0017807: [All Other] change name of user clicks
0017854: [Statistics] block resetting of stats when loads have been sent
0017798: [plugins] Plugin remains enabled after dependency is not met
0017801: [Subscriber Export] Export subscriber with limited rights exports whole subscriber database
0017847: [Plugin API] Allow plugins to modify the cached message
0017848: [Authentication System] continuously logged out when on IPv6 connection
0017839: [Message Send Process] Remote queue processing not working
0017633: [Configuration] Notification email address not allowed to be empty
0017832: [Interface - Administrator] language switching doesn't close window when done
0017843: [Message Management] When composing a campaign the server time is not refreshed
0017841: [Other] Keep-alive requests are being sent too often
0017840: [Subscriber Import] Adding a list from the import page fails
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