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0016612phpList 3 applicationphpListpublic30-05-13 23:02
Reporterraynau Assigned To 
Status resolvedResolutionduplicate 
Platformw2kOSw2kOS Versionw2k
Product Version2.10.18 
Target Versioninternationalization 
Summary0016612: Characters coded from 128 to 159 in windows
DescriptionCharacters coded from 128 to 159 - which are native in windows but are not valid according to HTML 4 AND xhtml specifications.

This is in fact the only bug I have when I send a message in text mode with phplist and when the text is coming from a copy and paste from winword (when people use a us keyboard). Otherwise, there is not any more errors in Iso, all characters are sent correctly (french, spanish etc.. ; all latin characters).

The list of these characters can be found on that sheet :
well it is written in french, but you will understand and I translate you as well as I can what I have understood.

The problem is coming mostly from the ’ which on european keyboard is written as a '. This character, when sent with phplist in text mode comes out as : ’ in the text although it should comes out as '.
When sending in html the change is done correctly, I mean, the ’ is correctly changed in '.

Now I understand where is coming the problem. Here is the list of the main character on which there is problem :

‘‘‘‘ simple english bracket opening
’’’’ simple english bracket closing used in double brackets
““““ double english brackets opening
”””” doubles english brackets closing
•••• boulet, utiliser plutôt des listes à puces
–––– tiret demi-cadratin (incise), voir The Trouble With EM 'n EN
What is written says, that these characters must be changed in their numerical numbers so the character will be changed correctly.

Normally, you should see the same problem with Linux.

What I do not understand, is the fact that in Html, the change is done correctly, but in text the change is not done.

Hope it is enough clear. If not, let me know.
By the way, I send you a sample on your box, you will see how it comes out.

Best regards

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duplicate of 0016614 new converting some characters from Word to text format fails 



06-05-12 22:50

reporter   ~0051563

Problem, on the text I have typed, the codes have been changed in the character, so the codes do not appear. :).


07-05-12 01:44

reporter   ~0051564

I have made other tests, using a winword on an european computer (mineà, french language. The problem with the ' is the same as for english keyboard.
In fact, as you will understand looking at the link, the ' used in winword is different from the standard ' used.

Other point : when you copy and paste from winword in Fckeditor without using the introduction system done for windows in Fckeditor, messages sent in html do appear clearly in outlook express. But When I look at these messages in the mail box, they are correct. There is something which block when putting these messages coming into outlook. The sheet is blank, only the headers are correct (title of the message), but the message appear as being blank.
If you transfer the message to a third party, then you can see complete text.


07-05-12 01:47

reporter   ~0051565

Other point : when you copy and paste from winword in Fckeditor without using the introduction system done for winword in Fckeditor, messages sent in html do not appear clearly in outlook express although they are correct in the mailbox before being introduced in outlook.
I do not understand...

the not was forgotten.


25-05-12 03:40

administrator   ~0051627

instead of working with 2.10.18, can you work with SVN trunk, or which is the latest code?


25-05-12 03:46

administrator   ~0051629

I'm not sure this should be classified as a phpList problem. It's fairly debatable.

If you type any text in phpList, and in trunk all is in UTF-8 which took a long time to make work, the encoding is all fine. Or at least, if you find any issue with that, I'd be more inclined to deal with it.

So, it should be classified as a Microsoft problem instead. It's caused by Microsoft using all these stupid character codes. Or it could be the FCK editor not converting them correctly. Or it should be the responsibility of the editor not using those characters.

It's always nice of course to work around silly bugs in other systems, and most software does that, but it's a pain to do, and it'll always be some "hack" that may stop working when the other systems start behaving.


25-05-12 05:00

reporter   ~0051638

Yes, you are right, it is a microsoft problem or a Fck editor problem.

I understand it is hard to resolve.
In fact, you know the problem, you are aware of it, and may be if you have the opportunity to share it with people of fck editor they could find the way.



25-05-12 05:25

administrator   ~0051640

Well, the issue about that is that I'm using a dramatically old version of the FCK editor

I've made several attempts to use a later version (ie the latest stable), but it's actually quite complicated to make it work the same way as before. As it's a major "user experience" impact for all the phpList users in the world, I want to do that right, or otherwise not do it.

So, I probably need to invest a few weeks to dedicate myself to that. I haven't managed to find that time yet, but I really want to.

So, in a way, the FCK guys may have already solved the issue quite some time ago. I have no idea.


30-05-13 23:02

administrator   ~0052067

I guess don't use those characters :-)