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0002227phpList 3 applicationSubscriber Importpublic03-12-04 22:30
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version2.9.3 
Target VersionFixed in Version2.9.4 
Summary0002227: Test import
DescriptionTest import doesn't appear to actually show test results before allowing import of emails.
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03-12-04 21:20

manager   ~0002868

I'm sorry, but where exactly is this? Which of the imports and at what stage?


03-12-04 21:23

manager   ~0002869

Ah, sorry I found it.


03-12-04 21:27

reporter   ~0002870

I've noticed it in the two import areas I've used:

import emails with different values for attributes.
import emails with the same values for attributes.

Previously, it would go to the test screen, show you the first 50 emails being imported, then you could select "continue import." The text gives the impression that the test was successful, but nothing shows on the screen to verify what the text is saying, as it did in 2.8.x



03-12-04 22:30

manager   ~0002871

resolved in CVS, will propagate to the next release.

The test import of the second one (all same attributes) did work fine. It does require though to use the back button and not a "continue"