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0009229phpList 3 applicationGeneralpublic07-03-07 01:24
ReporterDick Griffin Assigned To 
Status resolvedResolutionno change required 
Product Version2.10.4 
Summary0009229: With Link tracking on, links are broken in messages sent through list and db errors reported on GUI screens
DescriptionIn the template for the message, the link from the icons should be:
but in the transmission of the message, the phplist somehow changes that link to be
in the message as it comes through the Outlook client
This seems to be related to the way the [UNSUBSCRIBE]links are being broken too.
Additional Informationit may be a different issue, but when 'process bounces' is triggered, the following db error is reported:

"Database error 1030 while doing query Got error 127 from table handler -----"

When I reviewed the MySQL tables, the php_linktrack table appears to me broken, with the MySQLadmin app reporting it as 'busy'. When a 'repair table' function is executed on the table, nothing happens and the 'in use' message appears in the GUI.
"phplist_linktrack Browse Select Insert Properties Drop Empty in use"

Drilling down to look at the structure of the table reveals:

"Can't open file: 'phplist_linktrack.MYD'. (errno: 144)


SQL-query :

SHOW KEYS FROM `phplist_linktrack`

MySQL said:

Can't open file: 'phplist_linktrack.MYD'. (errno: 144)

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related to 0006473 resolvedmichiel clicktracking causes excessive database load 



07-03-07 01:23

administrator   ~0024437

the first issue is the tracked link, and should be correct. The encoding will track the click and store it in the database.
the second one is a crashed DB and needs to be corrected on the server.