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0016788phpList 3 pluginsGeneralpublic11-06-13 13:50
Reporterduncanc Assigned To 
Status newResolutionopen 
Summary0016788: Not able to send a message to subscribers who previously were excluded
DescriptionUsing the simple criteria plugin to choose users based on a select attribute.

Rows are added to the usermessage table with a status of 'not sent' for subscribers who are not selected.

If I then amend a subscriber to have the "correct" attribute value and resend the message then that user is not selected, due to the existing row in usermessage.

This is not consistent with resending the message after adding a new subscriber. In that case the new subscriber would be selected.

The sql at line 730 of admin/actions/processqueue.php possibly needs to be amended to include those rows in usermessage with status 'not sent'.
But there may be other reasons why the status is 'not sent' and which should not be included.
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19-05-13 23:54

administrator   ~0052038

is that when using the phplist-plugin-attributeselect plugin?


20-05-13 02:10

administrator   ~0052039

Interesting. Preferably, we would record the reason, and possibly the plugin blocking the send at the moment of marking the "not sent", so that this can be cleared again with a call to the plugin (ie a plugin can clear it's own blocks).

At the moment, "not sent" can have many reasons, marked with "cansend" being false. Eg the RSS plugin may decide not to send a mail, because there are not sufficient RSS entries to send. The next time it will, and we do not want to duplicate messages.

There is a "failure_reason" variable keeping track.

I'll have a think about how to deal with this. Just wiping all entries "not sent" before sending seems a sledgehammer, and may have a big undesired performance impact.


20-05-13 08:56

developer   ~0052040

Yes, I am using that plugin.

The approach now is different to that in 2.10.x, whereby the criteria are used to find possible users and the results of that are then included in the main query to find users (the equivalent of the sql at line 730).

Maybe revert to that approach, allow the plugin to provide some sql that is used as a subquery to filter the selected users. That sql is in effect the result of the method subscriberSelection() in simpleattributeselect.

The result should be that rows are added to usermessage only for those users who are actually sent the message.


20-05-13 10:42

developer   ~0052041

Last edited: 20-05-13 10:43

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The rows in usermessage with status 'not sent' are introducing errors in user and message statistics.
The user page shows the number of messages sent to the user, and that is including the 'not sent' rows from usermessage.

The stats overview page is also including the 'not sent' users.


20-05-13 16:33

administrator   ~0052044

hmm, yes, it obviously needs work.


07-06-13 21:49

administrator   ~0052108

I think this should be dealt with by the plugin. It should clear the entries that were "not sent" before re-applying the selection.

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