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0005455phpList 3 applicationCampaign Send Processpublic10-02-09 10:27
Status closedResolutionwon't fix 
Product Version2.10.2 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0005455: Failure to replace Placeholders in TEXT versions of HTML/TEXT emails
DescriptionTEXT version of my HTML/TEXT emails fail to include the USERID, etc. I am using correct placeholders, which are working fine in the HTML version of messages. Text version is missing the USERID in links, and it appears as if Placeholders are not being replaced.

(While it appears that all other Placeholder replacement has been working, I have also experienced one system email containing http://www.[DOMAIN] in the content. However, this part is probably not a bug as I could have mistakenly added a [DOMAIN] Placeholder during setup to a system message template on which no replacement is performed!!! )

Why would most of the Placholder replacement be working and some not? It seems if phplist can correctly build the HTML email then is should beable to build the correct TEXT email too considering that it is sending it out together as one email.

Interesingly enough, the UNSUBSCRIBE link, etc. that is parsed in message footer does work and does include the proper USERID. Setting USE_MANUAL_TEXT_PART and creating a text version does not fix the placeholder replacement. Also, adding the entire content body to the messsage footer does not change Placeholder replacement behavior but does bypass stripping HTML from the message content.

Can you point me to a few lines to start debugging?
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13-02-06 20:22


Good find. Michiel should be able to point you to the files to debug...


14-02-06 03:32

reporter   ~0010640

I have also noticed this - my placeholders are in a message template, starting off Dear [NAME], [CONTENT] - which is outputted correctly to html messages, but starts only with the content in text versions.


01-03-06 13:30

reporter   ~0011131

Unfortunately, this issues and "USE_MANUAL_TEXT_PART and content from [URL:<url>]"seem to be unrelated. I mentioned setting USE_MANUAL_TEXT_PART simply because I tested the senario.

I have applied the patch from "USE_MANUAL_TEXT_PART and content from [URL:<url>]" and realized that it is specifically for handeling the text version of the message seperately entered while USE_MANUAL_TEXT_PART is true.

The case I have described above is unrelated to USE_MANUAL_TEXT_PART. No matter how you try to send out emails, the text version never has proper placeholder replacement. The placeholders are all stripped from the text emails, but not replaced with the proper USERID like they are in their HTML counterparts, etc. Any thoughts?


01-03-06 14:06

reporter   ~0011134

I am assuming this is a logic error in which the variable which is taking the string value after replacement is being emptied somehow.


29-05-06 16:21


I asigned this to myself, apparently. I'm not sure why... ? I'v unnassigned it


10-02-09 10:27


Closing issue because it is too old. If you feel it is still relevant please add again and give the new context. Thanks!