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0015496phpList 3 plugins[All Projects] Generalpublic06-02-19 11:35
Status newResolutionopen 
Summary0015496: Rssmanager processSuccesFailure incorrect rssitems array check
DescriptionRssmanager processSuccesFailure function does an incorrect rssitems array check. The fact of the rssitems being empty or not was checked with the is_array function while when rssitems is empty an empty array is returned.

In order to fix the problem I checked the actual number of items in the array with the sizeof function.
Additional InformationBased on svn revision 1703.
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27-05-10 18:49


G08_rssmanager_processSuccesFailure_rssitems_check_fix.patch (758 bytes)
diff -urN rssfixes_G07_rssmanager_sendemaillib_cache_fix/lists/admin/plugins/rssmanager.php rssfixes_G08_rssmanager_processSuccesFailure_rssitems_check_fix/lists/admin/plugins/rssmanager.php
--- rssfixes_G07_rssmanager_sendemaillib_cache_fix/lists/admin/plugins/rssmanager.php	2010-05-17 07:58:56.000000000 +0200
+++ rssfixes_G08_rssmanager_processSuccesFailure_rssitems_check_fix/lists/admin/plugins/rssmanager.php	2010-05-17 09:06:00.000000000 +0200
@@ -309,7 +309,7 @@
     if (!success)
       return true;
     $rssitems= rssmanager :: rssUserHasContent($userdata['id'], $messageid, $userdata['rssfrequency']);
-    if (!is_array($rssitems))
+    if (!sizeof($rssitems))
       return true;
     global $tables;
     foreach ($rssitems as $rssitemid) {

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