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0016537phpList 3 applicationSubscriber Importpublic12-11-12 18:49
Reportereveshamarts Assigned To 
Status newResolutionopen 
Product Version2.11.6 
Summary0016537: Import not coping with "text \r\n text" ?
DescriptionIn "import by uploading a csv file with emails and additional data":
Uploading tab-delimited data exported from PHPList 2.10.17 which includes fields containing \r\n gives errors resulting from truncated lines. ("warning: Record has more values than header indicated (16!=26), this may cause trouble"; "warning: Record has no email: "; "warning: Record has more values than header indicated (10!=26), this may cause trouble:")

Looks like the \n is always taken as end-of-line/record, even though it's part of some field contents that's enclosed in double-quotes.
Steps To Reproduceset up user attributes Address & Notes (see importErrorExamples.csv supplied)

import by uploading a csv file with emails and additional data
select importErrorExamples.csv supplied
select Test & Show Warnings
set unknown fields to Skip
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17-02-12 13:36


importErrorExamples.csv (1,308 bytes)   
id	Email	Entered	Last Modified	Send this user HTML emails	Which page was used to subscribe	RSS Frequency	Password	Is this account disabled?	Additional data	Foreign Key	Forename	Surname	Postcode	Interests	Address	Phone	Organisation	Notes	member	ctte	media	Agegroup	Sex	List Membership
4	2006-09-27 18:46:09	2006-11-09 12:15:11	1				0			xxxxs	Bxxxxxxxxd	WR10 XXX	Plays/Drama; Musicals; Comedy; Dance/Ballet; Pop/Rock; Jazz; Brass; Classical	"xxxxxxxxxxxxx,xxxxxxxxxxxx, xxxxxxxxx, xxxxxxxx, Worcs
"				on				Male	Whats On Committee PandP Jazz members 
7	2006-09-27 18:46:13	2006-11-09 23:35:51	1				0			Jxxxxxxxxxx	xxxxxxxxxe	WR11 XXX	Jazz	xxxx, xxxxxxxxxxxxxx, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, xxxxxxx, Worcs.				on					Whats On Jazz special members 
21	2006-09-28 12:23:34	2006-09-28 13:11:30	1				0			xxxxxx	xxx	-	Comedy	-			"comedy 2006
"						Whats On Comedy 
22	2006-09-28 12:23:36	2006-09-28 13:11:30	1				0			xxxxx	xxxxe	WR11 xxx	Plays/Drama; Musicals; Films; Comedy; Brass; Classical	"1 xxxxx xxxxxx,xxxxxxx,Worcs.
"			comedy 2006						Whats On Comedy Film 
24	2006-09-28 12:23:39	2006-09-28 13:11:30	1				0			xxxxxx	xxxxxxxx	-	Comedy	-			"comedy 2006
"						Whats On Comedy 
importErrorExamples.csv (1,308 bytes)