0017515: [Installation] mb_strtolower (michiel)
0017358: [Message Send Process] allow remote cron calls with secret (michiel)
0017592: [Subscribe Process] fix slashes in subscribe page titles (michiel)
0017536: [Subscribe Process] checkboxes for html/text (michiel)
0017570: [User Management] Blacklist all subscribers with more than X bounces (michiel)
0017517: [All Other] export all subscribers? (now "all subscribers" list especially) (michiel)
0017457: [Configuration] remove invented email(s) in config (michiel)
0017542: [Message Send Process] USERTRACK placeholder not removed from text format emails (michiel)
0016922: [plugins] Install plugin does not handle invalid zip file (michiel)
0017538: [Subscriber Export] Subscribe Export Merges all lists into a single cell with no delimiter (michiel)
0017524: [Subscriber Export] Un/select all (gingerling)
0017459: [Configuration] Segementation settings dialouge in config > settings has inaccurate name? (michiel)
0017543: [Configuration] config_extended.php file still uses mysql instead of mysqli (michiel)
0017525: [Bounce Management] "View bounces per list" doesn't show the actual bounces (michiel)
0017493: [phpList] mysql_affected_rows() function not found (michiel)
0017489: [Interface - Administrator] Sent/Active/Draft reverted from buttons to accordion control (michiel)
0017488: [Subscriber Export] Export subscribers doesn't create correct headers (michiel)
0017532: [All Other] problems with default value: select not being default on subscribe page (michiel)
0017475: [All Other] template upload and images - remove the no-images step alltogether (michiel)
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