
0018088: [Campaign Management] Resending Campaign to "all lists" and "all public lists" ignores user permissions
0018089: [Security] update htaccess files for apache2.4
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