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0000464phpList 3 applicationCampaign Send Processpublic16-07-05 03:01
Reportermichiel Assigned To 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Fixed in Version2.9.5 
Summary0000464: change send class to use phpmailer
Descriptionit seems is a bit more useful for sending, and also better maintained. so it's probably a good idea to move to this class for email creation management.
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related to 0002457 resolvedmichiel PHPList v2.9.5 release 



29-03-05 06:37

manager   ~0004052

What is the status on this? What is left to be written or tested before we can replace the internal routines?



30-03-05 06:30

manager   ~0004061

Needs bugtesting & improvements in the documentation.


30-03-05 07:01

manager   ~0004062

If the PHPMailer is not available and you try sending a message it should give an error message, right now it seems to just stop processing.


15-04-05 15:40

administrator   ~0004355

I added phpmailer to cvs and made it default switched on, but now a client reports problems with html mails being attachments inside attachments. They use a very old Outlook I think, but he preferred the old way. Now I'm puzzled what to do. It seems phpmailer created mails are better for webmail clients but fail on Outlook, aargh.


20-05-05 20:44

administrator   ~0004979

I'm deleting it from 2.9.5 again, because it needs more testing before we can really use it as default.


16-07-05 03:01

administrator   ~0005687

not yet set as default