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0016921phpList 3 applicationCampaign Managementpublic23-07-15 16:31
Reporterlwc Assigned To 
Status newResolutionopen 
Product Version3.0.5 
Target Versionnext minor 
Summary0016921: It's unclear what does a message's "response time" mean
DescriptionIf you check a subscriber's history, each viewed message has a "responsetime".
First of all, it should be "response time".
Secondly, it's not clear at all what it does and which unit does it use.
Steps To Reproduce1) Click "Search Subscribers" in the menu.
2) Click on someone.
3) Click their history.
4) Check out their "responsetime" values.
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related to 0017767 resolvedmichiel update viewed to record view of first view and not last 



16-10-13 02:56

administrator   ~0052356

it's the time between sent and opened. But yes, I agree, I'm not entirely sure what purpose it has.


16-10-13 08:48

updater   ~0052359

Which unit does it use? Seconds?


16-10-13 13:10

administrator   ~0052360

it's seconds, but it's supposed to show as days, hours, minutes etc


16-10-13 19:25

updater   ~0052361

Yes, but it shows up as pure seconds in individual users' history.
For example,

BTW, "firstview" should also be "first view".


31-03-15 17:49

manager   ~0055999

Bumped into this problem in the manual - we should fix this so it's in D, H, M not seconds.


23-07-15 15:11

updater   ~0056524

The response time is shown as days, hours etc on the Open Statistics page but as a number of seconds on the user history. This should be a "quick fix".

But the value is actually the time of the most recent view, not the first view.

Each time that the email is viewed the column "viewed" on usermessage table is updated, in ut.php.

If the intention is for only the first view to be recorded then a change needs to be made to the sql in ut.php to update viewed only when it is null.
The click tracking processing already does something similar as clicking a link in the email counts as a view but only when the email has not already been viewed.


23-07-15 16:18

administrator   ~0056525

that's a good point, and I've made it a new issue 0017767

as for the response time, it would be good to find out if anyone uses it and likes it, and otherwise it might be best to drop the column.

What we need is some kind of "engagement value" for a subscriber, based on the opens, clicks and bounces and maybe the response time can be part of that calculation. But I don't see any point in displaying it. (I know I wrote it, but I changed my mind on many things I did in the past).