0017419: [All Other] Adding template chapter, confusion with images (michiel)
0017433: [All Other] blocking upload of binary files (like excel) to prevent confusion/messed up subscribers (michiel)
0017448: [All Other] Better email sign up area in download version install (michiel)
0017396: [Email] New top level email address domains (michiel)
0017355: [Command Line] Recognise php-cgi when run from command line (michiel)
0017462: [All Other] send test box only appears when uploading template, not when editing existing one (michiel)
0017469: [Interface - Administrator] Bounce Rules table CSS precludes actually using the form (mariez)
0016854: [Plugin API] Explanation for plugin method sendMessageTabSave() is misleading (michiel)
0016899: [Subscriber Export] The webpage refreshes upon clicking "Export" (michiel)
0016911: [Interface - Frontend] It's not clear what does "List - X (Y)" mean (michiel)
0017359: [Subscriber Import] reset import button does not appear consistently? (michiel)
0017361: [Bounce Management] Bounce management unconfirmed the wrong user (michiel)
0017296: [Subscribe Process] Text for ajax successful message (michiel)
0017345: [Batch Processing] phplist email processing notification "Reports" (michiel)
0017458: [Documentation - Configuration] config > settings page "jumps" to top after each edit (michiel)
0017363: [Subscriber Export] EXPORT subscribers does not produce csv file. (michiel)
0017317: [Plugin API] Misleading description for $commandlinePluginPages in defaultplugin.php (michiel)
0017294: [Interface - Administrator] List name is corrupted when it contains an & character (michiel)
0017291: [Message Send Process] Message selection using embargo time (michiel)
0017303: [Installation] remove language dropdown during installation (michiel)
0017318: [Interface - Administrator] Misleading message on login page when in TEST mode (michiel)
0017388: [User Management] Cannot create administrators with the same email, but can edit an exising administrator to have the same email (michiel)
0017331: [Configuration] Wordwrap settings are ignored (michiel)
0017328: [Interface - Administrator] List category that includes single-quote does not work (michiel)
0017347: [Message Send Process] remove double quotes used in From field (michiel)
0017426: [User Management] Import by text file of short list appears to "hang" but does in fact work (gingerling)
0017411: [Subscribe Process] allow duplicate sending of welcome email (michiel)
0017330: [Email] Welcome to the list messages aren't sent (michiel)
0017390: [Other] Update translations - Unable to fetch list of languages (michiel)
0017365: [Interface - Administrator] Reconcile users page not useful to normal admins? (michiel)
0017356: [Bounce Management] View bounces per list: normal admin can see bounces from other lists (michiel)
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