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0017201phpList 3 applicationCampaign Managementpublic01-10-15 10:45
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Summary0017201: Sub account can't see the campaigns
DescriptionWe have a sub-account with all permissions set, but when logged in into our hosted interface, this account has no campaign visible.
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29-05-14 09:48


subaccount1.png (50,522 bytes)
subaccount1.png (50,522 bytes)


29-05-14 12:57

administrator   ~0053832

yes, I can replicate this. It may take a little while to look into this.


29-05-14 13:00

reporter   ~0053833

ok thanks.
Let me know if you need more info


11-06-14 22:59

reporter   ~0053919

I think the bug is in fact that only the creator of a campaign and the owner of the account can see the campaign. Any other user can't, whatever its permission settings.

Any idea when this bug can be fixed?



12-06-14 11:51

administrator   ~0053922

Ah, thanks, that helps. As such, it is debatable whether this is a bug or a feature. It may not be desirable in all cases for list owners to be able to see each other's statistics.


12-06-14 11:55

reporter   ~0053923

Ok, but then I don't understand the privileges settings. As is today, it reduces the possibilities of collaboration, as noone can help me on the campaigns I started, unless I've missed something.


19-07-14 14:58

administrator   ~0054335

I think some kind of "sharing" option on the Stats pages may help with this. Some special url that is visible to anyone who has the URL but does not require logging in at all.


21-07-14 12:32

reporter   ~0054351

Sure, that should work. Thanks!