Issues in order to make phpList run better in languages other than the default english.
0018773: [Interface - Administrator] Rename 'Configuration' page to 'Checklist'
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0018054: [phpList] Linktracker break long URL
0018754: [Authentication System] When no username and/or no password are entered to login page, no error message is displayed
0019007: [Message Send Process] Several values are not htmlescaped when composing a campaign
0019308: [Security] Create htmlentities version of s function
0019015: [All Other] Move "Campaigns", "Bounces", "Subscription" tabs from userhistory page to subscriber profile
0019304: [Theme - Trevelin] Create fallback handling for jQuery UI async tabs
0019283: [Message Management] Can't delete e-mail marked as testmail and regulary sent
0019227: [User Management] Add link to generic preferences page from public index page
0019246: [Interface - Backend] Database error when you load a default attribute more than once
0019254: [Interface - Frontend] Slashed apostrophe in title
0019122: [plugins] Check for update to plugins
0019241: [Interface - Administrator] No need for update preferences link for blacklisted subsribers
0019276: [Authentication System] Login fails with short usernames giving “Please Enter Credentials” message
0019266: [Interface - Administrator] Improve the order of tabs on 'Add new subscribe page' to put most used tabs first
0019282: [Interface - Backend] Use correct column name of message table on resetMessageStatistics
0019258: [Internationalization (l18n)] strCheckbox text not translatatable
0019269: [Statistics] Campaign click statistics download does not work
0019242: [All Other] Prevent "Reset to Default" button to change the administrator email.
0019265: [Interface - Frontend] On 'Add new Subcribe page' page do not offer text/html preference by default
0019255: [All Other] add compatibility to PHP 7.2 and higher
0019113: [All Other] Subscribe page text attribute value is corrupted due to removeXss()
0019117: [Interface - Administrator] Layout of the times of views on the Open Statistics page
0019212: [Interface - Administrator] Make dates on 'Subscriber details' page human readable
0019240: [Subscriber Import] phplist_user_user table not updated correctly when blacklisted removed subscriber is re-imported
0019243: [Subscriber Export] Remove "Processing export, this may take a while. Please wait" message when export is done
0019231: [Subscriber Import] Add option to select whether imported subscribers are confirmed or unconfirmed
0019245: [All Other] Remove 'Change admin password' from Checlist page
0019253: [Interface - Backend] "Fatal error: Your version is older than 3.2.0" when upgrading from a dev version
0019211: [Internationalization (l18n)] A couple of alert messages in index.php do not support translation
0019249: [Interface - Administrator] Remove nbsp whitespace from User Details page buttons
0019239: [All Other] Check and update default attribute 'Countries of the world'
0017824: [All Other] Subject/title issues since meta title introduction
0019205: [Subscribe Process] Subscription already confirmed page missing subscription list
0019226: [All Other] Provide default required attribute: subscriber is an adult
0019204: [User Management] Add facility for exporting all an individual subscriber's data including history
0019187: [All Other] Add draft campaign for use with invite plugin available in new installations
0019148: [Interface - Administrator] Add documentation on subscriber data placeholders in contextual help
0018547: [Interface - Administrator] Add 'delete list' button to Edit List page
0019168: [All Other] Can not update preferences due to "Email address you entered do not match" error
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0019597: [Interface - Administrator] Fix image dimensions and powered by link on the about page
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0019404: [Interface - Frontend] Fix "Add a list" button on import pages
0019473: [Interface - Frontend] Add option to show lists organized by categories in the subscribe pages
0019508: [Documentation - Development] Add link to source code of phpList from the about page
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0019454: [Interface - Administrator] Wrong name on hover for the 'View bounces per campaign'
0019455: [Interface - Administrator] Incorrect link on "Reconcile the subscriber database"
0019446: [Sub-admins] Inconsistencies with the new admin password function
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0019309: [Installation] upgrade throws errors
0019344: [Interface - Frontend] Extend "Reset style to default" functionality to apply changes to /lists page and other public pages
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0019340: [Interface - Administrator] Change 'download emails' to 'download addresses' on list bounces page
0019303: [Security] escape text message content and attachment fields using htmlentities on message page
0018023: [All Other] "bounces per list" file download lacks a file extension
0019320: [Interface - Frontend] Improve the appearance of user check page
0019371: [Interface - Frontend] Formatted numbers on view opens page
0018170: [All Other] replace 'entered' date on active tab of campaign composer with 'started sending' date
0019329: [All Other] Replace 'powered by' buttons with new hi-res images from Ura
0019403: [Subscriber Import] Use of mysql "replace into"
0019260: [Bounce Management] Feature Proposal: Make it possible to display bounces by campaign
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0018010: [Interface - Frontend] Add tooltip hints to icons on subscriber search page
0018503: [plugins] Clearer error message on plugins page when url fopen wrappers are not enabled
0018507: [Theme - Trevelin] nothing loads with "use minified assets" = false
0018450: [All Other] Disallow upgrade to 3.3 if minimum PHP version not met
0018505: [Interface - Administrator] What happened with spanish?
0018504: [Message Send Process] Links not always converted properly
0018449: [Theme - Trevelin] Packaging the theme
0018497: [Interface - Administrator] Move theme switcher menu into configuration page
0018496: [Interface - Administrator] Store language preference between login sessions
0018482: [Interface - Frontend] Text missing from public pages (forward, preferences, ubsubscribe)
0018447: [Theme - Trevelin] Theme naming problem
0018453: [Interface - Administrator] Tab content titles made lower case on send campaign page due to interfacelib
0018441: [All Other] No page content on statistics pages
0018444: [All Other] Page doesn't load if database not yet upgraded
0018443: [All Other] Link database upgrade notice to CLI upgrade instructions
0018419: [Bounce Management] Incorrect reporting when downloading no new bounces
16 issues View Issues
0019033: [Subscribe Process] Provide default attribute for required attribute: consent to terms of service
0018378: [Interface - Administrator] Link to campaign page from campaign statistics page
0018199: [Email] Powered By phplist image distorts
0018471: [Security] PHPMailer Security Issue
0018517: [Message Send Process] in 3.3.0 when sending get software error
0018524: [All Other] Comments on 3.3.1-RC1
0018526: [All Other] The asynchronous statistics pages do not seem to work with minified assets
0018520: [Subscribe Process] UUID not generated for a new subscriber
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0018515: [Other] help popups don't load
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0018345: [Statistics] Link clicking in test messges is restricted to admins
0018259: [Interface - Backend] links in yellow info boxes
0018200: [plugins] Provide link to plugin's settings
0018209: [All Other] traffic light numbers wrongly categorise subscriber as unconfirmed when they are blacklisted
0018198: [Message Send Process] Trying to copy a message for repeat processing fails when STRICT_TRANS_TABLES is enabled
0018341: [Other] MySQL 5.7 changes the default sql mode
0017753: [All Other] Subscriber profile does not record list membership so after unsubscription there is no record
0018342: [Interface - Frontend] SEC: obfuscate email addresses when editing preferences
0018132: [Bounce Management] System message urls not converted to links correctly
0018122: [All Other] Make email on long unsubscribe form uneditable
0017754: [All Other] subscriber list information should be maintained when they unsubscribe
0018238: [Interface - Frontend] Public page css refers to non-existant image files
0018115: [Message Send Process] phpMailer uses always SMTPAutoTLS
0018066: [plugins] Not able to install an earlier release of a plugin
0018133: [Other] Incorrect parameters to mysqli_connect
0018128: [Interface - Administrator] Community news sidebar causes delay on loading every page
0018276: [Message Send Process] Improve send rate when using AMAZON SES
0018253: [Interface - Administrator] Bounce processing info typo: "The in () is the number"
0018235: [Internationalization (l18n)] Improve performance of I18n: improve caching
0018206: [All Other] Subscribe page mandatory field should be marked with an * as well as by red color
0018124: [All Other] Admin attribute placeholder not filling with blank when attribute is not applicatble
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0018108: [Interface - Administrator] on 3.2.5RC1, css not working
0017990: [All Other] Newsfeed on all pages
0017997: [HTML Email Support] [Feature request] Option to embed images from external domains in HTML emails (patch included)
0016707: [Message Management] Difficult to use admin attributes as placeholders
0018118: [Security] xsrf and xss issue on send a campaign
0018102: [Other] A problem with the minified css file
0017978: [Software Releases] Unnecessary copy of the CKEditor plugin in the phplist distribution
0017918: [Authentication System] allow plugins to control authentication
0018040: [Email] php mail() function is used instead of sending through an smtp server
0018088: [Message Management] Resending Campaign to "all lists" and "all public lists" ignores user permissions
0018089: [Security] update htaccess files for apache2.4
0018027: [Authentication System] add plugin hook before login page for SSO
0018072: [Message Send Process] Progress messages not displayed when processing queue in the browser
0018085: [Configuration] Update example of using alternative phpmailer
0018025: [Email] Status email links not working
0018086: [Message Send Process] allow setting smtp_options for phpMailer
0018031: [phpList] Forward Subject Incorrect
0018032: [phpList] index.php function parseCline case typing
0018004: [User Management] deleting an attribute value fails
0018049: [Security] Reset password links are hard coded to HTTP
0018059: [Bounce Management] increase size for regex entry
0017971: [Message Send Process] When parallel processing is used the number of emails sent is incorrect
0017982: [All Other] email@domain.191.IT addresses seen as invalid
0017974: [Security] The test email field is not secure
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0017933: [Email] Incorrect Hostname Provided to SMTP Server
0017957: [Subscriber Import] Matching by foreign key does not work
0017955: [Message Send Process] add plugin hook at the moment that a campaign has finished
0016888: [Configuration] Aliases (interchangeable) domains for Domain Throttle
0017914: [All Other] send test does not recognise when email is invlaid
0017935: [Template Management] The LOGO does not get replaced in system messages
0017954: [plugins] make update plugin button ask for confirmation
0017942: [All Other] Use of short array syntax with php < 5.4
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0017786: [Authentication System] Reset password for non superadmin admin without permission “change settings”
0017885: [Template Management] central setting for organisation logo with standard placeholders
0017837: [Template Management] url check on templates should accept placeholders
0017767: [Message Management] update viewed to record view of first view and not last
0017887: [Other] avoid sending unsubscribe message too often
0017886: [Message Send Process] verify remote URL before allowing to place campaign in the Queue
0017901: [Email] Clickable links in status emails
0017858: [Message Send Process] can't switch back from send a webpage
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0017807: [All Other] change name of user clicks
0017854: [Statistics] block resetting of stats when loads have been sent
0017798: [plugins] Plugin remains enabled after dependency is not met
0017801: [Subscriber Export] Export subscriber with limited rights exports whole subscriber database
0017847: [Plugin API] Allow plugins to modify the cached message
0017848: [Authentication System] continuously logged out when on IPv6 connection
0017839: [Message Send Process] Remote queue processing not working
0017633: [Configuration] Notification email address not allowed to be empty
0017832: [Interface - Administrator] language switching doesn't close window when done
0017843: [Message Management] When composing a campaign the server time is not refreshed
0017841: [Other] Keep-alive requests are being sent too often
0017840: [Subscriber Import] Adding a list from the import page fails
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0017544: [Statistics] Download as CSV file Subscriber click statistics
0017660: [All Other] long named attributes do not work as placeholders
0017730: [phpList] upgrade language don't fetch translations.xml correctly
0017650: [Interface - Backend] move right arrow sometimes disappears
0017513: [Subscribe Process] When [CONFIRMATIONURL] (?p=confirm) is loaded, PHPList should check if user is NOT confirmed **before** sending welcome email ag
0017455: [All Other] continue with configuration button hidden behind dashboard interface
0017630: [Interface - Administrator] [Enhancement] Select all lists in a category
0017823: [Interface - Administrator] Mouse click area for "Disable Plugin" too large
0016924: [Interface - Administrator] Can't cancel when editing an configuration field
0017537: [Message Management] free text title and annotation for Campaigns
0017806: [Interface - Administrator] The "phplist hosted news" is distracting
0017818: [phpList] Missing send campaign button
0017816: [Message Send Process] enhancements to Amazon SES support
0017817: [Subscribe Process] SSL fix on Ajaxed requests
0017782: [Message Send Process] ensure From field has only one email address
0017799: [System Admin] Admin page shows only header bar and no errors.
0017040: [User Management] Unable to re-order user attribute list values when there are more than 100
0017546: [User Management] categorise list page - re-edit option
0017752: [User Management] Cannot merge in Foreign Key infromation when matching by email
0017760: [Browser Issues] return http error codes on error
0017611: [Subscriber Import] Details about invalid addresses when importing
0017749: [All Other] massunconfirm -> Sorry not Implemented yet bug when clicking though options
0017765: [Message Management] Allow plugins to add to the view message page
0017618: [Installation] "View a campaign" page formats plain text incorrectly
0017747: [Batch Processing] MAILQUEUE_BATCH_PERIOD should be ignored if MAILQUEUE_BATCH_SIZE is zero
0017742: [Interface - Administrator] Resolution for "Your IP address has changed. For security reasons, please login again" when behind a proxy
0017001: [Interface - Backend] Switch the position of the Header and Body field for manual bounce processing
0017354: [Batch Processing] Processing queue with multiple Messages sends messages sequentially.
0016909: [Bounce Management] does not pick up regular expression
0017467: [All Other] categorise lists from lists menu dumps user in settings, should go back to lists
0016931: [Internationalization (l18n)] Invalid admin languages trigger a weird default language
0017510: [Interface - Backend] Cannot enable and disable a plugin without reloading
0017647: [Bounce Management] bouncerules missing "with tagged rules" delete/deactivate/save changes
0017566: [Message Management] Message data table contains data unrelated to the message
0017710: [Message Send Process] can't stop a repeating campaign
0017586: [All Other] private lists are printed with [LISTS] (by default or always?)
0017288: [User Management] Campaign is sent to subscriber who is shown as blacklisted
0017741: [Security] Hard coded link on page to http:// causes security error in browsers
0017541: [All Other] suggested new way to report list import results to reduce list v subscriber confusion
0017589: [Message Send Process] Display of Lists tab when composing a message
0017605: [All Other] Add sentence to explain list choosing behaviour on subscribe page builder
0017606: [Subscribe Process] After unsubscribtion user will be blacklisted
0017608: [Message Management] Automatic requeuing does not call plugins
0017609: [Message Send Process] Use of join without an ON clause
0017610: [All Other] editattributes.php ConfirmButton
0016902: [User Management] The line "Users marked red are unconfirmed" is not accurate
0016936: [Bounce Management] Calls to addUserToBlacklist() pass extra parameter
0017290: [Message Management] Requeuing a campaign does not have a predictable embargo time
0017569: [Installation] Small config.php and extended config.php use different hash algorithms
0017603: [HTML Email Support] Incorrect images in HTML emails due to duplicate $cid values in add_html_image function on Windows
0017620: [Message Management] Repeating a campaign may have an unpredictable embargo date/time.
0017624: [User Management] Subscriber profile page does not update date attribute that has spaces in the name
0017304: [Subscribe Process] Javascript Email verification process can be done better
0017494: [Bounce Management] On view bounces the paging control switches to display processed bounces
0017551: [Configuration] Redundant sections in config.php
0017635: [Configuration] Remove section in config_extended regarding pdf attachment
0017636: [phpList] remove incompatible code
0017639: [Bounce Management] Page bounces "View Bounces" Button "Delete/Delete All"
0017648: [User Management] Cannot create new admin users
0017657: [Installation] parse error in a latinamerican language file
0017550: [Bounce Management] Advance bounce handling is inconsistent
0017552: [Subscriber Import] Warning when importing a file of subscribers
0017567: [Installation] Unnecessary files added to release
0017573: [All Other] add button for download all in the area to view all subscribers (added in 3.0.9) from the subscriber lists page
0017582: [All Other] Simplify menu text by removing the word View
0017615: [Message Send Process] Messagedata table has incorrect id field
0017614: [Other] placeholders for Subscribe Pages
0017617: [Interface - Editor] Change "Send" button to "Queue"
0017644: [All Other] remove list id
0017708: [Message Send Process] Attribute placeholder not replaced when subscriber does not have a value for the attribute.
0017713: [Authentication System] new TLDs break installation
0017724: [User Management] Backend Subscriber Edit - Select Boxes do not respect order set in attributes
0017727: [Interface - Administrator] Strip Slashes Needed - Attribute Options
73 issues View Issues
0017587: [Message Send Process] Send the queue in browser not reloading
0017595: [Message Send Process] "Check Status" Button linked to hosted account page
0017580: [Subscriber Export] improve speed of export
0017585: [All Other] remove forward form placeholder
4 issues View Issues
0017515: [Installation] mb_strtolower
0017358: [Message Send Process] allow remote cron calls with secret
0017592: [Subscribe Process] fix slashes in subscribe page titles
0017536: [Subscribe Process] checkboxes for html/text
0017570: [User Management] Blacklist all subscribers with more than X bounces
0017517: [All Other] export all subscribers? (now "all subscribers" list especially)
0017457: [Configuration] remove invented email(s) in config
0017542: [Message Send Process] USERTRACK placeholder not removed from text format emails
0016922: [plugins] Install plugin does not handle invalid zip file
0017538: [Subscriber Export] Subscribe Export Merges all lists into a single cell with no delimiter
0017524: [Subscriber Export] Un/select all
0017459: [Configuration] Segementation settings dialouge in config > settings has inaccurate name?
0017543: [Configuration] config_extended.php file still uses mysql instead of mysqli
0017525: [Bounce Management] "View bounces per list" doesn't show the actual bounces
0017493: [phpList] mysql_affected_rows() function not found
0017489: [Interface - Administrator] Sent/Active/Draft reverted from buttons to accordion control
0017488: [Subscriber Export] Export subscribers doesn't create correct headers
0017532: [All Other] problems with default value: select not being default on subscribe page
0017475: [All Other] template upload and images - remove the no-images step alltogether
19 issues View Issues
0017485: [Interface - Administrator] additional slashes on the subscribe page data
0017484: [Subscriber Export] Export subscribers repeatedly fails
2 issues View Issues
0017315: [User Management] make it harder to add a subscriber without them going onto at least one list, or create an "all subscribers" list
0017419: [All Other] Adding template chapter, confusion with images
0017433: [All Other] blocking upload of binary files (like excel) to prevent confusion/messed up subscribers
0017448: [All Other] Better email sign up area in download version install
0017396: [Email] New top level email address domains
0017355: [Command Line] Recognise php-cgi when run from command line
0017462: [All Other] send test box only appears when uploading template, not when editing existing one
0017469: [Interface - Administrator] Bounce Rules table CSS precludes actually using the form
0016854: [Plugin API] Explanation for plugin method sendMessageTabSave() is misleading
0016899: [Subscriber Export] The webpage refreshes upon clicking "Export"
0016911: [Interface - Frontend] It's not clear what does "List - X (Y)" mean
0017359: [Subscriber Import] reset import button does not appear consistently?
0017361: [Bounce Management] Bounce management unconfirmed the wrong user
0017296: [Subscribe Process] Text for ajax successful message
0017345: [Batch Processing] phplist email processing notification "Reports"
0017458: [Documentation - Configuration] config > settings page "jumps" to top after each edit
0017363: [Subscriber Export] EXPORT subscribers does not produce csv file.
0017317: [Plugin API] Misleading description for $commandlinePluginPages in defaultplugin.php
0017294: [Interface - Administrator] List name is corrupted when it contains an & character
0017291: [Message Send Process] Message selection using embargo time
0017303: [Installation] remove language dropdown during installation
0017318: [Interface - Administrator] Misleading message on login page when in TEST mode
0017388: [User Management] Cannot create administrators with the same email, but can edit an exising administrator to have the same email
0017331: [Configuration] Wordwrap settings are ignored
0017328: [Interface - Administrator] List category that includes single-quote does not work
0017347: [Message Send Process] remove double quotes used in From field
0017426: [User Management] Import by text file of short list appears to "hang" but does in fact work
0017411: [Subscribe Process] allow duplicate sending of welcome email
0017330: [Email] Welcome to the list messages aren't sent
0017390: [Other] Update translations - Unable to fetch list of languages
0017365: [Interface - Administrator] Reconcile users page not useful to normal admins?
0017356: [Bounce Management] View bounces per list: normal admin can see bounces from other lists
32 issues View Issues
0017350: [phpList] Non-ascii file name in lists/texts firectory
0017340: [Batch Processing] Processing the Message Queue with Cron Jobs is Broken.
0017284: [All Other] activate spell check in fckeditor (or troubleshoot lack of spellcheck if it is activated allready)
0017316: [Message Send Process] Processing the Queue via PHP-CGI cURL Broken in 3.0.7
0017310: [All Other] time-out requiring re-log in should give chance to save
0017205: [Installation] If the password used on installation doesn't have at least 8 characters, no error is thrown
0017309: [All Other] Save and Continue editing button (in adition to save)
0017282: [All Other] Plain text generate from html button makes text but does not show it in the box
8 issues View Issues
0017112: [User Management] Problems deleting subscribers for an ordinary admin
0016916: [Message Management] Edit sent messages
0016941: [Subscriber Import] Import of fewer than 5 subscribers does not show the results
0017262: [Plugin API] Allow plugin to have public pages
0016926: [Message Management] Default form texts don't disappear onclick
0017276: [Message Send Process] Campaign incorrectly marked as sent
0017273: [phpList] forward to freind page looks a little scrambled
0016873: [Batch Processing] Batch processing forced when processing queue using browser
0017065: [Configuration] Custom 404
0016908: [Interface - Frontend] Weird position of labels for radio buttons in Subscribe page
0016940: [Message Management] Row added to listmessage for list 0 when composing a message
0016894: [Statistics] Google analytics query string added incorrectly
0016895: [Interface - Administrator] List names ($row['name']) have not been stripped of slashes
0016946: [Internationalization (l18n)] typo
0016913: [Attachments] Deleting attachments only deletes their listing
0016883: [Other] Invalid HTML generated by processqueue page
0016993: [Command Line] Commandline send does not work
0017105: [Internationalization (l18n)] Missing variable in
0016943: [Message Management] Need to be able to edit and delete campaigns
0017202: [Interface - Frontend] Attribute change notifications not sent and not logged
0017240: [User Management] Misleading fields on userhistory records
0017261: [Subscribe Process] Unnecessary event log record on subscription
0017270: [All Other] Default phplist installation fails to set a default directory for plugins and says it's not writable
0017171: [Interface - Administrator] Sent Campaigns view broken (not displaying list or elements)
0017233: [Message Send Process] Footer is added twice when used as a placeholder
0017218: [User Management] Discrepancy in total number of subscribers
0017086: [Email] Avoid sending as a webpage and using a template at the same time
0017214: [Plugin API] Plugin cannot add to message status field
0017187: [Other] SQL is not displayed when an error occurs
0017213: [Interface - Frontend] Typo in English unsubscribe confirmation text
0017193: [Batch Processing] Sending Domain Batch Size + 1 emails
0017185: [User Management] htmlemail or "Send this user HTML emails" not updating
0017155: [Interface - Administrator] Recently Visited area does not show plugin pages correctly
0017172: [All Other] update to
0017249: [Message Send Process] Footer not added when </body> tag is not lower-case
0017239: [User Management] User History records not always displayed in order
0017186: [Other] PHP notice about undefined index
0017198: [User Management] Textarea user attribute saves only the first line
0017228: [Message Send Process] Incorrect parameters passed to addUserHistory
0017210: [Interface - Administrator] There is question marks instead of polish/hungarian special chars
0017153: CSS is different when minified
41 issues View Issues
0016912: [Attachments] Uploading attachments work, but displays a warning
0016865: [plugins] plugin installation across partitions fails
0016850: [Message Send Process] Query updating msg/hr in messagedata will fail on geman locale
0017134: [Interface - Administrator] broken HTML in the list descriptions breaks the spageedit page
0017088: [Internationalization (l18n)] Italian translations update HELP and INFO pages
0016959: [Attachments] missing attachment should block sending, instead of sending an alert
0017057: [Statistics] Campaign click statistics are a bit confusing
0017056: [Statistics] Clicks column on user history is always 0
0017027: [Security] Creating new Admin, leaves admin without password
0017043: [Interface - Frontend] Fix little derp in checkboxgroup
0016945: [Internationalization (l18n)] search & replace errors
0017035: [Bounce Management] Bounce processing not identifying message id
0017031: [Statistics] Reset click statistics deletes links used by other messages
0016934: On some sites the page header is pushed-up
0016989: [Interface - Backend] Some confusion with added slashes in message_data table
0016995: [Bounce Management] Advanced bounce event log shows user id when user has been deleted
0016937: [User Management] Mass remove reports email address not found
17 issues View Issues
0016879: [Installation] Installation does not record the current version
0016892: [Email] Two To headers created when using php mail() function
0016891: [Bounce Management] Spurious button on Bounce Rules page
3 issues View Issues
0017020: [Interface - Administrator] text in menu is converted to all-lower-case which is an error in quite a few languages other than english
0016882: [Command Line] cli break
0016884: [Other] php notice about no buffer to flush
0016876: [Other] php notice about an undefined variable
0016880: [Other] Javascript error on processqueue page
0016867: [Other] option to use SSL for Mysql connection
0016870: [Message Send Process] Empty method called
0016869: [Message Send Process] Multiple records written to the event log
0012449: [Subscribe Process] Feature request: A way to "invite" people to a list
0016852: [Configuration] Width setting (FCKeditor) missing in config.php
0016848: [Configuration] Inconsistency in values for boolean configuration settings
0016862: [Subscribe Process] Date user attribute stored incorrectly
0016842: [phpList] Warning open_basedir restriction in effect
0016834: [Subscribe Process] Problem with choosing list and subscription form
0016846: [Interface - Administrator] Function fatal_error() used before it is defined
0016847: [plugins] Plugin update failed due to caching
0016858: [Other] php notice about an undefined variable
17 issues View Issues
0004221: [Template Management] PHPList - Edit Template Problem
0016845: [plugins] Plugins not detected on public pages
2 issues View Issues
0016839: [Message Management] ALWAYS_ADD_USERTRACK not documented in config.php and defaults to true
0016837: [Interface - Frontend] Hover text for the enable/disable icons on plugins page
2 issues View Issues
0015260: [User Management] Blacklisting and unsubscribing should not be related
1 issue View Issues
0016836: [Subscribe Process] Will Not Hide "Public Lists" if the only one available.
0016835: [Subscriber Import] re-entering existing subscriber wipes some data
2 issues View Issues
0015516: [General] Table phplist_admin_password_request not created automatically on an upgrade
0014793: [phpList] Unable to place twice [UNSUBSCRIBE], [PREFERENCES] and [FORWARD] links in messages
0016713: [Interface - Frontend] screen width is stuck to 710px
0015613: [Interface - Administrator] CSS should not touch capitalisation of words
0016670: [Command Line] command line won't run as the unregister gloabls clear all command line parameters
0016640: [Message Send Process] USE_LIST_EXCLUDE not working
0015163: [HTML Email Support] Link URLs replaced with javascript:void statement when using FCKeditor in Firefox 3
0009105: [Message Management] Anchors in HTML get converted to links in text mails
0016661: [Interface - Administrator] Clearer report in listreports,
0015524: [Interface - Administrator] Stats link disappears from menu when disabling CLICKTRACK
0010937: [Interface - Backend] Change 0/1 values to checkboxes or radio buttons
0016649: [Interface - Administrator] Problem with the term users which is used in different places
0016566: [Documentation - Installation] Installation, file
0016655: [Interface - Administrator] File upgrade.php
0016596: [Interface - Administrator] File : userhistory.php in foreing language
0016636: [Interface - Administrator] file : pagetitles.php in any language
0016563: [Interface - Administrator] Menu in French translation
0016560: [Documentation - Configuration] New version & translation
0016578: [Interface - Administrator] export users
0016677: [Installation] Problem in .htaccess at the root,
0016571: [Subscriber Import] importing users,
0016559: [phpList] Importing and exporting users
0014002: [HTML Email Support] disallow pasting test emails, particularly when using click tracking
0016540: [Interface - Administrator] translation of user profile details in export
0016795: [Message Management] utf-8 issues in text generation
0016794: [Authentication System] Cannot login after password update
0016793: [Message Management] save as draft should put the campaign back in list of draft
0016792: [Interface - Administrator] in expired session, Ajax calls silently fail
0016787: [User Management] Wrong encryption algorithm when upgrading from 2.10.19
0016786: [System Admin] Changing the lists to which a subscriber belongs does not set the 'entered' datetime on listuser table
0016782: [plugins] Update plugin does not overwrite directory
0016785: [plugins] Improve the presentation of the list of plugins
0016784: [All Other] sendAdminCopy() function tries to send to an empty email address
33 issues View Issues
0016730: [Subscribe Process] Email send to existing subscribers
0016780: [Statistics] Error using clicktracking in email
0016781: [plugins] Plugin FCK editor not showing while making a campain
3 issues View Issues
0015029: [Authentication System] Identical Cookies allow login to multiple installations
0016703: [Interface - Frontend] unsubscribe/manage preference has wrong logo
0015603: [Message Send Process] Unwanted carriage returns/line breaks appearing in message body
0016695: [Documentation - Configuration] SSL/TLS
0016774: [phpList] JS confirmation is always accepted
0016769: [Configuration] Incorrect advice in config.php for using SSL/TLS
0016770: [Template Management] HTML for the template page uses the same id for two different elements
0016759: [Email] The [FROMEMAIL] placeholder in the message footer is not replaced
0016762: [plugins] Use the plugin's $pageTitles for the page title
0016765: [Message Send Process] process queue has incorrect units for sleeping
0016764: [Interface - Administrator] HTML generted for navigation area by the WebblerListing class
0016761: [Plugin API] Remove use of eval()
0016763: [plugins] Function logEvent() used before it is defined
0015512: [Statistics] Converting statistical responsetime from seconds to h:m:s
0011841: [Authentication System] Use of MD5
0007797: [Statistics] <area links do not work with CLICKTRACK.
0016653: [Bounce Management] Orphan record in bounceregex_bounce table
0016654: [Bounce Management] Deleting bounce does not remove row from bounceregex_bounce or user_message_bounce tables
0016757: [Statistics] Click tracking conversion created incorrect totals on linktrack_uml_click
0016657: [Message Send Process] Enabling Plugins causes messages to fail to send
0016724: [Interface - Administrator] List names ($row[$id] have not been stripped of slashes
0016753: [Interface - Administrator] Page displayed after logging-out
0016722: [Other] SQL error when admin with owner access deletes a list
0016725: [Subscriber Import] At the end of user import into a list, all lists are showing, not only those owned by admin
0016754: [Installation] Populating the new link tracking tables after a database upgrade
0016756: [Installation] Password invalid after clean install
0016755: [Interface - Administrator] Misleading message regarding HTTP/Request on upgrade
0016750: [Plugin API] Caption used when adding a plugin link to top-level menu
0016748: [Plugin API] Home page plugins list does not include all plugins
0016752: [Internationalization (l18n)] Use vsprintf instead of eval
0016751: [Statistics] Clicking link in email does not redirect
0016747: [Plugin API] Plugin directory PLUGIN_ROOTDIR not recognised
0016712: [Interface - Frontend] several CSS issues with phplist.css
0016706: [Attachments] EMBEDUPLOADIMAGES functionality
0015649: [Other] Remote SMTP Rotation
0016682: [Bounce Management] Format of event log message when user is unconfirmed due to bounces
0016681: [Other] static method call on instance method
0015165: [Attachments] update phpMailer to 5.2.1
0015416: [Bounce Management] "bounce count" on view bounces page does not fully correlate with listed bounces
0014170: [Bounce Management] consecutive bounces are not counted in presence of multiple RSS msgs with different interval
0015544: [Interface - Administrator] Some admin pages are not displayed
0014241: [Batch Processing] Bogus negative last batch size if zero batch period while nonzero batch size
0016574: [Message Send Process] requeuing a message that is being repeated may cause many duplicates
0015625: [HTML Email Support] extraneous paragraph tag
0016688: [Email] gmail wants the precedence header
0015631: [All Other] increase size of column for content in the message table
0007100: [User Management] Textarea has fixed size limit in Add User form
0015617: [HTML Email Support] Fix from 15528 makes bigger problems.
0015223: [Message Send Process] "Processed N out of M users" counts are incorrect.
0015274: [Subscribe Process] Unsubscribe from inactive/private lists
0015533: [Message Management] Wrong processing time reported after processing requeued message
0015377: [Interface - Backend] Editlist: Admin can edit other admins' lists and stole them
0015547: [Security] Setting secure cookies to true with phpList in subdomain causes session problem.
0006506: [Authentication System] Problem with admin login when using multiple PHPlist installations
0015487: [User Management] Adding user with admin/?page=user does not check if the user is already in the database and then replace the old values
0015557: [Subscribe Process] When subscribing phpList doesn't check if user already exists and overwrites existing user data
0015320: [Subscribe Process] Unsubscription should only be possible by a subscriber himself and not by a third person
0015600: [HTML Email Support] Backslashes are stripped from HTML messages
0001821: [Installation] If you change the admin directory, pages stop working
0016702: [Attachments] Embedded image in content not working
0015520: [Message Management] Sent messages statistics should not include test messages
0016686: [Bounce Management] Content of user history message when user is unconfirmed due to consecutive bounces
0016680: [Email] List-Unsubscribe header has escaped &
0016692: [Interface - Administrator] Administrator permissions not correctly applied at first access
0016693: [Interface - Administrator] Configure Phplist settings not updated in real time
0016679: [Email] New install of 2.11.7 cannot send mail
0016697: [Interface - Administrator] Typo: Extra semicolon
0016775: [Interface - Administrator] listings should said "1 to 50, 51 to 100, 101 to 150, etc", but they said "1 to 50, 50 to 100, 100 to 150"
68 issues View Issues
development version 2.11.7
0015179: [General] PHP Short Tags
0014599: [All Other] Give more info when spam is blocked
0011845: [Subscriber Import] CSV import with Foreign Key causes problems
0016644: [Interface - Backend] Make the attributes page tableless
0016645: [Interface - Backend] Make the users page tableless
0016589: [Interface - Administrator] and 2.10.18 - question at a farthing !
0006331: [Message Send Process] Mailer Error: Could not instantiate mail function
0016733: [Message Send Process] SMTP port can not be changed
0006594: [Message Send Process] Add Fallback Feature [FirstName,Fallback=Awesome Dude]
0014991: [Message Send Process] Value of user account "Disabled" field not respected by send process.
0015230: [Configuration] Default settings override config file in /lists/index.php
0003981: [Template Management] text after </html> increases SPAM score
0015432: [Interface - Backend] Upload images or any other file
0015581: [Internationalization (l18n)] Apostrophe in translation breaks variable, makes un-blacklisting from admin impossible
0015578: [Internationalization (l18n)] Slovenian lng pack
0015554: [phpList] System incompatibility: deprecated PHP functions lead to trouble when running PHP 5.3+
0016671: [Message Send Process] Square brackets get removed in code - conditional comments are broken.
0015509: [Plugin API] Plugin: Monitor progress during sending of messages
0015458: [Plugin API] Extend i18n functionality for plugins
0015654: [Internationalization (l18n)] Unnecessary multiple including of language files
0015364: [Statistics] minor issue with click tracking and anti-phishing software
0007684: [HTML Email Support] cache problems with included web page in message
0014970: [Message Send Process] "Duplicate" emails selected but not counted in total sent. Message remains "inprocess".
0015545: [Interface - Backend] Call to iconv() doesn't fail gracefully
0011585: [Message Management] Custom Placeholders / Attributes with special characters in HTML-area
0015298: [Message Send Process] userdata substitution in URL not working for UTF databases
0006240: [Message Management] Click Track cannot handle large urls
0005869: [Message Send Process] The status data of a sent email does not appear correct
0007554: [User Management] System for comparing suppression files
0015193: [All Other] Portions of Content are Omitted in Plain Text from Plain Text Messages with <a> Tag
0015517: [Message Management] Cannot see or edit message body for a new message
0015675: [Interface - Administrator] When installing data base for the first time
0015425: [All Other] Active lists not displayed on preferences page
0015574: [Installation] JS Validation requres 9 Cahracters where Description says 8
0015602: [HTML Email Support] Domain name is not added in 'src' attribute in 'img' tags
0015455: [Interface - Backend] Sidebar.php is not read
0010082: [Internationalization (l18n)] Update the translation (zh-tw) to 2.11.3
0015371: [Interface - Backend] editlist.php should read accessval values from editlist not from list.
0015629: [Interface - Administrator] About page does not show plugin details correctly
0015669: [Interface - Administrator] allow change of "admin" for login
0015639: [Internationalization (l18n)] Too many array-items for languages
0015518: [Message Management] "requeue" action is displayed in the status column
0008244: [User Management] disabled field seems to serve no purpose
0013662: [HTML Email Support] Provide option to edit textmessage after automatic generation from html
0005528: [Internationalization (l18n)] Overwriten config value
0016569: [Interface - Administrator] Exporting users
0016577: [Interface - Administrator] "Next" link is not a button on new campaign composition pages
0016603: [Email] Truncated subjects with UTF8 - Phpmailer too old
0010609: [Installation] error on creating database
0006782: [Subscriber Import] Importing Invalid E-mails
0015632: [Email] TLDs missing from is_email() validation
0015503: [HTML Email Support] HTML emails not supported in email subscription signup process
0016523: [Configuration] Blacklist
0015671: [User Management] Function parseDate() does not allow valid dates
0016611: [Statistics] Click Tracking changed URL Protocol HTTPS
0016615: [Message Send Process] add a warning when trying to send a campaign with a "send until" in the past
0015402: [Message Send Process] Process Message Send Hangs In Broswer
0015534: [Message Send Process] Newlines in footer converted to "rn" in text input box when saving a new message
0015522: [Message Send Process] Cannot select a destination list
0011336: [Message Send Process] Division by zero error in processqueue.php
0015583: [Subscriber Export] Export is limited by dates
0015532: [Subscribe Process] Subscribe process fails due to output() statements in class.phplistmailer.php
0015563: [Bounce Management] Unable to establish POP3 connection
0016576: [Interface - Administrator] Admin interface less / un usuable in dev version
0015480: [Plugin API] Plugins cannot add their own tabs to Send page fix
0015633: [Message Send Process] PHPList sends Fetched URL even if it can't fetch the content.
0010086: [Message Send Process] defaults defaults defaults
0012158: [User Management] Changes to ./admin/commonlib/pages/users.php
0016554: [Email] Error sending mails using smtp auth
0013291: [HTML Email Support] HTML Email Support and character entity encoding
0015615: [Message Send Process] click tracking breaks links with param=0
71 issues View Issues
0016597: [Statistics] Some links end up with a quote at the end of them, thus messing up the SQL to insert them.
0016648: [Interface - Administrator] Problem in bounce.php file when deleting users mail adress
2 issues View Issues
0015262: [Bounce Management] Add user links in the "view a bounce" page
0015653: [Internationalization (l18n)] Russian front-end translation contains irrelevant words, and file encoding
0016552: [Message Send Process] Message criteria not cleared when process queue has more than one message
3 issues View Issues
0015607: [Subscribe Process] Confirmation email not being sent due to issue with getUserConfig()
0015638: [User Management] The config file entry EMAIL_ADDRESS_VALIDATION_LEVEL was removed in 2.10.14
0015634: [Other] Checkbox for text only email not functioning
3 issues View Issues
0015626: [Batch Processing] Autothrottle not delaying for the correct period
0015591: [Interface - Administrator] Normal admin can not list messages
0015499: [All Other] No warning when trunking emails in the DB
0008583: [All Other] Unable to install with UTF-8 database using MySql 4.1
0015614: [Configuration] Configuring Attributes does not save order, default, and, required
0015627: [Message Send Process] Sending using SMTP always uses authentication
0015621: [Other] New use of php short tags in release 2.10.14
0015616: [User Management] Deleting users from the 'List all users' page doesn't work
0015525: [Bounce Management] Wrong link in advanced bounce report mail
0015439: [Message Send Process] Safe mode check in class.phpmailer.php may affect return-path header line
0015611: [Internationalization (l18n)] Translation error in Italian backend
11 issues View Issues
0015528: [Message Send Process] Unwanted carriage returns/line breaks appearing in message body
0015505: [Configuration] RFF: Disable "PhPList Maillist Processing info" in config
0009983: [Message Management] parentheses missing in sql statements in stacked criteria code, send_core.php
0015454: [All Other] database error 1064 when stacking attributes in 2.10.12
0015471: [Interface - Frontend] phplist version is not shown in the footer on public pages
0015562: [Message Send Process] Precedence header is non-standard, may cause issues with delivery
0012626: [Configuration] Slashes not stripped from custom subscribe message
0015461: [All Other] Can't access my subscriber email address database
0015346: [Internationalization (l18n)] Italian backend translation
0015593: [phpList] Database Error #1146
0011818: [Internationalization (l18n)]
0015206: [Internationalization (l18n)] Update Dutch language + phpmailer class
0015359: [Authentication System] User Specific Authentication Pages Loose Formatting
0015466: [Internationalization (l18n)] Two missing variables in
0015519: [Internationalization (l18n)] Fixed string in translation text which should come from database
0015526: [Subscriber Export] SYLK file not valid...
0015537: [HTML Email Support] Domain name is not added in 'src' attribute in 'img' tags
0015536: [Email] Wrong encoding for text version through PhpMailer
0015468: [HTML Email Support] mailto links in html editor don't work
0015492: [Plugin API] Rssmanager Rssthreshold greater than fix
0015273: [Installation] Check for safe_mode wrong
0015592: [Browser Issues] There is a unnecessary blank space
0015501: [Statistics] Click rate of message click statistics always displays 0.00%
0015521: [Interface - Administrator] https breaks when trying to send a message
0010051: [Batch Processing] rss threshold comparison should be >=, not >
0015462: [Documentation - Configuration] wrong description for the MAILQUEUE_THROTTLE value
0008872: [Interface - Backend] Title texts in configure page are only one language.
0012206: [Subscriber Import] incorrect import of checkboxgroup attributes
0015456: [Interface - Backend] '' and '' are pulled from different place
0013746: [Configuration] Configuring a 'website' value not in a root folder hides other config settings
0013522: [HTML Email Support] "powered by phplist" line in emails causes CSS style dump in Eudora for Mac
0015540: [Subscriber Import] User history record has unnecessary quotes
0015463: [Interface - Backend] Call to iconv() doesn't fail gracefully and prevents FCKeditor from loading
0015564: [Internationalization (l18n)] Missing string in
0015489: [Internationalization (l18n)] Can't remove a user from blacklist when working with Italian localization
0015551: [HTML Email Support] Backslashes are stripped from HTML messages
0015478: [Internationalization (l18n)] Spanish translation - patron renamed to plantilla
0015550: [Subscriber Import] Single quotes in emails are converted to html entities when importing
0015183: [Internationalization (l18n)] Update of the French translation
0015598: [Internationalization (l18n)] Catalan translation frontend language file
0015594: [Internationalization (l18n)] Translation error in German localization file: amin/lan/de/spage.php
0015541: [Email] Typo in mail header, line is empty
0015482: [Configuration] [FCKeditor] SendError() is not defined in config.php
0015481: [Configuration] [FCKeditor] wrong path to phplist's config.php
44 issues View Issues
0015612: [Subscribe Process] Attributes' order of listing on subscribe page cannot be saved (not fixed in 2.10.13)
0011231: [Subscribe Process] Hard return truncating data in textarea
0015506: [Internationalization (l18n)] Swedish backend translation
3 issues View Issues
0015640: [Interface - Backend] Hide password value in admin page
0016601: [Interface - Frontend] Small view improvment,
0016580: [Internationalization (l18n)] File language_info
0016530: [Interface - Administrator] UTF-8 AND ISO
0015542: [Statistics] When Click Tracking enabled, [UNSUBSCRIBE] doesn't work anymore
0015523: [Statistics] Click tracking & [USERTRACK] Not Functioning
0015670: [Subscriber Import] Database error 1064 when selecting "Import of address data with differring and individual attributes"
0015641: [Statistics] phplist_clicktrack table taking up a large volume of space
0009721: [Message Management] add a "mark as sent" option
0011562: [Internationalization (l18n)] Random Character Encoding Bug in SHIFT-JIS Japanese emails body & Subject
0015362: [Internationalization (l18n)] overall handling of charsets
0001644: [HTML Email Support] Subject error with UTF-8 encode in Traditional Chinese
0015374: [Interface - Frontend] List page: Delete option removed
0015530: [Message Send Process] Not single or not spool
0015569: [Email] From header encoding corrupt
0015559: [phpList] Database error 1062 while doing query Duplicate entry
0015579: [Statistics] mclicks.php always shows "no active campaigns", Caused by error in SQL
17 issues View Issues
version 2.10.12 released Apr 23, 2010
0015358: [Subscriber Import] Import does not strip doublequote text delimiters when using 'import emails with the same values for attributes'
0015301: [Message Send Process] function UserAttributeValue will end up with no value in $val_ids[0] causing sql command to fail
0015390: [Internationalization (l18n)] Spanish language file (frontend) - update for v2.10.10
0015412: [All Other] messages.php displays incorrect total of sent messages
0015421: [Subscriber Import] Importing CSV with multiple values for Checkboxgroup crashes with SQL Error
0015300: [Subscribe Process] Resubscribing previous user (i.e. blacklisted)
0015227: [All Other] Actually 2.10.9 - Marking Most Users Invalid !!
0015450: [Subscriber Import] 'import emails with different values for attributes' does not import test output
0015419: [Message Send Process] Allow MAILQUEUE_THROTTLE to be a decimal value
0015420: [HTML Email Support] phplist_message message field should be (at least) mediumtext
0015408: [Interface - Backend] A patch unicode support for database connection
0015294: [User Management] ADMIN function- will only list 1st 50 users, and SEARCH function will not respond
0015325: [Message Send Process] SMTP code is partially broken (revisited)
0015438: [Internationalization (l18n)] ‾ characters in portuguese domainstats page.
0015445: [User Management] Imported blank checkbox attributes are displayed as "checked" on a user's preferences page
0015378: [Interface - Backend] editlist: Admin can create more lists than maximum list per admin
0015321: [Message Management] Linebreaks in text link replacements of attachments
0015318: [Bounce Management] Index needed on phplist_user_message_bounce table
0015417: [Bounce Management] speed up bounce management by optimizing mysql tables and queries to use indices
0015295: [HTML Email Support] typo in admin/message.php:58
0015442: [All Other] incorrect http 404 header in connect.php
0015352: [User Management] Sort by 'entered' and 'modified' not working on page 'users'
0015391: [Interface - Backend] Reconcile users > delete tagged do not work
0015372: [Authentication System] An admin can delete other admins lists without being the owner
0013508: [Internationalization (l18n)] Arabic translation
0015395: [Message Send Process] [BLACKLIST] doesn't produce link in message footer
0015361: [Subscribe Process] Attribut value is not saved
0015341: [Interface - Frontend] security - forgotpassword value not checked/eval'd
0015415: [Bounce Management] "delete unidentified > 2 months" does not work. Delete query is incorrect
0015257: [Plugin API] Incorrect link text used in sidebar menu
0015363: [HTML Email Support] addAbsoluteResources does not / or fails in matching schema
0015409: [Interface - Frontend] two lines falsly moved in phplist.css
0011143: [Internationalization (l18n)] Translation for Indonesian (ID) language
0015398: [Internationalization (l18n)] Update Bulgarian language file (frontend) for v2.10.10
0015392: [Internationalization (l18n)] Corrupted spanish language admin help file: lists/admin/help/es/attachments.php
0015388: [Internationalization (l18n)] Turkish language file - Updated and revised frontend translation of
36 issues View Issues
phpList version 2.10.11

released Apr 9th 2010
0015323: [Interface - Frontend] The campaigns' Subject field uses "//value=" instead of "value="
0015331: [Internationalization (l18n)] Belgian Dutch Translation
0015299: [Message Send Process] 'Short' php tag in fckphplist.php causes FCKEditor not to load
0015308: [Message Send Process] Embedding images in CONTENT section not working
0006682: [Installation] PHP Short Tags
0015347: [Internationalization (l18n)] Hungarian front end
0015411: [HTML Email Support] When uploading images to templates using spaces on the name it does not embedded correctly
0015288: [Command Line] v2.10.10: Commandline cron not working
0015284: [User Management] v2.10.10: Delete attribute and Merge attribute feature does not seem to be working
0015283: [Message Send Process] v2.10.10: Date criteria does not work
0015426: [RSS] viewrss pagination broken
0015369: [Software Releases] 2.10.10 initial patches
       0015289: [Subscribe Process] v2.10.10: UNSUBSCRIBE_JUMPOFF doesn't seem to work for personalized unsubscribe link
       0015287: [Message Management] v2.10.10: FCKeditor doesn't load when opening the 'send a message' page.
       0015307: [All Other] Forward feature incompatible with < PHP 5.1.0 because of "htmlspecialchars_decode" function
       0015302: [HTML Email Support] "Send this user HTML emails" set to 0 when user is added through "list membership"
       0015303: [Message Send Process] Signatures added twice, and in invalid ways
       0015290: [Subscribe Process] v2.10.10 - Second subscribe window appearing when re-subscribing a previously unsubscribed user
       0015292: [Template Management] View templates generates a blank page
       0015286: [Bounce Management] delete bounce operation doesn't work from 'view a bounce' page
       0015285: [Subscribe Process] v2.10.10: Attributes' order of listing on subscribe page cannot be saved
21 issues View Issues
0019179: [plugins] Images folder needed to avoid error from CKEditor
1 issue View Issues
0019263: [Message Management] Copy previously sent message into draft
0019400: [Interface - Backend] Encode text message in editor
0018880: [Email] Include a space after URL placeholders to avoid invalid user id / malformed URLs
0018888: [System Admin] 'Headers already sent' when reinitialising an existing database
0019267: [Subscribe Process] Provide 'Reset template' button on 'Add new subscribe page'
5 issues View Issues
0015182: [Message Send Process] Error 1064 when using stacked attribute selection
0015211: [Message Send Process] STACKED_ATTRIBUTE_SELECTION "," error on values
0015248: [User Management] DB error 1146 while doing query Table 'groups' doesn't exist
0015275: [HTML Email Support] stripHTML is too greedy when matching links
0011524: [Software Releases] a new version, links need to change
0015241: [Message Management] Subject will empty when we edit the message
0015276: [Interface - Backend] re-enable image upload in fckeditor
0015255: [All Other] A new version of phplist is available - links are broken
0015220: [Internationalization (l18n)] Error in latinamerican translation
0012126: [Attachments] Receiving corrupt PDF attachments
0015164: [Attachments] Attachment data is double-wrapped in MIME-encoded message
0015216: [Message Send Process] Possible typo in send_core.php on line 53
0015221: [Internationalization (l18n)] Missing variable in latinamerican file
0015222: [Internationalization (l18n)] String 'All Active Lists' appears to be hardcoded in admin/send.php
0014041: [Internationalization (l18n)] Bulgarian language file (frontend)
0015244: [Subscriber Import] Potential for SQL injection in import
0015212: [Subscribe Process] UNSUBSCRIBE_JUMPOFF setting not functional even if UNSUBSCRIBE_JUMPOFF is set to 1 in config.php
0014243: [User Management] start parameter never defined in members.php
0015240: [Subscribe Process] v2.10.9 - Second subscribe window appearing when re-subscribing a previously unsubscribed user
19 issues View Issues
0015184: [User Management] "list of all users" is empty
0015201: [Message Management] Enabling [FORWARDFORM]
0015196: [User Management] Broken SQL Queries in admin/commonlib/pages/users.php
0015203: [Interface - Backend] Error Sign Displayed on 'users' page when not logged in as admin
0015192: [Subscribe Process] Confirm Email Alert with no fieldname when Empty
0015205: [Internationalization (l18n)] french translation for admin/configure.php
0015199: [Interface - Frontend] ver. 2.10.8 - unsubscribe page doesn't not load fully: missing style sheet, body tags, etc.
7 issues View Issues
0004756: [Message Send Process] PHPMailer doesn't properly include its language files.
0014514: [phpList] </form> tag missing in index.php (version 2.10.5)
2 issues View Issues
0019201: [Interface - Administrator] Admin header should link to main page of admin interface
0019124: [User Management] Change default confirmation email text to include how data will be used
0019210: [Interface - Administrator] Make dates on 'View opens' page human readable
0019188: [Interface - Administrator] Change default option on "export" page to "Any date (Export all subscribers) "
0018859: [Theme - Trevelin] Campaign click statistics page incorrect column number
0018806: [Theme - Trevelin] Main menu doesn't load when using $require_login = 0;
0019116: [Message Management] Deleting a message does not remove rows from related tables
0019156: [Interface - Frontend] Click event doesn't work on dynamically generated elements
0019178: [All Other] In php 7.2 the each() function is deprecated
0019131: [Statistics] resetMessageStatistics() should remove rows from user_message_view
0018907: [Documentation - Editor Usage] Add contextual help information for 'Load data from predefined defaults' on Configure Attributes page
0019066: [Interface - Frontend] Add contextual help explaining the meaning of "System" templates
0019197: [Interface - Administrator] Campaign title is displayed as campaign subject when clicking "view" campaign
0019198: [All Other] Chrome tests failing on travis
0019145: [All Other] Add advisory text for editing confirmation email content regarding data protection
0018790: [Documentation - Configuration] Add help text to clarify where an uploaded company logo is used and its format
0019189: [Interface - Frontend] remove the "phpList Help: $topic" heading from the help-text files
0018839: [plugins] Menu items for new plugin are added when plugin is not yet enabled
0018847: [User Management] Deleting a user does not delete records from all related tables
0018829: [Other] Lists tab shows extra lists as checked, php 7.1 incompatibility
0018854: [Message Send Process] Link click stores urls with trailing space
0018551: [Message Send Process] Adding absolute resources
0018543: [Interface - Administrator] The selected theme's directory instead of its name is displayed
0018591: [Message Management] Need to quote user attribute name when used as a placeholder
0018569: [All Other] No theme selected when parse_ini_file has been disabled
0018553: [Message Send Process] Embedding external images does not work when run from command line
0018747: [Internationalization (l18n)] Two language_info files fail parsing
0019139: [Interface - Administrator] Categorize lists messes up the page buttons
0019191: [Interface - Administrator] The number of lists is not placed correctly
0018725: [Interface - Administrator] Add info buttons (contextual help) to headings on stats overview page
0019017: [All Other] Move "Subscriber is blacklisted ..." text on subscriber profile page, from the bottom to the top of the page
0019020: [All Other] Make response time on "Subscribers History" human readable
0019065: [Interface - Frontend] Add help option to explain what does it mean to add a list as "public"
0019045: [Interface - Administrator] Fix miscalculation of percentages on Campaign statistics page
0018860: [Interface - Administrator] Change table name on Campaign click statistics page
0019085: [Interface - Administrator] Replace seconds with formatted date on Subscriber History page
0018537: [Interface - Administrator] Print full sender address on campaign page including email address
0018275: [Interface - Administrator] Add number formatting to bounced stats on listbounces page
0018627: [Interface - Administrator] Add button link to campagn 'Statistics overview' page on 'View Opens' page
0018308: [Interface - Administrator] Add table headings to "Setup" page
0019044: [Interface - Administrator] Replace 'Go there' links with linked page titles on 'Config'/'Checklist' page
0018596: [Interface - Administrator] Add number formatting to statistics overview page
0018629: [Interface - Administrator] Relable 'Views' to 'Unique Views' on statistics overview page
0018973: [Theme - Trevelin] There is a wrong left space in /lists/admin/?page=import2
0019042: [Interface - Administrator] Add page title to 'dialogue only' links, using alreay available name
0018997: [Theme - Trevelin] Move 'Send test' button to the side of the test email address field on Send Campaign pages
0018011: [Interface - Frontend] Change "Messages" to "Message" in user history table
0018538: [Interface - Administrator] Add campaign open vs campaign click ration to statistics page
0019035: [Interface - Administrator] User history page date and text formatting improvements
0017751: [Interface - Administrator] Use of descendant selector on Compose tab
0018718: [System Admin] commandline tools to clean up the lists a little
0017930: [All Other] No subject in view a campaign
0018706: [Message Management] Repeat message processing tries to copy an index
0017939: [Interface - Administrator] dashboard -> Sorry this page was not found in the plugin
0018719: [Interface - Backend] not all tabs are showing, even if there is enough space in the page
0018774: [Theme - Trevelin] Reduce unnecessary whitespace above 'Logout' button
0018775: [Interface - Frontend] Public subscribe page layout improvements
0018772: [All Other] Remove top border from the first row of tables
0018999: [Interface - Administrator] Make 'view' subscribe page button open in new tab
0018760: [Theme - Trevelin] Send a campaign page has large whitespace between fields (redundant .clearfix divs)
0018766: [Theme - Trevelin] Reduce whitespace at the end of the campaign composer page
0018784: [Theme - Trevelin] Reduce unnecessary whitespace in page headings
0018764: [Theme - Trevelin] Fields on campaign composer are wider than the content container on small screens
0018765: [Theme - Trevelin] Help modal popup contains phpList loading icon which is vertically misaligned
0018786: [Authentication System] ENCRYPT_ADMIN_PASSWORDS is still used
0018783: [Interface - Administrator] The selected theme's directory instead of its name is displayed
0018575: [Theme - Trevelin] Login page rendering on Safari for Mac
0018390: [Theme - Trevelin] Make all tabs on 'Send a campaign' page visible on wider screens
0018536: [Interface - Administrator] Add number formatting to individual campaign statistics page
0018534: [Interface - Administrator] Add link to campaign statistics on sent campaign page
0018500: [Theme - Trevelin] Progress bar remains visible after processing the message queue has finished
0018535: [Interface - Administrator] Add campaign alias on sent campaign page
0018781: [Interface - Administrator] Add link from list name to 'View list' page
0018347: [Configuration] Pageroot does not change root in all ways
0018620: [Interface - Backend] Exclude list not showed on lists tab (send page only with Trevelin theme)
0018123: [All Other] document define(EMBEDEXTERNALIMAGES, 1); in config extended
0018545: [Other] Fatal errors on php version are issued too late
0018976: [Interface - Administrator] Campaign click statistics page shows negative percentages for clicks
0018595: [Subscriber Import] Users attributes wasn't updated when importing CSV
79 issues View Issues
0006473: [Statistics] clicktracking causes excessive database load
0015194: [All Other] usertracking produces high mysql serverload, causes cpu hog and kills server
0008863: [HTML Email Support] New email header ordering breaks HTML rendering in most email clients
0009417: [All Other] link tracking excessive table size
4 issues View Issues
0008980: [Message Send Process] Link Conversion for Click Tracking
0004215: [Interface - Frontend] Default values for radio buttons in attributes not honored
0005786: [All Other] System messages don't parse [DOMAIN] or [WEBSITE]
0005862: [Internationalization (l18n)] Corrections to german user interface, using proper HTML entities
0006638: [Bounce Management] bounce.php
0008447: [Internationalization (l18n)] JAPANESE TRANSLATION FILE
0008494: [Message Management] Once you "exclude" a list you can't "un-exclude" from that message
0008549: [Message Send Process] message envelope not passed to php mailer, phpmailer does not set the correct Sender
0008720: [Message Send Process] Using -p send from the commandline doesn't seem to work
0008839: [Internationalization (l18n)] new danish frontend translation
0008854: [Internationalization (l18n)] Missing spaces in prependmailtext
0008870: [User Management] It doesn't show the message of alert in the checkbox fields
0008897: [All Other] Incorrrect count in users.php when owner role applied
0008898: [RSS] getrss bug for chinese rssitem title in UTF-8 encoding
0008960: [User Management] No checking for duplicate admin on create
0008989: [All Other] required fields not completly ok with group of checkbox
0008998: [Repetition] Unable to find new embargo date too many exclusions?
0009687: [Message Send Process] Confusing use of the word "Both", indicating one email with both text and html and not two emails
0010084: [Authentication System] no error generated on passwords of 3 or less characters
0010381: [Documentation - Installation] INSTALL instructions are outdated
0010828: [Template Management] Possible faulty insert; Database error 1062 while doing query Duplicate entry 'Untitled Template' for key 2
0011163: [All Other] SQL error on import: syntax error near 'data' since additional data is used
0005162: [Batch Processing] PHP (cli) interface ends with output 'Reload required'
0005832: [Internationalization (l18n)] user signup confirm email internationalization
0006272: [Internationalization (l18n)] $strYouAreBlacklisted string in language files is not used fo output
0006622: [Internationalization (l18n)] Date attribute in spanish
0008106: [Subscriber Import] import 'foreignkey' fails; bad SQL
0009001: [All Other] "Database error 1054" when viewing list members
0008919: [RSS] $ symbols within feeds are interpreted as variables at send time
29 issues View Issues
0008478: [Message Send Process] processqueue.php creeates bad query if $doneusers large
0008628: [Batch Processing] php segmentation fault in Sql_Query on unset($GLOBALS['lastquery']);
0008210: [All Other] 2.10.3 Upgrade fails to update tables
0003416: [Bounce Management] Bounce testing not consecutive
0004022: [Statistics] full stop at end of sentence should not be included in the URL for tracking
0004628: [Message Send Process] Content of outgoing message can trigger unexpected inclusions
0005017: [All Other] Special character "o acute" is displayed as "ó" in text version of a message.
0005164: [Installation] Send page leads to redirect loop - mysql 5 database issue
0005555: [Interface - Backend] automatically set order when adding multiple control values for attributes of type 'select' and 'checkboxgroup'
0005563: [Interface - Backend] order of control values for select attributes not respected in add/edit user form in admin
0006063: [Message Send Process] Using multiple Criteria attributes at "ADVANCED CRITERIA MODE" gives false user filtering
0006419: [All Other] Short tags are not supported on everywhere
0006840: [HTML Email Support] html to text parser breaks on <br attribute"parameter"/>
0007060: [Message Send Process] Criteria does not refresh the correct amount
0007101: [All Other] Need link back to list from user details
0008165: [Message Send Process] stripHTML adds space or another character to the start of each sentance in the text version
0008211: [Interface - Backend] Javascript error in import1.php
0008212: [Interface - Frontend] theme header references missing images
0008228: [Internationalization (l18n)] Hebrew languages for Client part was configured wrong
0008239: [Interface - Frontend] Subscribe page submit button not showing custom text
0008243: [Interface - Frontend] Typo in admin "List for testing" page
0008245: [Batch Processing] Bounce retrieval port
0008394: [Subscribe Process] "Colon" (:) or "equal" (=) in confirmation preferences change message
0008437: [Configuration] Deleting attributes dependant form selected language
0008457: [Bounce Management] $bounce_unsubscribe_t[h]reshold problem upgrading from 2.10.2 to 2.10.3
0008667: [Browser Issues] Fix for "powered by" line for Eudora / Mac
0008791: [Internationalization (l18n)] Ukrainian Translation of the front end
0009910: [All Other] Date attribute criteria is displayed as 0 and not saved
0010384: [Mac Issues] System messages ugly colour
0004492: [All Other] FCK Editor has been updated
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0019324: [Bounce Management] Error with email content when processing bounces
1 issue View Issues
0006531: [Statistics] statsoverview.php and mviews.php display incorrect totals because 'usermessage' table 'entered' field is NULL
0006729: [Internationalization (l18n)] New file
0007595: [All Other] Link Click Tracking
0007744: [All Other] Importing attribute with empty data doesn't clear existing data.
0004236: [Plugin API] Example plugings have additional trailing ?>
0004490: [All Other] admin directory
0004626: [Interface - Frontend] Can't unselect lists from email
0005099: [Message Send Process] embargo does not contain hour 23
0005305: [Message Management] Path to config.php file incorrect in upload script
0005392: [Internationalization (l18n)] missing translation in french
0004406: [Statistics] Click tracking breaks mixed case URLs
0004642: [Message Send Process] Allow send test message to send only single email
0004661: [Interface - Backend] Close php tag into the backend on html output
0004708: [Interface - Backend] Nicer with paragraph break between links to add a user, dump CSV
0004938: [Template Management] Zaire No Longer Exists
0005159: [Template Management] template images not replaced when re-uploaded
0005361: [Internationalization (l18n)] German translation
0005363: [Interface - Backend] problem on draft tab on list of messages page
0005622: [Internationalization (l18n)] "Compare Email" without translation in index.php on line 394
0005863: [Internationalization (l18n)] Correct a typo
0005864: [Internationalization (l18n)] Add a Swiss German translation of the user interface
0005866: [All Other] Link in TEXT Mail is not parsed if Link is preceeded by newline
0005878: [Message Send Process] html parses the text before adding the UniqID; in plain text, it doesn't add the UniqID at all
0005997: [Internationalization (l18n)] "Suscribe" button with erroneous text.
0006015: [Message Management] invalid email user marked unconfirmed
0007162: [HTML Email Support] URLs forced to lower case in text emails
0004411: [Message Management] Requeue message uses original time to calculate how long the message took to send.
0004721: [Internationalization (l18n)] Traditional Chinese language files update
0005332: [Interface - Backend] Extra backslash in list name
0005352: [Internationalization (l18n)] accentuated characters problems in french massage queue reports
0005365: [Configuration] Correct handling of quotes in text/subscription messages. e.g. - O'Dell's - becomes - O\'Dell\'s -
0005630: [Interface - Frontend] Frontend translation to Croatian
0005927: [Interface - Backend] https not natively supported
0006017: [Internationalization (l18n)] Portuguese translation update:
0006314: [Message Management] Escape character in confirmation pages
0006440: [All Other] spacer.gif error
0006508: [Interface - Frontend] Inappropiate usage of exit in lists/admin/subscribelib2.php
0006644: [All Other] Possible candidate for 'US English include file
0006783: [Installation] Errors about unknown variables
0006889: [Attachments] French files for administration
0006992: [Internationalization (l18n)] Typos in texts/
0007046: [Internationalization (l18n)] Russian translation for front end
0007054: [Authentication System] Forgot password does not work
0007418: [RSS] Typo in rsslib.php
0007623: [RSS] Purge RSS doesn't work, simple fix needed
0007983: [Message Send Process] Missing "cat" domain in is_email() function
0008078: [Message Send Process] One word - From Line option (in Send Message) missing @
0008083: [All Other] List of provinces in The Netherlands - for attribute selection box
0007161: [RSS] add option to always mark users for a certain RSS frequency when using a subscribe page
0008092: [Statistics] Single quote hrefs not translated into tracked urls
0004079: [Internationalization (l18n)] corrupted russian message subject and from fields when editing
0004415: [User Management] When listing unconfirmed users, the user list scroll links scroll the entire list, not only those unconfirmed
0005444: [Bounce Management] Features in bounce
0008134: [Message Send Process] Send Message - After "Save Changes" - Hebrew Subject broken
0003139: [Internationalization (l18n)] Hebrew support
0003560: [Statistics] replacement of double URLs
0004137: [Statistics] text emails click tracking track wrong URLs
0005880: [Message Send Process] using a textarea attribute value in a message doesn't output all the data
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0004026: [All Other] version check
0004030: [Message Send Process] Sending page doesnt display the edit screen
0004031: [Subscribe Process] Default format, text vs html, not correctly set
0004044: [Internationalization (l18n)] problematic charset definition
0004057: [Statistics] Text version of HTML email problems: Space before paragraph; > appended
0004077: [Command Line] commanline user check may fail on certain systems
0004095: [User Management] Blacklisted status incorrectly reported.
0004110: [Browser Issues] bad html code leads to messy display
0004159: [Installation] Blank Admin Screen on New Install & Upgrade - caused by init.php entry?
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0012822: [Configuration] Database stores passwords in plain text
1 issue View Issues
0003712: [User Management] DB error when trying to view Blacklisted users + user 1-50 dont show in 2.9.5
0003730: [Message Send Process] using extremely complex criteria hangs database
0003740: [Subscribe Process] updating rss frequency is not saved
0003757: [All Other] click tracking replaces replaced urls
0001258: [Subscriber Export] Admins can export all users, not just their own
0003268: [Message Management] Update FCKeditor to version 2.0
0003638: [Message Send Process] ensure view tracking is not duplicated
0003645: [Configuration] when website and domain are the same config values should have domain instead of website
0003647: [Message Send Process] rescheduled messages have wrong timing
0003652: [HTML Email Support] text to html, first paragraph
0003659: [Message Send Process] popup message when you change tabs before saving changes is confusing
0003662: [Message Send Process] missing information when you forward messages
0003689: [Template Management] "full url check" should not check mailto urls
0003788: [All Other] Confirmation email includes lists that are not active
0003817: [Internationalization (l18n)] If translation does not exist, no popup warning message appears
0003910: [User Management] assign all users who are not on a list to a list update entered value
0003911: [Message Send Process] suspended messages are resent at next queue run
0003923: [All Other] removed criteria are not updated for message
0003967: [All Other] Message Viewed statistics wrong for messages not being tracked
0003989: [User Management] Add user not working from admin section
0003804: [Message Management] Only have the page loads
0003637: [Internationalization (l18n)] with require_login off, language switch doesn't work
0004627: [Interface - Frontend] Date display in history giving wrong date
0003197: [Message Management] "$" misinterpreted as php variable in the text.
0003613: [Message Send Process] sending message to lists which are 'not active'
25 issues View Issues
0002457: [Software Releases] PHPList v2.9.5 release
       0002660: [Subscribe Process] list subscription preferences lost when updating prefs using Mac OSX browsers
       0002658: [HTML Email Support] Integrate TinyMCE as an alternative HTML editor
0003625: [Authentication System], line 20 of 67
0000464: [Message Send Process] change send class to use phpmailer
0003602: [Subscriber Import] If $require_login is off subscriber import with $_SESSION crashes
0003544: [phpList] Can you add a 'stop sending this e-mail' option in php
0003428: [Template Management] Not Saving Images?
0003543: [phpList] values in configure for From and reply to are not being included
0003280: [All Other] Attributes with selection menus should have the option of remaining empty -- rather than be forced to default to a value.
0002687: [User Management] Information: Sorry, I don't know how to
0002949: [All Other] Unsubsribers on blacklist
0002881: [HTML Email Support] HTML character entity encoding replacement
0000845: [All Other] add a user email placeholder
0002917: [All Other] MySQL 4.1+ TIMESTAMP SQL Change
0003430: [Subscriber Import] False warnings always reported during import
0003327: [All Other] Invalid query with protected word hash on unsubscribe page
0003371: [Internationalization (l18n)] 'users.php' and 'user.php' files have not been 'internationalized'
0002770: [Subscriber Export] Add the internal ID in the list of fields exported.
0001920: [Subscribe Process] Blacklist cannot be disabled
0002756: [Message Send Process] Change notification to user missing first letter in each attribute field
0002685: [Subscribe Process] Date attribute use in Subscribe Page
0000863: [Message Management] Reporting of USERTRACK results
0002786: [Subscribe Process] Escaped Characters in Template Output
0002809: [All Other] Sql_Affected_Rows missing explicit database link
0003238: [Configuration] ALLOW_NON_LIST_SUBSCRIBE in config.php file twice...
0002554: [Configuration] commonlib/pages/attributes.php: clean up the UI
0002553: [Configuration] admin/spageedit.php: Clean up attributes list
28 issues View Issues
0002456: [Software Releases] PHPList v2.9.4 release
       0002618: [All Other] System messages are ignoring the encoding type settings
       0002136: [Subscribe Process] User cannot unsubscribe
       0002077: [Batch Processing] Outbound Emails are tarpitted due to multiple sessions
       0002593: [Repetition] duplicate emails in import emails
       0000527: [All Other] internationalisation
       0000617: [HTML Email Support] send a page
       0002114: [Message Send Process] From:
       0002305: [HTML Email Support] basckslashes in unsubscribe mail
       0002181: [All Other] List ownership
       0002620: [Authentication System] spageedit - owner of page not remembered
       0002472: [User Management] Adminstrator adding user from spage, would send out incorrect UniqueID.
       0002508: [All Other] Unable to Add User to list which is already on another list.
       0002591: [All Other] Remove HTML comments from index.php
       0002548: [Configuration] Error email missing hostname.
       0002471: [User Management] 'Owner' is not being assigned when creating new message
       0002569: [Configuration] Change all email routines to use configured encoding type
       0002188: [Batch Processing] Batch processing seems to go out much too slowly..
       0002227: [Subscriber Import] Test import
       0002180: [All Other] Add, edit and remove Administrators
       0002102: [Message Send Process] ver 2.9.3 - Missing "Send Test Message" option
       0002170: [Installation] Faluire to try and intialise database, with clean install
0002599: [Message Management] Loss Of Send Test Message
0002353: [User Management] Huge Bugs in User Tracking...
24 issues View Issues
0002771: [Subscriber Export] Protect text fields with quotes when exporting to CSV
0002354: [Subscriber Import] Import emails from tab-delim fails (with no warning) if attributes not already created
0002380: [Subscribe Process] hidden lists that are truly hidden from unsubscribing
3 issues View Issues
0001581: [Installation] Error message when adding attributes.
0001122: [Message Send Process] possible optimisation of sending
0001735: [User Management] invalidemail does not work in 2.9.1
0001617: [Subscriber Import] Imported attributes that are blank do not get assigne an attribute value
0001997: [All Other] deleting or changing a list status has no effect
0002046: [Subscribe Process] need to create subscribe pages not clearly indicated to admin
0002048: [All Other] masthead.png file not valid
0001682: [Authentication System] Unsubscribe does not requirer password
8 issues View Issues
0001266: [User Management] Quickly find all unsubscribes
0000556: [RSS] set time of day for sending the message
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0019257: [Internationalization (l18n)] Contact Administrator not translatable
1 issue View Issues
0017535: [Internationalization (l18n)] Corupted file with czech texts
0017810: [Interface - Frontend] CSS phplist hosted news
0017809: [Internationalization (l18n)] Translation "suppressionlist" missing
0017599: [Interface - Backend] Request adding "add user" button
0017563: [Interface - Frontend] Failure notification after saving template
5 issues View Issues