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0009105phpList 3 applicationCampaign Managementpublic04-06-13 17:30
Reporterdecay Assigned To 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version2.10.4 
Fixed in Version2.11.10 
Summary0009105: Anchors in HTML get converted to links in text mails
DescriptionAnchors in the message being sent are treated as normal links and are converted to <#anchorname> in the text version of the message sent. Imho this should be filtered, because the anchors are useless in the text view anyway..
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related to 0015193 resolvedmichiel Portions of Content are Omitted in Plain Text from Plain Text Messages with <a> Tag 
related to 0015275 resolvedmichiel stripHTML is too greedy when matching links 



15-06-08 09:28

reporter   ~0049650

Unfortunately, this issue is a regression and back again in version 2.10.5.

I've described the problem in the following posting:

I encounter the following problem whenever I compose HTML-newsletters with anchors and links to those anchors in the HTML-mail:

The HTML-mail is perfect, but the text version includes (useless and hideous) html-leftovers like <1> wherever there are links to anchors.

An example:

1) Gilt der Datenschutz für Lehrer nicht? <1>

2) McKinsey: PISA-Ergebnisse haben nichts mit Schulsystem zu tun <2>

3) Merkblätter und Formulare des Kultusministeriums <3>

4) Zur Erinnerung zwei herzliche Einladungen: <4>

Is this a bug or is there a way of cleaning html-code in text-mails?

Another Problem is that (in text-mails) there is a line-break after what is a link (in html-mails).

The problem is, that if there is a full-stop or a parenthesis after the link, this gets moved to a new line.

(Aktenzeichen 15 U/142/07, Quelle:


04-06-13 17:30

administrator   ~0052092

tried this in trunk and seems to work ok