0002457: [Software Releases] PHPList v2.9.5 release
       0002660: [Subscribe Process] list subscription preferences lost when updating prefs using Mac OSX browsers
       0002658: [HTML Email Support] Integrate TinyMCE as an alternative HTML editor
0003625: [Authentication System] phplist_auth.inc, line 20 of 67
0000464: [Campaign Send Process] change send class to use phpmailer
0003602: [Subscriber Import] If $require_login is off subscriber import with $_SESSION crashes
0003544: [phpList] Can you add a 'stop sending this e-mail' option in php
0003428: [Template Management] Not Saving Images?
0003543: [phpList] values in configure for From and reply to are not being included
0003280: [General] Attributes with selection menus should have the option of remaining empty -- rather than be forced to default to a value.
0002687: [Admin Management] Information: Sorry, I don't know how to
0002949: [General] Unsubsribers on blacklist
0002881: [HTML Email Support] HTML character entity encoding replacement
0000845: [General] add a user email placeholder
0002917: [General] MySQL 4.1+ TIMESTAMP SQL Change
0003430: [Subscriber Import] False warnings always reported during import
0003327: [General] Invalid query with protected word hash on unsubscribe page
0003371: [Internationalization (l18n)] 'users.php' and 'user.php' files have not been 'internationalized'
0002770: [Subscriber Export] Add the internal ID in the list of fields exported.
0001920: [Subscribe Process] Blacklist cannot be disabled
0002756: [Campaign Send Process] Change notification to user missing first letter in each attribute field
0002685: [Subscribe Process] Date attribute use in Subscribe Page
0000863: [Campaign Management] Reporting of USERTRACK results
0002786: [Subscribe Process] Escaped Characters in Template Output
0002809: [General] mysql.inc: Sql_Affected_Rows missing explicit database link
0003238: [Configuration] ALLOW_NON_LIST_SUBSCRIBE in config.php file twice...
0002554: [Configuration] commonlib/pages/attributes.php: clean up the UI
0002553: [Configuration] admin/spageedit.php: Clean up attributes list
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