0017544: [Statistics] Download as CSV file Subscriber click statistics
0017660: [All Other] long named attributes do not work as placeholders
0017730: [phpList] upgrade language don't fetch translations.xml correctly
0017650: [Interface - Backend] move right arrow sometimes disappears
0017513: [Subscribe Process] When [CONFIRMATIONURL] (?p=confirm) is loaded, PHPList should check if user is NOT confirmed **before** sending welcome email ag
0017455: [All Other] continue with configuration button hidden behind dashboard interface
0017630: [Interface - Administrator] [Enhancement] Select all lists in a category
0017823: [Interface - Administrator] Mouse click area for "Disable Plugin" too large
0016924: [Interface - Administrator] Can't cancel when editing an configuration field
0017537: [Message Management] free text title and annotation for Campaigns
0017806: [Interface - Administrator] The "phplist hosted news" is distracting
0017818: [phpList] Missing send campaign button
0017816: [Message Send Process] enhancements to Amazon SES support
0017817: [Subscribe Process] SSL fix on Ajaxed requests
0017782: [Message Send Process] ensure From field has only one email address
0017799: [System Admin] Admin page shows only header bar and no errors.
0017040: [User Management] Unable to re-order user attribute list values when there are more than 100
0017546: [User Management] categorise list page - re-edit option
0017752: [User Management] Cannot merge in Foreign Key infromation when matching by email
0017760: [Browser Issues] return http error codes on error
0017611: [Subscriber Import] Details about invalid addresses when importing
0017749: [All Other] massunconfirm -> Sorry not Implemented yet bug when clicking though options
0017765: [Message Management] Allow plugins to add to the view message page
0017618: [Installation] "View a campaign" page formats plain text incorrectly
0017747: [Batch Processing] MAILQUEUE_BATCH_PERIOD should be ignored if MAILQUEUE_BATCH_SIZE is zero
0017742: [Interface - Administrator] Resolution for "Your IP address has changed. For security reasons, please login again" when behind a proxy
0017001: [Interface - Backend] Switch the position of the Header and Body field for manual bounce processing
0017354: [Batch Processing] Processing queue with multiple Messages sends messages sequentially.
0016909: [Bounce Management] does not pick up regular expression
0017467: [All Other] categorise lists from lists menu dumps user in settings, should go back to lists
0016931: [Internationalization (l18n)] Invalid admin languages trigger a weird default language
0017510: [Interface - Backend] Cannot enable and disable a plugin without reloading
0017647: [Bounce Management] bouncerules missing "with tagged rules" delete/deactivate/save changes
0017566: [Message Management] Message data table contains data unrelated to the message
0017710: [Message Send Process] can't stop a repeating campaign
0017586: [All Other] private lists are printed with [LISTS] (by default or always?)
0017288: [User Management] Campaign is sent to subscriber who is shown as blacklisted
0017741: [Security] Hard coded link on page to http:// causes security error in browsers
0017541: [All Other] suggested new way to report list import results to reduce list v subscriber confusion
0017589: [Message Send Process] Display of Lists tab when composing a message
0017605: [All Other] Add sentence to explain list choosing behaviour on subscribe page builder
0017606: [Subscribe Process] After unsubscribtion user will be blacklisted
0017608: [Message Management] Automatic requeuing does not call plugins
0017609: [Message Send Process] Use of join without an ON clause
0017610: [All Other] editattributes.php ConfirmButton
0016902: [User Management] The line "Users marked red are unconfirmed" is not accurate
0016936: [Bounce Management] Calls to addUserToBlacklist() pass extra parameter
0017290: [Message Management] Requeuing a campaign does not have a predictable embargo time
0017569: [Installation] Small config.php and extended config.php use different hash algorithms
0017603: [HTML Email Support] Incorrect images in HTML emails due to duplicate $cid values in add_html_image function on Windows
0017620: [Message Management] Repeating a campaign may have an unpredictable embargo date/time.
0017624: [User Management] Subscriber profile page does not update date attribute that has spaces in the name
0017304: [Subscribe Process] Javascript Email verification process can be done better
0017494: [Bounce Management] On view bounces the paging control switches to display processed bounces
0017551: [Configuration] Redundant sections in config.php
0017635: [Configuration] Remove section in config_extended regarding pdf attachment
0017636: [phpList] remove incompatible code
0017639: [Bounce Management] Page bounces "View Bounces" Button "Delete/Delete All"
0017648: [User Management] Cannot create new admin users
0017657: [Installation] parse error in a latinamerican language file
0017550: [Bounce Management] Advance bounce handling is inconsistent
0017552: [Subscriber Import] Warning when importing a file of subscribers
0017567: [Installation] Unnecessary files added to release
0017573: [All Other] add button for download all in the area to view all subscribers (added in 3.0.9) from the subscriber lists page
0017582: [All Other] Simplify menu text by removing the word View
0017615: [Message Send Process] Messagedata table has incorrect id field
0017614: [Other] placeholders for Subscribe Pages
0017617: [Interface - Editor] Change "Send" button to "Queue"
0017644: [All Other] remove list id
0017708: [Message Send Process] Attribute placeholder not replaced when subscriber does not have a value for the attribute.
0017713: [Authentication System] new TLDs break installation
0017724: [User Management] Backend Subscriber Edit - Select Boxes do not respect order set in attributes
0017727: [Interface - Administrator] Strip Slashes Needed - Attribute Options
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0017535: [Internationalization (l18n)] Corupted file with czech texts
0017810: [Interface - Frontend] CSS phplist hosted news
0017809: [Internationalization (l18n)] Translation "suppressionlist" missing
0017599: [Interface - Backend] Request adding "add user" button
0017563: [Interface - Frontend] Failure notification after saving template
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